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Glow Christmas at Salt Spring

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 — 10:50am PDT
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This morning I’m heading over to Salt Spring Island to judge the Glowtini competition where local bartenders and mixologists will be creating their idea of the perfect Salt Spring Island holiday cocktail.

Glow on Salt Spring this ChristmasParticipants will be from Auntie Pestos Cafe, Harbour House Hotel Restaurant and Organic Farm, Marketplace Cafe, Moby’s Oyster Bar + Marine Grill, Oystercatcher, Raven Street Cafe, Rock Salt Restaurant, and the Salt Spring Inn.

John and I have been in love with this diverse Gulf Island since we first visited together in 2008. The community, the network of artisans and local producers, the landscape, it’s all very warm and welcoming.

Our latest stay at Hastings House was just as magical as the first. You may laugh when I use the adjective “magical” but once you go, you’ll know the feeling that Salt Spring Island gives you.

The Salt Spring Christmas Committee, Saltspring Air, and the Chamber of Commerce promoting the island as a destination at any time of year. As such, they have all partnered up to offer one of my readers a fantastic Salt Spring Island “Glow” prize package. This includes:

Here’s how you can enter to win this fantastic Salt Spring Island prize:

  • Leave a comment on this post naming a Salt Spring Island accommodation
    (found here) (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
I entered to win the Salt Spring Island #Glow prize package from @HelloSaltSpring & @Miss604

I will draw one winner next Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 12:00pm. Must be 19 years of age or older to enter and win. Prize is redeemable between January 15, 2012 and April 15, 2012. Subject to availability for flights and accommodation. The winner may also be asked to do follow-up interviews and have their name published.

Those on Salt Spring already will be able to sample the newly crowned “Glowtini” after 5:00pm today at the Salt Spring Inn.

Update The winner is Tom!

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  1. Andy says:

    Forest Loft.. absolutely adorable. =)

  2. Daryl says:

    Salt Spring Inn

  3. dali says:

    About Thyme Cottage, its about thyme i go to salt spring island

  4. Dawn says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  5. kylie says:

    Harbour House Hotel & Organic Farm

  6. Kate says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage

  7. Donna L says:

    Cedar Beach Resort. Oh wow I love Saltspring Island. Best way to spend a summer Saturday is at the market.

  8. Jessica says:

    Beachside Flat; sounds lovely πŸ™‚

  9. Marc says:

    They all look so amazing it’s hard to choose but Honeysuckle Cottage B&B Retreat looks lovely

  10. Jennifer T says:

    Celtic Place B&B πŸ™‚

  11. Erin says:

    Cusheon Lake Resort!

  12. Brenda says:

    Wisteria Guest House

  13. Athol says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage, love to stay here!

  14. Cliff says:

    Harbour House

  15. Liza says:

    have been dreaming of sunny pastureland where The Yellow Cottage is…

  16. chrissy says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B!
    sounds awesome!

  17. Marc Monsarrat says:

    Lakeside Cottage on Cusheon Lake.

  18. Jamie Moore says:

    Harbour House Hotel & Organic Farm

  19. Rachel says:

    Wisteria Guest House

  20. Cadi says:

    Daffodil Cove Cottage! They all look rather amazing tho!

  21. Nicole says:

    Between the Covers B&B. Great name!!

  22. Natalie W says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

    Looks like a wonderful place to stay!

  23. Shannon says:

    Cusheon Lake Resort

  24. David D. says:

    Fulford Dunderry Guest House πŸ™‚

  25. Vanessa says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B!

  26. Belinda says:

    What a great prize! Arbutus Point Oceanfront B&B

  27. Muckymoo says:

    Hastings House Country House Hotel

  28. Amy says:

    Waterfront Cottage. Does anyone know if a farm walking distance to the village still accommodates guests? We stayed there a few years ago and walked llamas, gathered eggs, and had an amazing breakfast of goodies delivered to our farm cottage. They were a wonderful older couple who was looking to sell the place, so I’m afraid it may not exist anymore.

