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Archives Photos of the Day: Beach Times

Thursday, July 5th, 2012 — 2:19pm PDT
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Weather in Vancouver is always a hot topic, even when it’s dreary and soggy. By now, I’m certain everyone in and around the city has seen the forecast for the next week or so, featuring bright and smiling yellow sunshine icons. The only umbrellas we’ll see around here will be at the beach so to celebrate, I’ve scoured the Vancouver Archives for some old-time beach pictures:

1905. English Bay Beach. Archives item# Be P12.05. Photographer: Philip T. Timms.

1900. English Bay Beach. Archives item# Be P1.2.

1908. Kitsilano Beach. Archives item# CVA 677-138. Photographer: Philip T. Timms.

July 1, 1911. Dominion Day at English Bay. Archives item# Be P101. Photographer: Stuart Thomson.

1925. White Rock Beach. Archives item# CVA 677-896.

1928. Kitsilano Beach. Archives item# Be P15.1. Photographer: Leonard Frank.

1946. Third Beach. Archives item# CVA 586-4570.

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