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Vancouver Opera: The Barber of Seville

Monday, December 19th, 2011 — 11:23am PDT
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In March 2012, the Vancouver Opera will present Gioachino Rossini’s The Barber of Seville, which is praised as the greatest comic opera of all time. While I admit my first blush with this tale was via Bugs Bunny’s Rabbit of Seville, I am looking forward to seeing how our local company will bring this production to life.

Conducted by Robert Tweten and directed by Dennis Garnhum, Vancouver Opera’s The Barber of Seville will be set on a movie backlot in Seville in the 1940s. Rosina (Sandra Piques Eddy) is the starlet, Bartolo (Thomas Hammons) is the studio owner (and Rosina’s slimy agent), Almaviva (Rene Barbera) is a star-struck nobleman, and Figaro is the studio hairstylist with a flair for finagling and tomfoolery.

The Vancouver Opera has graciously offered up a pair of tickets to this show so I’ll run a quick contest this week so that the winner can potentially give the gift of opera to a friend or loved one this season. Here’s how you can enter to win:

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RT to enter to win @VancouverOpera The Barber of Seville tickets from @Miss604 #Miss604Holidays

I will draw one winner at 11:00am on Thursday, December 22, 2011. The winner will receive a pair of tickets to The Barber of Seville on March 20, 2012 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Tickets for the remainder of the Vancouver Opera’s 2011-2012 season, which includes The Barber of Seville and Aida, are currently on sale. If you haven’t yet experienced the opera, I highly encourage you to do so. Ever since my first “Blogger Night at the Opera” (with Eugene Onegin in 2008) my appreciation has grown. The talent, voices, emotion, orchestra, and stunning sets that the Vancouver Opera manages to produce will blow you away.

Update The winner is Vicki!

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  1. Victoria says:

    If there’s any contest I really – really – REALLY want to win from you Rebecca, it’s this one!

  2. Nancy says:

    I’d love to go. Haven’t been to the Opera in many, many years.

  3. Roberta says:

    I would love to go to this opera with my friend. I have only been to the opera once before and that was years ago.

  4. Val says:

    Would love to gift this to my mom.

  5. Erin says:

    Oooo would love to see this.

  6. Grace says:

    Haven’t seen an opera since graduating high school, would love to start again with this one!

  7. Angela R says:

    Great shows this Opera Season!

  8. Jewels says:

    One of my favourite operas that I studied at school, would love to see it live!

  9. Mariella says:

    I would love to go to the opera!

  10. Harj says:

    yes yes yes!

  11. vicky says:

    the opera has yet to be crossed off my bucket list…would love to experience this…

  12. I would love to attend!

  13. Becky says:

    This looks really cool, would love to win! πŸ™‚

  14. Nicole says:

    Have always wanted to see this opera!

  15. Silver says:

    One of my absolute favourite operas!

  16. Nikki says:

    Would LOVE to win this!! Perfect bday gift.

  17. Winnie says:

    I would love to watch this!

  18. Kaelyn says:


  19. Leo H says:

    Would love to see this one!

  20. stephanie says:

    I would love to go to the opera. Thanks

  21. Melissa says:

    Would love to go – I haven’t been able to afford opera tickets in years!

  22. Sandra W. says:

    This would be a wonderful gift for my inlaws! Thanks for offering up such a wonderful prize.

  23. ks says:

    Pick me! Please??

  24. Justine says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to the opera!

  25. Dale Q says:

    Have a 12 year old opera singer in my house who would love to go! Thanks for the opportunity

  26. Gladys Tsang says:

    One of my favourite operas!

  27. Kristin says:

    Would love to win tix to see the Barber of Seville!

  28. Chelle says:

    I’ve never been to the opera–this would be a great first show to see!

  29. Joyce says:

    Let me go to the opera please!

  30. ho says:

    Would like finally see this.

  31. peter says:

    opera = yes!

  32. lisa says:

    I’m up for some opera!

  33. Vanessa says:

    Would love to see this as my first opera!

  34. Hora says:

    a lot of opera fans on here!

  35. Rebecca says:

    A great opera – would really love to go!

  36. Kurt Turner says:


  37. Tee says:

    I have always wanted to See the Barber of Seville

  38. Donna says:

    I love Rossini’s music and also first heard it on Bugs Bunny!! I pledge to bring a younger person, or someone who has never seen an opera, if I win these tickets! We need to get more people interested in and loving opera! πŸ™‚

  39. Julia says:

    My mom would love this as a night out together!

  40. Deidre says:

    What a great opportunity – I haven’t been to the opera for a least 3 years now! Someone is going to have a wonderful night out!

  41. Vince says:

    Last opera I saw was Mm Buuterfly – it was amazing, we had such an enjoyable night out! This wopuld be fun as well!

  42. Sian says:

    I would LOVE to see this!

  43. Mike Figaro says:

    Count me in!

  44. Nicole Shum says:

    I would love to win this!:)

  45. Bernadette says:

    never been to the opera, financially just couldn’t spare the $$$…would love to experience!

  46. Christel says:

    I have never seen the barber of Seville and would love to surprise my husband with tickets!! Fingers crossed!!