  29. Karen says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B sounds wonderful!

  30. Between the Covers B&B.

    Would be an amazing trip. Never been to Saltspring but always wanted to πŸ™‚

  31. Tara says:

    Stayed at Harbour House this summer. Great view from our balcony!

  32. Trish says:

    I’ve always wanted to stay in a Hedgerow House!

  33. Hayley says:

    Oceanspray by the Sea.

  34. Kyla says:

    Salt Spring Winery Bed and Breakfast sounds great! I love wine!

  35. cormac says:

    The Casa de la Playa looks like a winner.

  36. Harbour House nothing better

  37. Carolyn says:

    Salt Springs Spa Resort

  38. Deena says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B – looks like a beautiful destination!

  39. Meg W says:

    Skipping Stone Beach B&B

  40. Rob says:

    Forest Loft sounds wonderful… love Salt Spring.

  41. Amanda says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  42. Yasmine says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B of course! Looks FAB!!

  43. Val says:

    About Thyme Cottage – love the pun!

  44. Carolyn (Cares) says:

    Salt Spring Spa Resort (I am not the other Carolyn that posted earlier btw). Thank you πŸ™‚

  45. Tracy says:

    My engagement ring has 2 hummingbirds on it. Hummingbirds are symbols of devotion, life cycles, permanence and eternity. For that reason, I would have to pick Hummingbird Hill B&B.

  46. Eran Roubini says:

    Salt Spring Inn

  47. Karen S says:

    Spindrift Oceanfront Cottages look amazing! The waterfront location hooked me, but the wood burning fireplaces reeled me in.

  48. Bernadette says:

    Thyme Cottage, crossing my fingers for a win!

  49. Christine says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B of course!

  50. Jacqueline says:

    Harbour House Hotel…..awesome!

  51. Amamba says:

    Hedgerow House sounds so quaint. Hope I win!

  52. Laura says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B!

  53. Kyle M says:

    Spindrift Oceanfront Cottages – here’s hoping!

  54. Amanda Scheer says:

    Salt spring winery b&b

  55. Laurel says:

    Wisteria Guest House. Lovely name and lovely place!

  56. Tracy says:

    Spindrift all the way!!!

  57. Krystal says:

    Sign me up for anything where I can wadner around on the sea shore! Suncrest Cottage and B&B sounds amazing – I want to ride horses through gardens and forests!

  58. Vince says:

    Harbour House Hotel & Organic Farm!

  59. rino says:

    Eagle View Cottage

  60. Deidre says:

    they all looked amazing – Blackberry Glen B&B would be nice!

  61. tania says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  62. Katie says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B – I’ve always wanted to go to Salt Spring!

  63. Liana says:

    would love to go anywhere on Salt Spring, but as my husband is a foodie, the Wisteria Guest house caught my eye…

  64. sarah w. says:

    Clam Beach Cottage!!

  65. mary says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B – perfect for me

  66. Shawn says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  67. Areta says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage

  68. Andrea says:

    A weekend away? Please call me to the Blackberry Glen B&B.

  69. rose says:

    the gallery

  70. Von says:

    Beach House B&B Suites sounds awesome.

  71. liz says:

    Harbour House is fantastic.I would love to get a chance to visit Saltspring soon!

  72. candice says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  73. Kevin says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  74. AC07-NW says:

    definitely Blackberry Glen B&B

  75. jeanie says:

    Beach House B&B Suites sound awesome! =D

  76. maria says:

    Beachside Flat

  77. ariane c says:

    I’m ready for a break! Frida’s Villa would be a place to check out on the island.

  78. Mariska says:

    There are so many amazing places on Saltspring! I would love to try the Salt Spring Spa Resort.

  79. margaret says:

    This prize is great! The Blackberry Glen B&B sounds nice.

  80. Don McQueen says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  81. belinda says:

    Quarrystone House

  82. Sandra says:

    I’ve never been to Salt Spring.

  83. Sunshine G says:

    About Thyme Cottage is supposed to be lovely!

  84. Leah says:

    Frida’s Villa looks amazing. I heart Frida Kahlo.

  85. Terry says:

    Salt springs Spa Resort

  86. Marshall Davies says:

    Blackberry Glen gets 10 out of 10!

