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Thursday, December 12th, 2013 — 1:19pm PDT
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Vancouver has its share of awesome history and food-focused tours but there’s one experience coming up that will be truly unique — a Vancouver Punk Tour. Not only will you have the chance to reach into punk history with this two-hour driving tour around the city, it will be followed by a private D.O.A. concert and get together. This priceless experience is part of D.O.A.’s pledge campaign for their new live DVD “To Hell and Back”, which you can currently support.

D.O.A. is for January
Photos by the legendary Bev Davies.

13 spots are available to drive in a 15-seat van around Vancouver as Joe Keithley regales you with hilarious and pointed stories of Vancouver’s punk roots. The tour will stop by the historic places where D.O.A. cut their teeth: The Smiling Buddha and the Japanese Hall. Included on the tour will be present day punk spots like the Astoria, The Cobalt, Profile Studios, Funky Winkerbeans, there’s also stops at Vancouver Police HQ and Joe’s old house, the Plaza International East.

Then the tour will go to a secret location for a one hour private D.O.A. show. Each fan will be able to submit two song requests ahead of time. Food and refreshments will be provided. At the after show get together, each fan will get five rare posters and of course D.O.A. will sign these for you. The package includes a signed live DVD and five rare posters.

You can also pledge D.O.A.’s campaign in return for memorabilia, DVDs, CDs, VIP passes, and more — sorry, Joe’s jean vest is already taken.

DOA gig 1980
Photos by the legendary Bev Davies.

Vancouver’s punk roots run deep and D.O.A is at its core. Read more about the scene: Nardwuar’s Northwest Punk Rock History, Vancouver’s Punk Scene: Then and Now, A Brief History of Punk in Vancouver, and Bloodied but Unbowed traces Vancouver’s punk history.

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