Blogger Profile: Lori McGrath

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Over the years I have profiled bloggers from the Northwest Territories to the Fraser Valley, anyone that interests me and that I hope will interest you as well. A few years ago I started asking a standard set of questions and I’ve sent these out to a few local bloggers for this week’s series. Click, share, explore, and enjoy.

Lori McGrath

Blog: The Write Mama | Facebook: TheWriteMama | Twitter: @TheWriteMama

Blogger Profile Lori McGrath
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How long has your blog been around?
I started my blog in September 2010. I was feeling isolated staying home with my precious son and turned to social media to get connected.

What is your role?
I am a one woman show – owner, writer, reviewer and I also love to tinker with my WordPress theme.

What does your site do/what is it about?
At its heart, The Write Mama is a mom blog.

What can people see, read, and do when visiting your site?
I write about everything from what motherhood means to me to current issues I am passionate about in my community to things I love with fun reviews and giveaways. You’ll also notice a strong focus on supporting families who are going through infertility because that is something I went through on my path to motherhood.

Why do you blog?
I blog because I am a writer at heart and I just love it. It’s funny because for a lot of years I worked in communications and did a lot of business writing but it is so much more meaningful now that I blog for myself.

What is the ultimate goal for your site, how would you like to see it grow?
My ultimate goal is to maintain my love of writing while balancing blogging with the needs of my family and to see where that takes me.

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  1. Michele PartridgeThursday, June 13th, 2013 — 7:08am PDT

    Meaningful writing, love it. That’s what blogging is. Great interview Lori! Cheers:)

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