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Over the years I have profiled bloggers from the Northwest Territories to the Fraser Valley, anyone that interests me and that I hope will interest you as well. A few years ago I started asking a standard set of questions and I’ve sent these out to a few local bloggers for this week’s series. Click, share, explore, and enjoy.

Amy Chan

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How long has your blog been around?
My blog has been around for five years.

What is your role?
I created the site and I am a blogger for it. I also contribute my articles to The Huffington Post, The Vancouver Sun and have a relationship column in the 24 Hours Newspaper.

What does your site do/what is it about
My articles on the blog are focused on relationships, lifestyle and travel. I first started blogging because it was a way for me to express myself during life’s ups and downs. I started receiving positive response from readers who could relate to my writing and eventually, people started sharing their stories with me and asking for advice. If I can help one person feel a little less alone, a little more understood and help shed light on a healthier way of thinking, to me, that is success.

What can people see, read, and do when visiting your site?
My blog offers insight on how to have healthier relationships – with the self and with others. I focus a lot on empowerment, self-worth and reflection, using personal experiences as a way to connect concept to reality. My goal is to discuss important topics that aren’t talked about enough and to provide different perspectives on relationships and societal issues. Because I’m a bit of a food and travel buff, I also write about tips and recommends on where to eat and stay around the world. I used to rate and review luxury hotels in my previous company, so I filter hotels and restaurants with a critical eye so that my readers will be up to date on the best of the best.

Why do you blog?
Writing is therapeutic for me. It is an outlet for me to explore my own thoughts and feelings and enables me to think about matters and life experiences in a deep and analytical way. I also blog because I feel that it is my way of contributing to the world. I have an ability to articulate these core needs in a way that resonates with others. Every week, I receive emails from strangers who share their stories and tell me that my writing has helped them in some way. I find that extremely fulfilling. Life can be challenging, and I want others to know that they are not alone in their feelings and experience. After all, we are all after the same thing – love and acceptance.

What is the ultimate goal for your site, how would you like to see it grow?
Growing my site and increasing readership will allow me to get my message out to more and more people, which equates to positive impact. I would like to grow my readership internationally and eventually provide a forum for people who are self-reflective and interested in growth to be able to converse on my site, and build a community of support. In addition, I want to publish a book one day, and my blog will be a great platform for me to launch my book when that time comes.

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