  87. Aili Topalian says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B sounds absolutely delightful.

  88. Cindy says:

    Lakeside cottage

    What a romantic way for hubby & I to celebrate our 21st anniversary (Feb14th)!!!!

  89. Julie says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  90. Nicky B says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  91. Tracy says:

    Salt Spring Winery B&B

  92. Serena Pallot says:

    Skipping Stone Beach B&B

  93. Christine says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B looks gorgeous.

  94. Jade says:

    Vesuvius villas! Yeah alliteration!

  95. Shane Anderson says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B looks gorgeous.WOW!

  96. Shane Anderson says:

    Are you kidding me? Blackberry Glen B&B looks gorgeous!

  97. Tracey Anderson says:

    OMG this place is fantastic! Blackberry Glen B&B looks gorgeous.

  98. Sherry says:

    Wisteria Guest House…..they all look amazing and believe it or not I have never been to Salt Spring….this would be an amazing prize to win.

  99. NM says:

    Beachside Flat.

  100. cindy quach says:

    steps to the sea guest house…yeah!

  101. Smita says:

    Arbutus Point Oceanfront Bed and Breakfast

  102. Dora says:

    Wisteria Guest House!

  103. Denise says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage

  104. Heidi says:

    Forest Loft

  105. Sharon says:

    Harbour House

  106. Dennis says:

    Skipping Stone Beach B&B

  107. Tiffany L says:

    casa de la playa πŸ™‚

  108. Cindy says:


  109. Bonnie says:

    Oceanside Cottages

  110. Dar says:

    I spent a few lovely days at St. Mary’s Lake Resort once… but my absolute favourite accommodation on Salt Spring Island is in a tent at Ruckle Park πŸ™‚

  111. Vincent Chen says:

    Wisteria Guest House

  112. heather b says:

    the harbour house….crossing my finger to win this one!

  113. Lindsay says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B!

    The glowtini sounds amazing, and saltspring is somewhere I keep saying I want to go but never make it there. It feels like it would be a real get away from everything kind of trip.

  114. Vanessa says:

    Hastings House Country House

  115. Gina G. says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B sounds awesome!

  116. Stotes says:

    Hastings House

  117. stephanie says:

    Harbour House sounds nice.

  118. carleen says:

    Blackberry Glen….

    I’ve only ever stayed at a bb not listed—these ones look great

  119. Greg says:

    The Windmill

  120. Jennifer M. says:

    Frida’s Villa looks really sweet and cozy. This sounds like the most amazing weekend trip ever!!

  121. Chelle says:

    I really wanted to go to Salt Spring Island this summer, but we never made it over there!

    I just like the name of the Lost & Found Guest House. πŸ™‚

  122. Judi says:

    Daffodil Cove, excellent at March break, beautiful spot, but all of Salt Spring Island is beautiful and I agree even in winter(not as busy)

  123. Christine says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage

  124. Chris says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage. Love the name.

  125. Sarah Linklater says:

    Beachfront @ Vesuvius sounds lovely!

  126. Serena Debolt says:

    Clam Beach Cottage – very amazing place!

  127. Kelli Corscadden says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage. Would really love to go to Salt Spring! I just wish the ferries were more convenient!

  128. Shawnna says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B. I’ve never been to Salt Spring Island – Looks beautiful!

  129. Lena says:

    Clambeach Cottage- so cute!

  130. Mary Nolan says:

    Salt Spring Island

  131. Mary Nolan says:

    Whoops, I meant Salt Spring Inn

  132. Anne says:

    Hedgerow House – what a great prize!

  133. Chloe says:

    This sounds amazing!

  134. Jenn says:

    Harbour House Hotel

  135. veronica canale says:

    Elfie’s Place

  136. Jovita says:

    Abagails Cottage B&B sounds lovely

  137. Emily says:

    Wisteria Guesthouse. We stayed there for a summer weekend, and it was wonderful.

  138. Beki Liang says:

    Sunset Solace Cottage – just love the name!

