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Archives Photos of the Day: Lions Gate Bridge Construction

Monday, November 12th, 2012 — 10:26am PDT
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It was on this day, November 12, 1938, that the Lions Gate Bridge opened to foot traffic — with little fanfare — and it opened to vehicle traffic on November 14th. It wasn’t until May 26, 1939 that the bridge was officially opened by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

1948, Photographer: Walter Edwin Frost, Archives Item #CVA 447-129 & 2010, Photo credit: Junnn on Flickr

In honor of the day the vehicles first took the drive across the iconic span, Lions Gate Bridge Construction is today’s photo feature:

Photographer: James Crookall. Aarchives #CVA 260-829.

1938 – VPL Number: 39749 & 39750. Photographer: The Province Newspaper.

1937 – VPL Number: 39775 & 7997. Photographer: The Province Newspaper & Leonard Frank.

1938 – VPL Number: 39751 & 39757. Photographer: The Province Newspaper.

Photographer: James Crookall. Archives# CVA 260-863.

1937 – VPL Number: 7997a & 12323. Photographer: Leonard Frank.

Photographer: James Crookall. Archives# CVA 260-881.

1938 – VPL Number: 9631 & 39773. Photographer: Leonard Frank.

Photographer: James Crookall. Archives# CVA 260-819.

Explore more photos from the Vancouver Public Library and the Vancouver Archives in person and online.

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  1. TylerIngram says:

    Nice post Rebecca! Love seeing things being built, especially something like the bridge. Wonder what it would be like today if we didn’t have that particular bridge! lol

  2. Bobbie Bees says:

    You do know of course that the bridge was built by the Guinness family just after they had bought the Marine Building.
    The bridge was built to allow easy access to the ‘British Properties’ of which they owned a major portion.
    And as part of refurbishing the bridge, the Guinness companies strung the decorative lights on the bridge in time for Expo 86.

  3. @Bobbie Yes of course. I have covered the bridge in history posts for years including this one that I linked above:

  4. Jeff MacLeod says:

    My great grandfather helped build that bridge.

  5. I was just there last night, taking photos of the beautifully lit bridge at sunset. Thank you for posting these, Rebecca!

  6. Thanks for sharing Rebecca….certainly a lot has happened in the past 75 years on the North Shore as a direct result of the construction of the Lions Gate bridge.

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