  47. Jessica says:

    My daughter has been asking me to take her to the opera, she would love this as a xmas gift.

  48. Amy T says:

    Would love to see the opera.

  49. So great to see so many of you interested in The Barber of Seville!

    Since there can only be one winner (sorry), keep in mind we also offer $25 tickets through our Get O.U.T – Get Opera Under Thirty program.

    Here’s the deal:
    – you have to be between the ages of 19 – 29
    – watch for the promo code on our Twitter and FB (released about 2 weeks before opening night)
    – call the Ticket Centre or go online, use the promo code and enjoy your sweet, sweet $25 tickets

    See you at the show! (and thanks again, Rebecca!)

  50. oana says:

    Me too! Would love love love to see this!

  51. Stephanie says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to an opera!

  52. Linda says:

    A performance to enjoy! Opera in the new year!

  53. Adam says:

    I’ve never been to an opera before so I hope to win and take it all in.

  54. Mike says:

    Hey, the Barber of Sevile is great and I hope to see it.

  55. Sherry says:

    Welcome to my shop! Let me cut your mop! Let me shave your crop! Daintily……love the Bugs version and would really like to see this version with my opera buddy.

  56. belinda says:

    Wholly Opera. This is an awesome giveaway.

  57. Kaflin says:

    I’ve always wanted to see this opera live!

  58. Katie says:

    This would be an amazing!

  59. Julia says:

    My husband and I just went to the Vancouver Opera for the first time. We saw Romeo et Juliette-it was amazing! We got the GET O.U.T. (Opera Under Thirty) tickets. What a deal! We would love to go again!!! πŸ™‚

  60. Claire says:

    This sounds like fun! I’ve never been to the Opera before!

  61. Aileen R says:

    Wow! This is an awesome prize! I’ve never seen an opera.

  62. Jason says:

    Barber is my fav! Please enter me into this contest. Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  63. Cindy KS says:

    Sounds like an absolutely amazing Christmas gift – I would love to go for my first time!!

  64. Chris says:

    I used to be a barber. Then, I cut some hair

  65. luc says:

    Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!

  66. linda says:

    I haven’t yet experienced the opera, so this will be a neat way to give it a try. πŸ™‚

  67. Laura says:

    I think this would be so much fun to see on stage! Good luck to all those who entered πŸ™‚

  68. Francis says:

    looks like fun!

  69. Heather says:

    Happy Holidays!

  70. Sharylin says:

    It would be great to put these tickets under the tree for my husband…the look on his face would be priceless πŸ˜‰

  71. Tom Wong says:

    This is one of my favs!

    Brings back Saturday afternoons listening to CBC Opera from Lincoln Center while lying around with my dog in the backyard.

  72. Michael says:

    It would be so great to end the year on a high note; figuratively as well.

  73. Gigi says:

    Sounds excellent πŸ™‚

  74. P Zapasnik says:

    This would be the perfect gift for my little sister. Fingers crossed.

  75. Blessy says:

    I would love to go with my mom!

  76. Amanda says:

    I would love to have the opportunity to watch this opera!

  77. carrie says:

    I love opera.

  78. Gina G. says:

    I have never been to an Opera before. Would love to go with my partner.

  79. Isabel says:

    would absolutely love to go!!!

  80. Sanaz says:

    I’d love to go and see this opera show

  81. Karen says:

    Love the opera!

  82. Beth says:

    I love marriage of figaro but have never seen the Barber!

  83. Cindy says:

    I would love to see this opera!

  84. Debra says:

    Cool contest!

  85. Teina says:

    I’ve never watched an opera, but I have had the chance to sit meters away from a female singer at a benefit concert once, and that was mind blowing. Everyone I know agrees that opera is boring, but I suspect lies.

  86. Lor. says:

    Sounds like the perfect intro to opera for a pre-teen

  87. j says:

    I’ve never been to the opera

  88. Peter H says:

    I am a great singer, i’m sure I could show these folks at the opera a thing or two.

  89. tania says:

    I haven’t been since the phantom in the 90’s.

  90. rino says:

    That sounds great!

  91. I haven’t seen a show in years

  92. ally says:

    Love to see theis!

  93. Barb says:

    howdy, would love to win!

  94. David says:

    Would love to go! Haven’t been to the opera for a few years and I miss it!


  95. esther says:

    I’ve never been to the opera before

  96. Christine says:

    Oohh, I would love to see this!

  97. I’d love to take my Dad! We love the Vancouver Opera

  98. Rebecca says:

    I’m a big fan of ballets, musicals, and symphonies but I’ve never been to an opera before, I’d love to see it!

  99. Stotes says:

    I’ve never seen this one…

  100. Steph :) says:

    Wow, this would make a great Christmas gift!

  101. ceci says:

    This is one of my favorite opera’s! would love to share it with my daughter (10)
    πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas!

  102. Jen says:

    I love this opera! pick me!

  103. Grace says:

    Sounds awesome!

  104. alana says:

    girls night out….

  105. Andy C. says:

    I need a shave

  106. Amy says:

    This is awesome!

  107. Devon says:

    Food, From my mom because she knows I am trying to save up for an RV to travel around.

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