  139. vanessa says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage

  140. Lloyd says:

    Cedar House on the Hill. I’ve never been to Salt Spring Island

  141. janice says:

    Salt Springs Spa Resort

  142. Salt Springs Spa Resort is a place to stay.

  143. Grace says:

    Belvedere Suite!

  144. Jennifer says:

    harbour house

  145. Gus says:

    Oceanside Cottages – bliss

  146. carole says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  147. lindsay says:

    Wetherly Inn & Spa

  148. Andrew says:

    Hummingbird Hill B&B

  149. Roseanne says:

    Hummingbird Hill B & B. I’ve never been to Salt Spring Island but have always wanted to check it out – looks beautiful!

  150. Helen says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  151. Cait says:

    Harbour Haven is adorable.

  152. Jenn says:

    Wisteria Guest House

  153. Sarah says:

    Salt Springs Spa Resort looks amazing! I’d love a weekend away! πŸ™‚

  154. Michelle Lam says:

    Abagail’s Cottage

  155. Nicole says:

    Beachfront @ Vesuvius

  156. tara says:

    well, this sounds delightful!

  157. Marina says:

    hastings house!!

  158. Renn says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage

  159. tedi knight says:

    Beachfront @ Vesuvius
    magical mysitcal romantical!


  160. Diane says:

    I’d never heard of Blackberry Glen B&B but it looks fantastic!

  161. Ian says:

    I use to go there all the time!!! Stayed right beside St.Marys lake shoreline at Green Acre Resort!

  162. Cathy says:

    Arbutus Point Oceanfront B&B

  163. Cameron says:

    Hummingbird Hill B&B

  164. kahhlee says:

    Saint Mary Lake Resort

  165. Brianne says:

    Anne’s Oceanfront Hideaway B+B… because it sounds romantic and inviting and just what the Dr. ordered! and has my mom’s name πŸ™‚

  166. Kat says:

    I’m soooo jealous that you stayed at Hastings House – it has been on my radar for years. Never made it to the island – yet.

  167. rubai says:


  168. Joanne says:

    Bloom, Salt Spring Organic B&B

  169. Tricia says:

    what an amazing getaway before the Holiday Season gets too hectic. Salt Spring Island is a special place – all the Bed & Breakfasts sound amazing, especially Arbutus Point

  170. Anne’s Oceanfront Hideaway B+B

    Never been to any of the little islands. This would be so cool, especially to see them from the air!

  171. Kim says:

    Cedar Springs Resort – have had great times there fishing St Marys lake years ago.

  172. Leora says:

    Harbour House Hotel & Organic Farm

  173. Paul says:

    Lost and Found Guest house was an amazing find!!

  174. Tierney says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B! Sounds very cute.

  175. Harbour House Hotel & Organic farm!

  176. Thom says:

    Blue Ewe Cottage in the Woods

  177. Chrysta says:

    The Gallery

  178. Mark Farr says:

    blackberry Glen B and B

  179. Lauren says:

    Stayed at the Salt Spring Inn before, great location!

  180. Suncrest Cottage and B&B

  181. Laina says:

    Oceanside Cottages — sounds nostalgic. What a lovely getaway this would be!

  182. Sarah says:

    I LOVE Salt Spring. My bf and I stayed at the charming Salt Spring Inn back in June. I was blown away by the quality of food in their restaurant – and their strawberries were unlike anything I’d ever tasted! Much better than what you get at Safeway!

  183. Colleen says:

    Wisteria Guest House

  184. Adam says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  185. Wesley says:

    Seaside Retreat B&B

  186. Justine says:

    The one and only time I’ve been to Salt Spring I slept in a tent. Blackberry Glen B&B looks like a lovely place to stay.

  187. Helaine says:

    Belvedere Suite! I like vendors that have great views of the ocean. Plus the pictures look nice.

  188. Melanie says:

    It all sounds very magical. Harbour House Hotel & Organic Farm

  189. Lindsey Straily says:

    Salt Spring Spa Resort

  190. ho says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage

  191. Johanna says:

    Do I have to name one off the link? (if yes, Stepping Stone Beach B&B)

    If not, ELFIE’S PLACE is the cutest little cabin on SSI.

  192. Lauren says:

    Hedgerow House

  193. Eunice says:

    Fridas Villa

    When are you posting the winner?

