Women in Leadership Foundation Gala 2011

Monday, October 24th, 2011 — 3:09pm PDT
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The Women in Leadership Foundation is presenting the 4th annual Superwomen and Friends Gala the evening of November 5, 2011.

The Women In Leadership Foundation (WIL) creates inspirational programs that bring women together in developing their leadership skills and creating positive change in the future of women’s leadership in Canada.

This red carpet event at the Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver will feature inspirational stories, a fashion show, prize packages, cocktail reception with entertainment from recording artist Lindsay May, a 3-course dinner, gift bags, a raffle, and a keynote from Catherine Runnals, President & Founding Partner of brand.LIVE Management Group.

Tickets are $175 per person (supermen are also very welcome at the gala) and VIP tables for you and nine friends are available for booking as well.

Since 2009 the Women in Leadership Foundation has been gracious enough to offer two tickets to one of my readers and are continuing the trend this year. Here’s how you can win your way into this glamourous and inspirational event (value $350).

  • Leave a comment on this post about a woman who has inspired you (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
I entered to win 2 tickets to the @WIL_Fdn Gala & $100 for Herons @FairmontWF from @Miss604 http://ow.ly/77A4Q

I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 11:00am next Monday, October 31, 2011. Must be 19 years of age or older to enter.

Update Thanks to the generosity of the Fairmont Waterfront I have a $100 gift certificate for Herons West Coast Kitchen to add to this prize giveaway! All Twitter entries with the original text will be entered but please note the new text if you’re just now entering the contest. Good luck!

Update The winner is Jennifer M.!

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  1. Sophie says:

    A woman who has inspired me. It’s hard to say “woman” when there are women, plural, everyday around me that are inspirational. If I have to choose one, however, I would have to say my aunt. I believe that a woman in this day and age can have it all: family, a loving relationship, and a thriving career. Not to mention charity work, travel and personal luxuries. My aunt maintains a family of three children, as the CEO of her business, and has time to come to my graduation on the other side of the country for a WEEK this coming november. Her business started with $1 and now is worth millions, and her children are equally as successful. The main thing I have learned from her is “education is the only thing that cannot be taken away from you.” With this in mind, I constantly seek new learning opportunities, and believe that this would be one of them!

  2. Karen says:

    A woman who has inspired and impacted my life is my grade 9 teacher / field hockey coach. When I look back she was a young woman, starting out in her career as a teacher and coach.
    She lead our field hockey team to win the BC provincial championship. She said if we worked hard together as a team, put in the training, supported each other, we would win. And if we won, she would organize a trip to England and Scotland for us to play field hockey. We did win and she did organize the trip. I was one of 5 kids and my parents did not have the money for me to go. My dad forbid me to go. However, my teacher and coach believed in me and the many life lessons I would learn from getting to go on the trip. She taught me to put my head down and work for what I believed in. She showed me leadership and the team showed me what real team spirit/support felt like. In the end, I raised all the money I needed to get to go on that trip and she encouraged my dad to let me go. It was an amazing journey and experience that impacted me then and through out my career. I would be grateful to attend this conference and to learn from this group of inspirational women leaders! Thank you Karen

  3. Brittany says:

    My mother. At the age of 43, after raising two kids and working her whole life, my mom went in for dental surgery… just a standard tooth extraction… and left on life support. Due to neglect, the surgery was not completed properly and my mom remained on life support for 5 months due to a blood infection. Through everything, my mom has lost her ability to walk as well as her mental clarity. All because of a lousy tooth. Despite her ordeal, my mom has remained a strong and driven woman who works every day to gain the ability to walk again. My mom is fantastic, and now, more than ever, I take it as a compliment when people tell me that I am just like her 🙂

  4. alana says:

    My God Mother….Mary McCulloch….she was an amazing woman…..

  5. Oh! I would love to attend! Sounds like an amazing night! Power to the women!

  6. Sanaz says:

    My mother is an amazing person and has inspired me throughout my life.

  7. Jessica Roberts-Farina says:

    My best friend Rebecca. She has been through so much in her life, including the untimely death of her mother from ovarian cancer, and she continues to be the most generous, lovely person/friend/sister/mother I have ever known. I love you Beccs.

  8. Kirn Bown says:

    My mother Surjit inspires me . Coming from an improvished backround and having the guts to immigrate from all she knew and loved to uncertainty. My mom has completed high school after she arrived at the age of 16, married had 3 children and is a successfull business woman. My mother is the life of the party, very kind and generous, and is always learning something new( Including drumming and esthetics) My mom is always up for any adventure and loves her children unconditionally….Wow I know I tell her often how great she is but I need to call her now and tell her again.

