From the Miss604 Flickr Pool: BC Place Light Displays

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It’s been just over a year since the renovated and refurbished BC Place was unveiled. Aside from an entirely new roof, new seats, and seismic upgrades, the 36-foot tall Northern Lights Display was added in a ring around the stadium.

Photo credit: Basedigital Images (Away…) on Flickr

Made up of 170 ETFE panels, stacked 4 rows heigh, and spanning 6,800 linear feet, the display uses LED lights to display a customizable pattern or colour. It’s been orange for Halloween, pink for breast cancer awareness, poppy red for Remembrance Day, and most recently it flew the colours of the Union Jack in honor of Sir Paul McCartney’s concert last weekend.

BC Place to Fly “Virtual” Union Jack This Week
Photo credit: どこでもいっしょ on Flickr

Sony Alpha 77V test Union Jack Glow at BC Place
Photo credit: Zorro1968 & DTBの写真撮影 on Flickr

I have decided to post a themed installment of the “From the Miss604 Flickr Pool” photo series to showcase the colours of BC Place.

BC Place in “Poppy Red”
Photo credit: どこでもいっしょ on Flickr

BC Place at night in red BC Place Nighttime (HDR)
Photo credit: Zorro1968 & James Hooper on Flickr

False Creek Reflections 2
Photo credit: Mirco Millaire Photography on Flickr

BC Place Glows the Colours of Fall
Photo credit: どこでもいっしょ on Flickr

Across to BC Place
Photo credit: Eric Flexyourhead on Flickr

Halloween in False Creek
Photo credit: colink. on Flickr

BC Place Stadium at Night (HDR) BC Place Stadium and Plaza of Nations at Night (HDR)
Photo credit: James Hooper & James Hooper on Flickr

Vancouver landmarks: Harbour center, Grouse mtn, and BC place IMG_3452-2
Photo credit: zoomzoom7419 on Flickr

Vancouver BC Place in Blue at Night
Photo credit: TOTORORO.RORO on Flickr

Two Expo Icons Remade
Photo credit: Wayneson Chan on Flickr

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