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Celebrate! Stanley Park is coming up this weekend in honour of the 125th anniversary of the iconic public park on the edge of the city.

“Lord Stanley threw his arms to the heavens, as though embracing within them the whole of one thousand acres of primeval forest, and dedicated it ‘to the use and enjoyment of peoples of all colours, creeds, and customs, for all time. I name thee, Stanley Park’.”

It was officially opened as a public park on September 27, 1888 by Mayor David Oppenheimer and named after Lord Stanley of Preston (the same Lord Stanley who donated a championship cup to the National Hockey League).

Stanley was not in town when the park was officially opened that year but he visited in October of 1889 to officially dedicated the park, in his name. A statue depicting this moment was installed in 1960.

Over the years I have published over 150 posts about the park and I have recently partnered exclusively with the Stanley Park Ecology Society for a monthly series. It’s no secret that it’s my favourite place in the city to explore.

With its milestone birthday and festival in mind, I figured that the best subject for this week’s archive photo post would be Stanley Park:

1895: Entrance to Stanley Park. Archives# St Pk P209.
From the post: Stanley Park Visitor Facts

1898: Avison’s cottage at the entrance to Stanley Park. Archives item# St Pk P250.
From the post: Stanley Park Trail Names: Part 2

1900s: Inside the Hollow Tree. VPL Accession Number: 5487 & Lizzie and Harold Timms in Stanley Park. VPL Accession Number: 6672. Photographer: Philip Timms.
From the post: Archive Photos of the Day: Trees

Stanley Park Springboard Stump
Left: 2013 – Stanley Park.
Right: 1900s – Tree felling using spring boards. Archives item# Tr P35.
From the post: Tree Felling Using Springboards

1905: Woman among the Seven Sisters. Archives Item# LP 253.
From the post: Seven Sisters of Stanley Park

1900s: Cedar walk with a dugout canoe. Archives item# CVA 677-986. Photographer: Philip Timms.
From the post: Stanley Park: National Historic Site

1919: Evergreen arch entrance to Stanley Park. Archives# CVA 1376-121.

1938: View of Lions Gate Bridge construction. Archives item# CVA 265-66
From the post: June in Vancouver

1920: Archives item# CVA 99-1290. Photographer: Stuart Thomson.
From the post: Vancouver History: Lumberman’s Arch

1928: Entrance to Stanley Park. Archives# St Pk P54.
From the post: Stanley Park Visitor Facts

1943: Grizzly pen at Stanley Park Zoo. Archives item# CVA 586-1337 & 1916: Deer pen at Lumberman’s Arch. Archives item# SGN 1594. Photographer: C Bradbury.
From the post: Vancouver History: Stanley Park Zoo

1935: Map of Stanley Park. Archives item# MAP 777.
From the post: Vancouver History: Stanley Park Reservoir

1943: Canadian Youth Hostel bike hike through Lumberman’s Arch. Archives item# CVA 586-1336.
Photographer: Don Coltman.
From the post: Archive Photos of the Day: Bikes

Before 1949: Archives# CVA 447-2895. Photographer: Walter E. Frost.
From the post: Vancouver History: Brockton

1946: Third Beach. Archives item# CVA 586-4570.
From the post: Archives Photos of the Day: Beach Times.

The Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC’s Klahowya Village is also open until September 2nd. There you can explore beyond the park’s 125-year history and learn about the First Nations who inhabited the area, their traditions, culture, and legacy.

Thanks to the Vancouver Public Library and City of Vancouver Archives for their collections. Be sure to check out Celebrate! Stanley Park on Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, August 25, 2013.

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  1. Adrian GreenTuesday, August 20th, 2013 — 7:42pm PDT

    Great pictures and always wonderful to read about this little piece of paradise that we are so fortunate to have in this city. Keep up the great work!

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