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Thursday, April 4th, 2013 — 11:05am PST
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Today is the anniversary of the first 3D movie screening in Vancouver. Released in 1952, Bwana Devil starring Robert Stack, Barbara Britton and Nigel Bruce is described by most as “horrible” but it was rather exciting to have it on a local screen for the first time way back when. In honor of this, today’s archive photos from the Vancouver Public Library and City of Vancouver feature movie promotions:

Left: 1945 – Billboard for “Son of Lassie” at the Orpheum. VPL# 80590. Photographer: Art Jones.
Right: 1947 – Entrance to a movie theatre. VPL# 5945. Photographer: Province Newspaper.

Left: 1960 – Men discussing VIFF. VPL# 44091. Photographer: Province Newspaper
Right: 1978 – Ridge Theatre. VPL# 48685. Photographer: Kate Abbott

Left: 1946 – Orpheum advertising for the movie “Lady Luck”. Archives Item# CVA 1184-2304.
Right: 1948 – Ad display at the Strand Theatre. Archives Item# CVA 1184-2583. Photographer: Jack Lindsay

Left: 1948 – Street car ad for the movie “Duel in the Sun”. Archives Item# CVA 1184-2320.
Right: “T-Men” movie display at the Orpheum. Archive Item# CVA 1184-2283. Photographer: Jack Lindsay

Left: 1940s – Strand Theatre promotion for the movie “Trail Street”. Archives Item# CVA 1184-2580.
Right: 1937 – Group portrait in the entrance to the Capital Theatre for the premier of the movie “Silent Barriers” (“The Great Berrier”). Archives Item# Can P106

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