First Weekend Club Campaign To Get Canadian Film on VOD

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The First Weekend Club has recently taken on a mission to create a Video on Demand (“VOD”) service that will host Canadian films.

Did you know that in 2010, so few people went to see Canadian films that only 3.4% of the total national box office went to Canadian films (83% went to US films and 8% went to other foreign films).

Founded in 2003, the club is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and raising awareness for great Canadian films. The goal is to create a buzz during the crucial first weekend of the film’s box office release.

You can join a First Weekend Club in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Victoria, Ottawa, Halifax, Montreal, and they hope to expand to other cities across the country in the future. I’ve been to several screenings in Vancouver and they are much more of a community event than a simple film screening – the band they had in to play after Global Metal knocked our socks off.

Supporting Canadian Film and giving it the legs to last in theatres is what the First Weekend Club does best but this new venture will help them grow audiences even more for homegrown productions. They have a goal of $20,000 to get the VOD service up and running and have launched a campaign/fundraising site.

I highly recommend attending a First Weekend Club screening in Vancouver (films and events are all listed on their website) and consider donating to help get their project up and running. Follow @1stWeekendClub on Twitter or Facebook to learn more.

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