Elvis Costello at The Orpheum 2012

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Elvis Costello
Photo courtesy of Live Nation

Elvis Costello & The Impostors play the Orpheum in Vancouver April 10, 2012 at the Canadian debut of their Spinning Songbook Tour.

At each performance, select fans are invited on stage to spin the songbook wheel, creating a different set at each show. The gameshow-style songbook wheel contains over 40 hits, rarities, and a few surprise selections.

For a warm-up, you can visit Elvis Costello’s website to spin a digital songbook and hear pieces from his collection.

From Vancouver, the tour will head to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, LA, then over to Florida and North Carolina. Tickets are currently on sale through Live Nation for $34.50, $59.50, $79.50, and $99.00 (plus fees).

I also have a pair of tickets to give away to a reader. Here’s how you can enter to win:

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RT to enter to win Elvis Costello tickets from @LiveNationWest & @Miss604 http://ow.ly/9COY9

I will draw one winner at random from all entries next Tuesday, March 19, 2012 at 11:00am.

Update The winner is Deborah!

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  1. Johanna D.Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 10:07am PDT

    Would love to see this!

  2. KatyTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 10:08am PDT

    Have loved Elvis since I first heard Radio, Radio, and have never seen him in concert. Pick me! Pick me!

  3. Grant BowenTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 10:08am PDT

    Love to see Elvis in Vancouver! Maybe his beautiful wife will show up too? 🙂

  4. Aaron B.Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 10:10am PDT

    Sounds like fun!

  5. MattTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 10:15am PDT

    When I went to see Levon Helm my girlfriend saw a guy and said “he must be really rich, look at his shoes,” and that guy was Elvis Costello. Clearly she needs to be educated about Elvis so I need these tickets!

  6. lucTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 10:17am PDT

    He’s the real Elvis!

  7. SanazTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 10:29am PDT

    Would love to win these tickets

  8. Lori-Vancouver AirbnbTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 10:29am PDT

    Would love to take my Mom for her birthday!

  9. Darcy-Airbnb SuperhostTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 10:35am PDT

    This would be a cool prize to win!

  10. JeannelleTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 10:40am PDT

    This would be awesome!

  11. SusanTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 10:53am PDT

    My husband and I would love to see this show!

  12. taniaTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 11:07am PDT

    What a great night out!

  13. rinoTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 11:08am PDT

    Sounds like a good time.

  14. DeidreTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 11:11am PDT

    I have been a huge fan of Costello since Imperial Bedroom!

  15. JuliaTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 11:14am PDT

    I would love take my mom to this concert – she is a big big fan of Elvis Costello!

  16. VinceTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 11:21am PDT

    This would be a great concert – he’s an amazing performer!

  17. MarinaTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 11:27am PDT

    This would be fun!

  18. MichaelTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 12:18pm PDT

    “Olivers Army” is a song that takes me back to my childhood every time I hear it. His early stuff in particular is wonderful.

  19. harjitTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 1:11pm PDT

    What a fun event 🙂

  20. GrantTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 1:19pm PDT

    I remember first seeing him on Saturday Night Live and thinking how strange he was. Little was I to know that that would be the beginning of being a huge fan to this very day.

  21. MarkTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 1:58pm PDT

    I don’t want to go to Chelsea
    I do want to go to the Orpheum

    Thanks for the opportunity to win

  22. Greg CrossanTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 2:56pm PDT

    My wife and I are big Fans, love to support awesome talent, especially those lucky enough to live in 604.

  23. Bradley CooperTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 4:00pm PDT

    Man, I’d love to see elvis again! He does a great show.

  24. JasonTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 5:05pm PDT

    Pump it up! I would love to see this!!!!!

  25. MargaTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 5:11pm PDT

    Gotta get me some tickets!

  26. CGTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 5:29pm PDT

    A highly anticipated concert! Thanks for the opportunity to win a chance to see Elvis Costello LIVE!

  27. VanessaTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 5:37pm PDT

    HA! That sounds awesome!

  28. Safiq MajeTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 6:10pm PDT

    My girlfriend is a big fan, she would love this.

  29. RoryTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 6:12pm PDT

    Would love to see him.

  30. StaceyTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 6:43pm PDT

    I would like to go!

  31. vickyTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 7:23pm PDT

    >3 Elvis! would love to see him live 🙂

  32. vickyTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 7:24pm PDT


  33. Siobhan S.Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 7:29pm PDT

    The North album got me through a rough patch in my twenties. I’d love to see him live! 🙂

  34. punkiebluTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 7:40pm PDT

    I believe there is good everywhere you look, even in the darkest times you can find it. My lovely sister has just left her 25 year marriage, as she’s finding out one of her parents has been diagnosed with Alzheimers. She is not complaining, or feeling sorry for herself, no not at all, she is appreciative of the people in her life, and let’s us know how much we mean to her. Her heart is open and giving, and is full of love and kindness, not at all what you would expect from someone grieving such loss, and heartache. I am also going through my own darkest moments, yet I can see the good all around me, how lucky am I? I just wanted to pay it forward, and share the hope and pass on kindness, and whoever wins the tickets, enjoy fully, and keep passing on kindness, and joy! Good luck.

  35. Americo OliveiraTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 8:26pm PDT

    That will be one great concert.

  36. DeborahTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 8:34pm PDT

    This will be a great show!
    He’s great!

  37. Roxanne TTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 8:42pm PDT

    Saw him up close and personal in Whistler a few years back. Would love an opportunity to do so again!

  38. GladysTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 9:08pm PDT

    I’d love to enter, thanks!

  39. EvanTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 9:08pm PDT

    He’s a cool dude & great musician.