  194. Josie says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage

  195. Dana says:

    Suncrest Cottage and B&B.

  196. Rebecca says:

    Wisteria Guest House

  197. Ocean Tang says:

    Between the covers B&B

  198. Elisa Tang says:

    Between the covers B&B

  199. Raju says:

    Hummingbird Hill B&B.

  200. Glen Huntley says:

    looking to book time at the salt spring way this year

  201. Simon says:

    About Thyme Cottage B&B

  202. Marianne says:

    Harbour House Hotel & Organic Farm πŸ™‚

  203. Gudrun says:

    Hastings House

  204. grace says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B πŸ™‚

  205. Martha says:

    Quarrystone House! the stunning ocean and sunset views sound great!

  206. Maureen says:

    Beach House B&B

  207. Ron S. says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

    Would love to surprise the wife with this romatic getaway!

  208. Jaime says:

    Clam Beach Cottage sounds lovely!

  209. Joey says:

    SeaBreeze Inne!

  210. ag. says:

    The Windmill! Would love to go back…such a great spot!

  211. Francis says:

    Cedar Beach Resort looks good!

  212. Monique Boucher says:

    Salt Spring Inn

  213. Andrew C. says:

    Quarrystone House

  214. Caitlin says:

    Forest Loft

  215. kristy says:

    waterfront cottage looks exactly like the type of getaway that I would LOVE to win!

  216. Grace M says:

    Cusheon Lake Resort!! They have so many bass in that lake! woooo!!

  217. Andrew says:

    Cusheon Lake Resort has been recommended to me, but I haven’t been able to go.

  218. Kate says:

    Sunset Solace Cottage

  219. Manuel says:

    Elfie’s Place — cool that it’s pet friendly

  220. Robyn Worcester says:

    Birds Eye View B&B perfect for winter birding!

  221. Gina says:

    Hummingbird Hill B&B – sounds amazing!

  222. Summer says:

    Oceanside Cottages… would love to see Salt Spring for the first time!

  223. Ana says:

    Elfie’s Place

  224. Bronwyn Livingston says:

    Baker Road Beach House!

  225. fiona says:

    cedar beach resort

  226. Teresa K says:

    Mariners Ridge

  227. Mike Hewitt says:

    Pine Place B&B

  228. Nicole says:

    Cusheon Lake Resort. Stayed there many times with the girlfriends and the family. Was thinking of a winter vacation to saltspring and now I am convinced, I just have to!

  229. Ruth says:


  230. Katie says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  231. valerie says:

    Hedgerow House sounds adorable!!

  232. Debbie F says:

    Quarrystone House

  233. Greg says:

    Arbutus Point Oceanfront B&B

  234. Raia says:

    Daffodil Cove Cottage, right on the ocean and minutes from hiking trails…looks like paradise to me.

  235. Jen says:

    Clam Beach Cottage looks adorable and the views are stunning!

    My fiance and I would love a trip to the Gulf Islands as we’re never been πŸ™‚

  236. linda says:

    Maple Ridge Cottages.

  237. Marianne says:

    Hastings House

  238. Rachel says:

    Hummingbird Hill B&B

  239. Eileen says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  240. Eileen says:

    Anchor Point B&B Suite

  241. Cathy says:

    Elfie’s Place

  242. mike Loo says:

    Blackberry Glen B n B

  243. J says:

    Hedgerow House

  244. lori says:

    Oceanside Cottages. Looks like a great prize!!!

  245. Gazza says:

    Arbutus Point Oceanfront B&B

  246. Lori says:

    Oceanside cottages…so quaint, such an amazing place to visit.

  247. Dan says:

    Steps to the Sea Guest house – would like to take my wife!

  248. Gayle says:

    Islandtime B&B – they have llamas!

  249. Andrew says:

    Harbour House Hotel & Organic Farm

  250. Jan says:

    Pine Place B&B

  251. Brenda says:

    Yellow Cottage

  252. Renfrew says:

    Hastings House

  253. Eileen says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B sounds like a great place to sit inf ront of the fire and enjoy a single malt.