  9. Jennifer Breakspear says:

    I am blessed to have known many inspiring women. However, the one that comes to mind right now is my partner, Laurie Anderson. She is a woman with an adventurous spirit, courageous and fearless, a risk taker that steps out into opportunity, she lives with integrity and passion. And I continue to learn from her everyday.

  10. Emira Mears says:

    Definitely my business partner and co-author of my book Lauren. She’s been an inspiration, a resource and a shoulder to lean on for 12 years now, a role I value deeply.

  11. Vanessa says:

    Hands down, my grandmother. She was abandoned at a young age and left to fend for herself. She is the most patient, loving lady I have ever met.

  12. Gabriella Novaky says:

    One of my patients an older lady who had MS in her early thirties . Right after being diagnosed she became a single mom in the wheelchair for two young children.
    She had to deal with her condition and disability , a failed marriage , to start a new life alone with the children ….she chose not to give up but do her best with a smile on her face and to be an inspiration to many people , including me . Just her story and fighting spirit gave me one of the greatest lesson and inspiration in my life …

  13. Lisa says:

    One woman who has truly inspired me is Sheryl Sandberg. I have never met her, but she is an incredible role model to me. I am a female in business school and the statistics of women who hold executive and upper level management roles is disheartening to me. It is women like Sheryl that inspire me to believe that I can become a leader in my field. There are an even number of males and females in my business school, but sadly those numbers are not reflected within businesses themselves. Sheryl has been one of the inspirations to me to go out into the world and change those numbers.

    She has an absolutely amazing ted talk that I highly recommend watching. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/hcnwRz

  14. Sarah says:

    A friend of mine has truly inspired me as she is ill, yet she keeps fighting every single day. Not only is she fighting to remain healthy, but she has her own social media cliques and she even runs her own online business. She has taught me that with determination, we can all achieve our goals. I adore her to bits and pieces.

  15. Cyndi says:

    Hands down it’s my mom! She immigrated here with next to no money, and made a great life for herself and her kids. She has always shown me incredible love and support, and I am the person I am today thanks to her.

  16. she being amazing woman. She’s been an inspiration, a resource and a shoulder to lean on for 12 years now.

  17. There are many amazing women that have inspired me – but I would have to say that one of the women that has inspired me most recently is Sadie Nardini: founder of core strength vinyasa yoga. She’s an amazing yoga teacher and an inspirational woman. She teaches all over north America and shares so much of her amazing knowledge and technique on Utube for free – she is a great example of someone who has found her passion – and by sharing it unconditionally with others has found success. She provides me with a template for living. Love what you do, live what you love, share it with others and find happiness!

  18. Jennifer M. says:

    My mother is the most inspiring woman in my life. I was born with a metabolic disorder that requires strict control of and severe limitations on my diet. It was an unbelievable challenge for her to get me to drink my medicine, and I remember her reading me story after story, only turning each page after I had taken a sip. I am thankful for her incredible patience. She is always there to guide me, to gently but firmly correct me when I make a misstep, to celebrate my achievements and encourage me to use my God-given abilities. She is my best friend. I hope that one day I can be a wise and wonderful mother just like her to my own children.

  19. Martina says:

    There are so many inspirational women out there including my awesome mom but for me it’s got to be Coco Chanel. She showed us that you can be different and become whomever you want to be if you just have the guts to stand up for your ideals.

  20. Bernadette says:

    I must say the most inspirational woman in my life would have to be my grandmother. She is currently 92 yrs old and have seen and been through alot of things in her life. She was responsible for caring for her younger siblings at a tender age of 9 and have grown to be an incredible amazing woman having 9 children of her own whom she raised very well. She is grounded, smart, and have a warm heart, and she’s shown me that anything is possible as long as you put the Lord first in your life and he will be there guiding you the whole time. She’s inspired me to be an entrepreneurial spirit and have motivated me to be a business woman rising amonngst other recognized males in the industry.

  21. Salima says:

    While there are many women in my life who have inspired me, I would have to say one of my mentors. She constantly keeps pushing me and keeps me motivated to live up to my potential. She has extensive experience in the world of VCs and has done so much in her life! If I was to win these tickets I would definitely take her along with me!

  22. Christine says:

    My best friend inspires me everyday….even putting up with my very slow running pace. I’d bring her with me!

  23. Arwen Hunter says:

    It’s not hard to think of inspiring women. It is hard to decide who to mention.