  40. winnieTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 9:17pm PDT

    I haven’t been to many concerts; seeing Elvis Costello live will be great!

  41. AngusTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 9:29pm PDT

    Armed Forces still holds up to the test of time
    Would love to hear anything from that live in concert

  42. Alice IrwinTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 9:58pm PDT

    He is most coolio – I need to go see him

  43. Alice IrwinTuesday, March 13th, 2012 — 9:58pm PDT


  44. Lyn WinterbourneWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 12:26am PDT

    Elvis has brought us such interesting, quirky, moving music, from poignant love songs like My Funny Valentine and Alison, to alt-punk Pump it Up, and even a foray into country and western. Long may he continue doing that thing he does!

  45. Jenn SWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 3:35am PDT

    Would love to see this.

  46. Emily HWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 7:32am PDT

    I would absolutely love to go to this!!!

  47. StotesWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 8:19am PDT

    Yes please!

  48. LynWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 8:40am PDT

    I love Elvis and Diane. Keep my fingers crossed!

  49. MikeWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 8:41am PDT

    He’s an amazing guitar picking guy who I loved to watch play
    and listen to.

  50. ADAMWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 8:42am PDT

    A concert to hear E C would be sooo cool. Winning would be more than great.

  51. LauraWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 8:53am PDT

    I would love to win, this would be a great show!

  52. JanWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 9:14am PDT


  53. AndyWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 9:39am PDT

    Thanks for running such great contests.

  54. Chris CWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 9:42am PDT

    Good contest! I have never seen Elvis live.

  55. ScottWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 10:28am PDT


  56. SummerWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 10:50am PDT

    Thanks! Happy Wednesday!

  57. BobbyWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 11:38am PDT

    Would love to see Elvis Costello live, a living legend for sure

  58. MichelleWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 12:35pm PDT

    Can’t wait!

  59. AmyWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 1:19pm PDT

    would love to go to this!

  60. ShawnWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 1:25pm PDT

    He is awesome. Love love love him.

  61. Debbie FWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 1:31pm PDT

    I would love to see Elvis

  62. SigridWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 2:52pm PDT

    I want to win the tickets.

  63. HarjWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 3:01pm PDT

    cool! would love to see him live.

  64. Michael TWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 5:41pm PDT

    I would love to go. What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

  65. ShelleyWednesday, March 14th, 2012 — 11:06pm PDT

    I have been a huge fan of Elvis for over 35 years. I bought my first Elvis record when I was 11 years old. He is my absolute favorite!

  66. PPThursday, March 15th, 2012 — 12:43am PDT

    Fingers crossed

  67. CarolThursday, March 15th, 2012 — 8:37am PDT

    this would be excellent to win

  68. allysonThursday, March 15th, 2012 — 1:18pm PDT

    Love to see him

  69. RebeccaThursday, March 15th, 2012 — 2:20pm PDT

    Would really enjoy this.

  70. JuliaThursday, March 15th, 2012 — 4:28pm PDT

    Isn’t this the guy who had a small part in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery? Hehe I’m joking. Although, he did have a cameo appearance!

  71. Christie CThursday, March 15th, 2012 — 5:59pm PDT

    Would love to see this.

  72. Dee BThursday, March 15th, 2012 — 10:57pm PDT

    Would love to go.

  73. BernadetteFriday, March 16th, 2012 — 10:34am PDT


  74. donna chongFriday, March 16th, 2012 — 11:08am PDT

    would love a date nite with the hubby

  75. Tyler HFriday, March 16th, 2012 — 2:17pm PDT

    Saw him once at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park, and would love to see him again!

  76. MarianneFriday, March 16th, 2012 — 11:15pm PDT

    He and Diana Krall make a good team!

  77. TonySaturday, March 17th, 2012 — 4:03pm PDT

    Elvis is the King of America

  78. TonySaturday, March 17th, 2012 — 4:09pm PDT

    Elvis has a Cruel Smile

  79. AnthonySaturday, March 17th, 2012 — 4:16pm PDT

    Elvis is the King of America.

  80. TonySaturday, March 17th, 2012 — 4:26pm PDT

    Elvis is the King of America.

  81. matthew mSaturday, March 17th, 2012 — 6:16pm PDT

    One of those people I’ve always wanted to see.

  82. Jen LeGrandSunday, March 18th, 2012 — 9:21am PDT

    Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets to see Elvis Costello!

  83. annemarie slaterSunday, March 18th, 2012 — 12:10pm PDT

    Elvis! The best I would love to catch him at the Orpheum..

  84. SandySunday, March 18th, 2012 — 10:59pm PDT

    A spinning set list – what a great way to see him in concert for the first time, and with my sister for her birthday.

  85. richard wMonday, March 19th, 2012 — 10:21am PDT

    Love to take my girlfriend!!

  86. Stephanie SMonday, March 19th, 2012 — 10:36am PDT

    That woul dbe such a fun concert! Lots of dancing!

  87. IngridMonday, March 19th, 2012 — 4:08pm PDT

    Wow, what great prize! And the Orpheum makes everything in it extra-special.

  88. TracyTuesday, March 20th, 2012 — 12:01am PDT

    I would love to go! Sounds like a great time!

  89. AliviaTuesday, March 20th, 2012 — 2:12pm PDT

    Still remember the first time I had ever heard Elvis Costello- at a beach bon fire on Pasadena Lake in Western Newfoundland. Great memory from a great summer vacation as a kid. 🙂

  90. JulieTuesday, March 20th, 2012 — 5:29pm PDT

    I can never get enough live music!

  91. TiffanyTuesday, March 20th, 2012 — 11:32pm PDT

    A legend!!

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