  254. KB says:

    Baker Road Beach House

  255. isha says:

    Harbour House

  256. Maggie says:

    Hastings House!

  257. Laura R says:

    The Waterfront Cottage looks so peaceful and relaxing, my husband and I could really use a romantic weekend away before baby comes!!!

  258. Elysia says:

    Wisteria Guesthouse with Beverly and Len!

  259. Armando Tang says:

    Hastings House – awesome chicken burger!

  260. Shelley says:

    Seido-en Forest House looks very peaceful and relaxing.

  261. Alicia says:

    Blue Ewe Cottage in the Woods!

  262. Scatteredmom says:

    The Blackberry Glen sounds wonderful! A getaway would be just perfect for us. The last time my husband and I were at Saltspring, I was pregnant with our now 16 year old!

  263. Kate Eliza says:

    Skipping Stone Beach B&B looks absolutely lovely.

  264. Elizabeth says:

    Harbour House renovated rooms with jacuzzi and fireplace on balcony are quite nice, & a quick walk to downtown Ganges.

  265. Tracy says:

    Harbour house!

  266. Donna says:

    Baker Road Beach House sounds like it’s got it all for a great getaway!

  267. alice irwin says:

    Blackberry Gken B&B looks fab

  268. gigi says:

    Would love to stay at Blackberry Glen B&B.

  269. Shauna says:

    I’m sure it was Hastings House where I stayed years ago – lovely.

  270. Britt says:

    I would have to say Armand Heights B&B. Beautiful area.

  271. Michelle says:

    Forest Loft!

  272. Carol says:

    About Thyme Cottage.

  273. Sarah says:

    Hastings House would be a great base to explore the Island from!

  274. Xing says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  275. Vicky says:

    Harbour House….perfect

  276. Shannon Mac says:

    Baker Road Beach House is a perfect getaway, they all look great.

  277. Angela R says:

    Dancing Light Cottage

  278. Sanaz says:

    Honeysuckle Cottage B&B Retreat looks great

  279. chuck says:

    Orchard Cabin is pet friendly!

  280. tracy says:

    blackberry glen b&b!

  281. Linda says:

    harbour house!

  282. Nancy says:

    Lost & Found Guest House….awesome contest!

  283. TY says:

    harbour house looks amazing!

  284. SP says:

    Habour House !

  285. Portia says:

    the Harbour House

  286. Kim says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  287. Jeff says:

    The Windmill!

  288. Mae says:

    I love puns: Between the Covers B&B.

  289. Noelle says:

    Clam Beach Cottage looks like a wonderful escape!

  290. Gina says:

    Great contest! I’m going with Casa de la Playa b/c it sounds like it could be in Mexico πŸ™‚

  291. Michelle Webster says:

    Hasting House

  292. Misty says:

    Clam Beach Cottage! Love the name. The island is beautiful, and I would love to visit again. So happy I live in BC!

  293. Tom says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B, of course.

  294. Iain says:

    Mountainview Cottage!

  295. Aimee says:

    Wisteria Guest House

  296. CA says:

    Harbour House Hotel! What a lovely prize package. Good luck all.

  297. FPJensen says:

    Fulford Dunderry Guest House

  298. Lynn Montes says:

    Hastings House!

  299. Christine Kannegiesser says:

    Eagle View Cottage!!!!!!!!!

  300. Margaret says:

    We used visit Cusheon Lake Resort many years ago – and always had a wonderful time in the lovely lakeside cottages.

  301. Farhan says:

    Celtic Place B&B! πŸ™‚

  302. Sheryl Stephenson says:

    Haven’t been away with just my husband in 14 years… it’s time

  303. Jen says:

    I think it was called BlueBird B&B. Heavenly breakfasts!!!

  304. padme amidala says:

    Clam beach cottage πŸ™‚ I also tweeted about it:!/padmeamidala

  305. Amber says:

    Hastings House!

    I’ve never been to Salt Spring, but I really would LOVE to visit.

  306. Megan says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B looks amazing.

  307. jane says:

    Mountain View Cottage!! I have very fun memories of Mt View Cottage. I spent of my favourite May long weekends here enjoying the views and the glorious hot tub. What a jewel!

