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The Monopoly board game is retiring its iron player piece in exchange for a new token. Hasbro, makers of the game, hosted an online vote and a cat was the winner (well played, Internet). In honor of this move today’s archive photo collection from the Vancouver Public Library and the City of Vancouver Archives features cats:

Left: 1953 – City policeman working at desk with kitten. VPL Number: 78678. Photographer: Croton Studio.
1966 – Cat with trophies. VPL Number: 67893A. Photographer: Gordon F. Sedawie. I actually found a few photos of cats with trophies and an image that eluded to a “Cat Show Building” at the PNE, which could possibly be related.

Between 1866 and 1870: Governor Seymour and cat. Archive item# A-6-111. Photographer: F. Dally.

Left: 1900s – Harold Timms. VPL Number: 67779. Photographer: Philip Timms.
Right: 1913 – Norma Aileen Paterson on steps of house at 1433 Nelson. Archives item# CVA 1376-366.

Left: 1947 – John Bennett and his cat. Archive item# Port P1812.2.
Right: 1915 – Portrait of Noel Robinson and Bill Reed in military uniforms. Archive item# CVA 677-423.

1964 – Woman holding winner of Best Kitten in Show in 1964 PNE. Archives# CVA 180-4055.

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