    Nettie Wild is a documentary filmmaker whose career has seen the form develop in large part due to her passion and dedication to telling real stories that challenge the norm, and open people’s views to new perspectives. Her bravery shines through in her work, and I can only imagine the struggles she has overcome to accomplish what she has in an industry where women are so seldom tackling the world in the way that she does.

  24. Erica says:

    The most insiprational woman in my life is my mom. She’s gone through so much from moving to Canada 30 years ago, getting re-educated here and getting a good job to support my sister and I. She’s incredibly strong and has provided so much for us.

  25. Sioned says:

    My best friend of 23 years inspires me all the time. She has always supported and encouraged me in my pursuits and I am grateful to have her in my life. I would definately take her to this event if I won.

  26. Tara says:

    My grade 3 teacher, Mrs. Johnstone. She taught me the power of kindness and the impact it can have on not only others but ourselves too. Kindness is a way of life for me and I try to spread that to others.

  27. Em says:

    My younger sister for being so strong willed, sarcastic, smart and funny. the most uncompromisingly wonderful person I know 🙂

  28. My dear Mother. If you don’t ask you will never receive.

  29. Karina Eva says:

    I would like to share that even though my mother did not race kids on her own or has written a book,she is not really famous even tough she has done extraordinary things, her roll in our family was crucial, she thought me that the family is the pillar of the society and inspire me to follow her believes which even though some of them are a little traditional and conservative(that has kept me out of trouble allowing me to achieve many goals), she did the right thing with her kids and husband, I have always seen her like a big tree that even tough loses it’s leaves when there a change in season it has always stand strong and be what kept our family together, Christmas, birthdays, graduations, my dad’s passing, she stood strong and help the pack stay calm and her optimism is contagious. I believe that is some one inspirational and I hope that every women including me follow examples like this and recognize it.

  30. Rebecca says:

    My mother, grandmother, and best friend have all been inspiring and I feel very fortunate to have had them in my life.

  31. Lauren says:

    My mother has always been a source of inspiration for me. She has accomplished so much in her life while raising three girls!

  32. Heidi says:

    my best friend

  33. Suzette says:

    One woman who’s story hits close to home and who I found to be a real inspiration is Cathrine Ann, author of ‘Beautiful Buttons: A Memoir of Survival and Triumph’ and she has won numerous entrepreneurial awards including the prestigious YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Entrepreneur/Innovator.

    Her personal story of overcoming many many obstacles in life gives me continued hope for success and achievement in all that I do in my present and future endeavours. I want to add that many many woman are an inspiration to me for many different reasons and I am very grateful to each and everyone one of them for making a difference in my life – thank you!

  34. Glenda says:

    So many names should be entered here but the best example of perseverance, courage and love come from my mother Aurora.

  35. Sandra says:

    My Mom. She’s been abandoned by family, abused, and survived cancer. She continues to work and live her life. Above every thing she’s always been there for despite every thing. She’s the best.

  36. Erin says:

    I’m inspired by my Mom. I am now a mom to be, and if I could be half the woman she is to my child, I’ll be doing alright!

  37. Emma says:

    My mother and my grandmother are both super inspirational women!

  38. Taigi says:

    My Mom… It’s cliche, but so true.

  39. Tracey Flattes says:

    Maya Angelou

  40. Grace M says:

    Hilary Clinton

  41. I just finished Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie and she is an amazing and inspiring leader for our generation of women!

  42. Teresa K says:

    My mom inspires me to be the best that I can be.

  43. Maryam G says:

    A woman who has inspired me recently would have to be my grandmother. My grandfather passed away recently and we were all very worried about her as she had lost her companion of 50 years. However, throughout this ordeal, she comforted us instead and took care of us, when it should have been the other way around. She recognized that she needed to be there for her family more than ever, and she put aside her own pain and helped us through our grief instead. It’s easy to perceive our grandparents to be weak because we see their physical frailty, when in fact they are strong. I also discovered that she had been married before and had lost both her husband and child. Knowing that she got through that incredibly painful experience and went on to love again and have a family is truly inspiring. It makes me think that we can really survive anything in life, if only we chose to.

  44. Andrew says:

    The former principal at my school has inspired me to be a great teacher. Her knowledge of how to deal with the little things that a teacher deals with everyday was shared with me and now I have the skills to put out the daily fires myself. She was a great leader and teacher.

  45. Tooth Fairy says:

    My Grandma or Oma as I called her… inspired me. She loved to travel and enjoyed nature and life’s sweet and simple pleasures. She lived into her 90’s to see meet her great grandchildren!