  308. Hilary says:

    I’d love to check out any of the accommodations on Saltspring, like Hedgerow House. (I like to say hedgerow.)

  309. Char says:

    Casa de la Playa

  310. Deanna Legare says:

    oceanspray by the sea

  311. Cheerdiva says:

    harbour house!

  312. Gerald says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B and a couple of Glowtinis!

  313. Pat B says:

    Harbour House! I haven’t been to Saltspring in years, but we used to go often – particularly Thanksgiving weekend…….would love to go again!

  314. Tamara says:

    Oceanside cottages sounds like a place I’d love to be. Having never been to the island this would be a great get a way for my friend and I. Wonder if we could pack our scrapbook supplie too??

  315. Carmen says:

    Ready to chill @ Between the Covers B&B:)

  316. anne says:

    mountain view cottage. awwww…this pize sounds amazing!

  317. britta says:

    baker road beach house. thanks for having this contest!

  318. Shawna Kisell says:

    Solace? Serenity? Utopia? I believe that all can be found at Apple Beachfront Cottage on Salt Spring Island. Then again, Salt Spring Island and its fantastic setting and community embodies all of these traits. A true gem.

  319. Stacey says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B sounds just right to me!!!

  320. Natalie B says:

    Mountain View Cottage

  321. Brandee says:

    Blue Ewe Cottages in the Woods – what a great name. πŸ™‚

  322. Christy L says:

    Blabkberry Glen B&B

  323. Leonora G says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B. They all sound awesome.

  324. Jen Nixon says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B πŸ™‚
    Thanks for entering me in your contest!

  325. Judith says:

    Hummingbird Hill B&B sounds wonderfully wonder filled πŸ™‚ Thanks for this contest πŸ™‚

  326. sandy says:

    nice romantic getaway – just celebrated our 28th Anniversary

  327. Paul says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B!

    what a brilliant contest. Mind if I gift it to my dear buddies for their early xmas pressie πŸ˜‰

  328. Aaron B. says:

    Harbour House

  329. Brittany Greenslade says:

    cottage resort

  330. Puck says:

    Mountain View Cottage! Oh I love Mount Maxwell.

  331. Cameron W. says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  332. Robin Bardon says:

    Wisteria Guest house, great place to stay, Nice easy stroll to the Saturday Market in the summer time!

  333. Natalie says:

    Sounds awesome! I’ve never been! Blackberry Glen B&B looks fantastic!

  334. Caresse says:

    Salt Spring Inn. This prize looks amazing!

  335. Vikki says:

    Salt Springs Spa Resort! Salt Spring Island looks gorgeous.

  336. Stewart S says:

    As a Welshman, it has to be Daffodil Cove Cottage!

  337. Marisa says:

    About Thyme Cottage looks and sounds magical!

  338. Laura says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B sounds and looks stunning!

  339. Tara says:

    Beachside Flat!

  340. bill says:

    Green acres on St. Mary’s Lake

  341. Michelle says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B

  342. Alissa says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage – too cute!

  343. Erica says:

    mountain view cottage looks gorgeous!

  344. Chelsea says:

    Blackberry Glen B&B! I hear it’s a LOVELY place to stay!

  345. myra says:

    Wisteria Guest House

    (note – stayed there years ago and it has hands down the best/most creative/locally sourced breakfast!! and the couple running the show are lovely!)

  346. Lola says:

    Apple Beachfront Cottage. Looks amazing!

  347. Jessica R.F says:

    The Seabreeze Inn! I wanted to say Blackberry Glen B&B because I have actually stayed there and it was truly wondrous! I would love to win this package; I haven’t travelled anywhere since that trip over a year ago!

  348. Cameron says:

    Celtic Place Bed & Breakfast (as I am of Scottish descent).

  349. Gary says:

    Blackberry Glen Bed And Breakfast

  350. Cyndi T says:

    Blackberry Glen B & B

  351. Dancing Light Cottage

  352. Tiffany Kalanj says:

    Salt Spring Inn

  353. Rachelle says:

    This looks amazing!

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