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Over the years I have profiled bloggers from the Northwest Territories to the Fraser Valley, anyone that interests me and that I hope will interest you as well. A few years ago I started asking a standard set of questions and I’ve sent these out to a few local bloggers for this week’s series. Click, share, explore, and enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Ariane Colenbrander

Ariane Colenbrander

Twitter: arianecdesign
Facebook: arianecdesign

How long has your blog been around?
In its current format, since February 2010. My Blogspot ‘Ariane Kitspace‘ is still online, a site I began shortly after my husband and I emigrated from Western Europe to Vancouver in June 2005.

What is your role?

What does your site do/what is it about
ariane c design is a hybrid blog. Having said that, I try to keep articles geared to arts and culture, food and drink, travel, and well-designed products to review, as I can’t be everything to everyone. I try to see things from a designer’s perspective in the majority of what I write and photograph.

What can people see, read, and do when visiting your site?
Read about events and life in Vancouver (and beyond) and perhaps learn about a new theatre production or restaurant in town. Or discover a cycling or computer-related product that’s just what they’ve been looking for.

Why do you blog?
I’ve tracked my life through writing and photography since early childhood. Things just have a way of falling into place: I’d originally registered to be a Vancouver 2010 Olympics volunteer, however my Dad became very sick around the time of my first orientation meeting and I had to postpone attending. I asked to be kept in the loop, but as things turned out, Dad never made it through that summer nor was I contacted again by the Olympic volunteer committee. By then, I’d already had contact with the House of Switzerland via Twitter, and one thing led to another by way of media accreditation to various country houses and Olympic organizations. By the time the Paralympic Games were through, I had grown accustomed to reporting and photographing on a daily basis. It kept me going through the months after my father’s death. I also knew that he aspired to be a journalist in his lifetime, so I’d like to think this way we’re both covered.


What is the ultimate goal for your site, how would you like to see it grow?
I aim to reach out to a variety of readers who will also take interest in some of the things I report on. I’d eventually like to add guest writers to my site, as there are only so many events that one can experience in a day or evening! I also hope that people will be curious by the name that I carefully chose to keep my design business in the picture. If a great product, organization, or service has design needs, I’d like to think that this is an opportunity to continue in my career path as well as to enjoy the growing readership and community that I’ve built through my blog over the last couple of years.

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  1. Chris WongFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 12:48am PDT

    Hi Rebecca,

    You may be interested in profiling me. I manage a woodworking blog (Link: and have pioneered how I share my work. It seems that everybody enjoys hanging around my shop to see what I’m working on, look at the tools, or even just breathe in the creative energy filling the space. I have virtually opened my workshop to anybody anywhere in the world, thanks to the technology we know as Twitter. I post project updates using #FlairWW and my followers can reply with questions, suggestions, and comments. It’s like hanging around the water cooler, without having to be at the water cooler.


  2. g de haasSunday, January 19th, 2014 — 8:24am PST

    I want you to ask for:
    Ben Colenbrander, coming from the Netherlands, earlier lived with his mother in Breukelen.
    I know him fron The Internaat in Zeist. Is it your near family?
    Please answer me.

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