Vancouver Icons: Echoes

Thursday, April 11th, 2013 — 3:47pm PST
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Another Vancouver Biennale art project has been donated to the City of Vancouver, this time it’s Echoes by Montreal artist Michel Goulet. Echoes is a set of stainless steel chairs that were originally in the sand at Sunset Beach in 2005 and were moved to Kits Beach for Biennale in 2009.

From far away it looks as though someone abandoned a picnic in a hurry (and took off with a table) but up close, the chairs have much more meaning. Each has phrases etched in the seats and when the sun hits them all at the right angle they form a poem in shadows. “Public installations of artistic and whimsical chairs with thought provoking, often bilingual aphorisms have become a signature trademark of this Quebec based artist. A favourite of passersby this donation has been made possible by the 2005-2007 Vancouver Biennale Legacy Foundation.”

In honor of this, Echoes is today’s Vancouver Icon photo feature:

"Echoes" by Michel Goulet, Vancouver Biennale
Photo credit: popejon2 on Flickr

DSCN2986 Have a Seat
Photo credit: BlueAndWhiteArmy & Nomade Moderne on Flickr

"Echoes" by Michel Goulet, Vancouver Biennale
Photo credit: popejon2 on Flickr

Echoes IMG_1586
Photo credit: Stephen Rees & dejahthoris on Flickr

Echoes detail 2 Echoes detail 1 Echoes detail 3
Photo credit: Stephen Rees & Stephen Rees & Stephen Rees on Flickr

Photo credit: nein09 on Flickr

a common story of love and sorrow came to an end HERE "Echoes" by Michel Goulet, Vancouver Biennale
Photo credit: weezerthewonderful & popejon2 on Flickr

Photo credit: matstc on Flickr

Other Vancouver Biennale Legacy works include 217.5 Arc x 13′ and A-Maze-Ing Laughter.

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