  46. Natalie says:

    My grade 4 teacher Mrs. Carmichael. She was always on my side, encouraged me to read and learn. I still remember so many of her ideas that I’ve carried on with my life.

  47. Cheryl says:

    My aunt – she leads with humility and patience. She organizes the whole family. She has the best sense of humour and never takes herself to seriously!

  48. Yasmine says:

    My best friend Evelyn. She was an amazing, dear, dear friend for 30 years! She bravely fought breast cancer for three years never saying why me … just kept fighting until the end on April 14 2002. She inspired and still inspires me to live, love, laugh to the fullest — every day! I miss you my friend!

  49. brianne sheppard says:

    I am inspired by my sister Jessie. She works full time while going to school to make a better life for herself. She is the first person in my family to be graduating from University and I could not be prouder. She is setting a fantastic example for the rest of my family!

  50. Sandra says:

    When I was in Grade 5, I was selected to participate in an experimental split-grade class that would be together for two years. Our teacher was Miss Hopkins, later Mrs. Campbell, and she introduced us to a wide world of education that has shaped me: critical thinking (yup. in grade 5), opera, the art of presentation, teamwork, how to be yourself without fear, and so much more. A passionate and compassionate teacher, and someone who didn’t hesitate to try anything. I’d like to think there’s a little bit of her in me…

  51. Belinda says:

    My mentor that I met through the WIL mentorship program inspired me to see women leadership from a new perspective.

  52. isha says:

    my former boss, she taught me so much about business and inspired me to start my own business

  53. gail whitworth says:

    my mom is remarkable, at 86 she is still catering for the peachland hospital auxillary

  54. Ruby says:

    My mom has always guided me on how to be positive and work through any obstacles that come my way.

  55. Deidre says:

    My closest friend – she’s my sister!

  56. Tara says:

    My mother — Through the thick and thin and even our argument’s she’s taught me everything I know today and showed me a positive outlook of the world. My morals and personality are a lot like her for that reason. She guided me through the way and still does whenever I need her she’s there for me; whether its advice, or a shoulder to cry on. Even on her depressed days, she’s the breadwinner of the family and always cracks the joke to make the family laugh. I can never find anyone to replace her in my heart. Love ya momma 🙂

  57. Jen says:

    My mom is who has inspired me the most. With all of her support and encouragement to become who I want to be, she is admired for sure!

  58. Sogol says:

    My mother and her strength through life has continually served as a source of inspiration to me.

  59. Aram says:

    The woman that has inspired me the most is Oprah. She followed her inner voice and believed in her self. Her show always inspires me.

  60. Suzanna M. says:

    The woman that has inspired me is Beverley McLachlin, cheif justice of Canada. I have been interested in pursuing a law degree and to see a woman at such a high ranking position is quite inspiring.

  61. Karen S says:

    My Aunt Sue (God rest her soul) was my inspiration throughout my teens and early adulthood. Her strength and grace under pressure–seasoned with a liberal sprinkle of good humour–was remarkable!

  62. Bonnie says:

    My mother is the person who comes to mind when thinking of the woman who has inspired me because she faced many hardships during her life, but she never stopped doing the things she loved and she sacrificed many things for her family.

  63. Paula says:

    My best friend…Throughout each step we took since young to now we have consistently founds ways to inspire one another no matter how large or small those steps we took. What I have achieve, appreciate, and root myself till now and forward is no doubt part of her inspiration.

  64. Debra says:

    My Granny who lived to be 93 years old always inspired me. She faced so many challenges in her life and yet she was always managed to work hard and pass on that work ethic and optimism to her kids and grand kids.

  65. Natalie says:

    To be honest, Heidi Klum inspires me. I wish I could be all soft and gooey and say my mom (who I love to BITS), or some other family member, but Heidi Klum has it put together. A savvy business woman, she has her own empire including two tv shows, several clothing / accessory lines, a patron of so many charities, and still rocks it as an active mom. I realize that as an ex top model she has access to a lot of things that I never will, but I aspire to be like her a smart, savvy business who takes interest in the betterment of her community and still has time to spend time with her kids and her husband and look great.

  66. Julia says:

    My grandmother has inspired me in many ways, specially for being honest, caring and loving all people regardless of what they have done wrong. She had a difficult life and she turned out to be such a wonderful woman!

  67. Jenny says:

    My mother is by far the most inspiring person I’ve met. Raising two children and running what’s not become three successful businesses. She’s never given up, never stopped moving and always working towards creating the best environment for my brother and I. It’s not easy being a woman and it’s definitely not easy being a successful one.

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