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Archive Photos of Ice Skating in Vancouver

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 — 1:34pm PDT
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The Robson Square ice rink is open for a season of free skating fun in downtown Vancouver so it’s definitely time for my annual collection of ice skating photos from the City of Vancouver Archives:

1929: Skating on Lost Lagoon. Archives item#: CVA 99-1975. Photographer: Stuart Thomson.

1929: Archives# CVA 99-1976 & CVA 99-1977. Photographer: Stuart Thomson.

1929: Skaters at Trout Lake. Archives# CVA 99-1902. Photographer: Stuart Thomson.

TheSundaySunFeb8-1936Throughout the city’s history people have been enjoying outdoor skating, when the conditions are right. The Sunday Sun had a letter to the editor in 1936 urging the city and park board to create safe skating surfaces outdoors (see clipping to the right).

Back in 1962 an article in The Sunday Sun announced that Coal Harbour froze over as did Beaver Lake and Lost Lagoon.

“By mid-morning about a quarter of an inch of ice covered the harbor in the area between the Burrard and the Royal Vancouver yacht clubs… …A thin coating of ice also formed on parts of False Creek and in Fisherman’s Cove in West Vancouver.”

On November 15, 1955 The Vancouver Sun published a public notice that it was unsafe to skate on Trout Lake however, Beaver Lake remained the only safe outdoor skating area in the city. In 1969 a post in The Sunday Sun warned residents that it was unsafe to skate at Lost Lagoon, Beaver Lake, and Trout Lake — a notice with which we are familiar in recent winters.

1930s: Skating on Lost Lagoon. Archives# CVA 1376-669.

1890s & 1900: Skating at Trout Lake/Cedar Cottage. Archives# M-3-11.3& SGN 870.

1924 or 1925: Lost Lagoon. Archives# St Pk N6.

Safe and guaranteed outdoor skating options around town include Grouse Mountain and Robson Square, complimenting our range of indoor rinks.

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  1. Steve v. says:

    I remember coming over from the North Shore to skate on Lost Lagoon and it seemed like the whole city was there. It was when my parents lived in a different house than the last one they owned, but recently enough that I can remember it and be able to skate, so had to be between 1976 and 1979

  2. Laura says:

    I want to take my fiance somewhere special (he deserves it!). Was looking at this place and would LOVE to go there!

  3. karen rockwell says:

    my Mom might have been in the Lost Lagoon shot of the 1930’s. she grew up on Turner Street and talked about skating on Lost Lagoon in most winters growing up. she also skied up on ‘Hollyburn’ as she called it, or on Grouse. they would hike up in the summer, chop wood for the cabins and bring canned goods for the winter. lots of great photos in the family archives of her and her high school friends having fun in and around Vancouver.

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