Vancouver: Most Walkable City in Canada

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Vancouver has earned many distinctions and topped many lists, from having some of the best city beaches, being the most congested or most expensive to the most livable, and now it’s Canada’s Most Walkable.

Most Walkable City Vancouver
Vancouver walkability heat map.

The popular website/service Walk Score ranked Canada’s cities and the list included:

  • 1. Vancouver (Walk Score = 78)
  • 2. Toronto (Walk Score = 71)
  • 3. Montreal (Walk Score = 70)
  • 4. Mississauga (Walk Score = 59)
  • 5. Ottawa (Walk Score = 54)
  • 6. Winnipeg (Walk Score = 53)
  • 7. Edmonton (Walk Score = 51)
  • 8. Hamilton (Walk Score = 51)
  • 9. Brampton (Walk Score = 48)
  • 10. Calgary (Walk Score = 48)

The “Walk Score Algorithm” measures the walkability of individual addresses based on proximity to nearby amenities along with city boundaries, neighbourhood boundaries, and population data.

Photo credit: TheVancouverGuy on Flickr

The study rated the walkability of more than 300 Canadian cities and 1,200 neighbourhoods. Given the number of points Vancouver racked up, it also outranks Seattle (where Walk Score is based) by 4 points. Victoria actually scored the same as Vancouver but its population is too small to make the ranking.

Walk Score is a helpful tool for planning how you’ll be able to get around a city in which you’re vacationing or looking for a new home. They also have Bike Score and Transit Scores that you can look up for various cities.

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  1. JaneWednesday, January 23rd, 2013 — 1:27pm PST

    I love walking in Vancouver. We should make it more of a single social networking experience though, everyone always seems to be walking on a mission.

  2. ChrisThursday, January 24th, 2013 — 7:51am PST

    We are about 45 minutes walking distance from the downtown core. Sidewalks are great, but this rain always puts a damper, no pun intended, on getting out there for a good extended walk.

    The extensive bike paths make for good quiet walking routes as well, just watch out for the strollers eating up the entire width of the sidewalk.

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