Archive Photos: Santa in Vancouver

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This Sunday Santa Clause will arrive to welcome the holiday season to downtown Vancouver and to help collect donations for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

I browsed the Vancouver Public Library and City of Vancouver Archives to see if I could spot Santa around town throughout the years. As it turns out, he used to attend many events such as Board of Trade luncheons, visit at Woodward’s and Hudson’s Bay Company stores, and stop by the Children’s Hospital to visit with patients.

1948: Attorney General’s Christmas party at Woodward’s. VPL# 80726. Photographer: Art Jones.

1948: Santa handing out presents. VPL# 80768B & 1966: Santa at Children’s Hospital. VPL# 42344. Photo: Gordon F. Sedawie. Photographer: Art Jones.

1942: Children receiving gifts from Santa (and a clown…) Archives# CVA 1184-1552. Photographer: Jack Lindsay & 1900s VPL# 18052. Photographer: Stuart Thomson.

1942: Filming a family with Santa. Archives# CVA 1184-1555. Photographer: Jack Lindsay.

1950 & 1952: Universal Lumber and Box Co. Christmas party. VPL# 81488A & 82046A. Photographer: Art Jones & Doug Cronk.

1943: Hudson’s Bay Santa. Archives# CVA 586-1750 & 1942: Christmas party. Archives# CVA 1184-1553. Photographer: Jack Lindsay.

1945: Santa doing a “Man on the Street” radio broadcast. Archives# CVA 1184-2229. Photographer: Jack Lindsay.

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