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Araxi Longtable Series, Win Tickets

Thursday, August 4th, 2011 — 3:13pm PDT
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Araxi Restaurant, a star of Whistler’s restaurant scene, is hosting the Araxi Longtable series at North Arm Farm in Pemberton August 27 and September 11, 2011.

Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C.

A “longtable” meal is exactly what it sounds like – a meal served to a large group at a long table – but this this series will also see that table sitting in the middle of a field at North Arm Farm (driving home the point of “farm to table” cooking).

Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C. Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C.

Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C. Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C.

The afternoon will start with a tour of the family-run North Arm Farm with proprietor Jordan Sturdy. Then, Chef James Walt (of Araxi) will use dozens of ingredients sourced from the farm and the Pemberton Valley in order to prepare a 4-course menu. Beef from the pastures of Pemberton Meadows, daily-catches from the coastal fishery, BC’s best wines, and more.

John and I enjoy Araxi so much that I created a tag for it on my site (where you can see all of my posts about Araxi at once). Chef James Walt’s creations are always fresh, locally-sourced, and bursting with flavour. We attended the Araxi Longtable on July 30th and once again had an amazing experience.

Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C. Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C.

Over 90 people were at our table, many couples from Whistler and Pemberton and a few visitors hailing from California and even Ohio. Everything is served family-style so you get to know your neighbours and wines are constantly being refilled and refreshed.

Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C.
North Arm Zucchini Flowers
Stuffed with Okanagan goat cheese, with heirloom tomatoes, Root Down organic greens, red pepper vinaigrette.
Wine pairing: Mission Hill Perpetua, 2008

Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C.
Cherry Wood Hot Smoked Barclay Sound Sockeye Salmon
With roasted North Arm beets, English pea and green tomato salsa.
Wine pairing: Mission Hill Quatrain, 2007

Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C.
Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef
Crispy beef cheek fritter, pepper and rosemary roasted sirloin with North Arm rainbow chard and baby carrots.
Wine pairing: Mission Hill Oculus, 2004

Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C.
North Arm Farm Strawberries & Okanagan Cherries
Strawberry ice cream dipped in dark chocolate and Agassiz hazelnut financier with Okanagan apricots.
Wine pairing: Mission Hill Late Harvest Riesling, 2005

The wine pairings were spot-on but we enjoyed the Quatrain the best (very smooth). The zucchini flowers are something I could eat every day (crunchy and fresh yet creamy on the inside), the salmon was deliciously smoked, and I have to say the beef cheek fritter was a real surprise. Crunchy on the outside and the slow-cooked pieces of shredded meat on the inside were tender and moist. Chef Walt knows how to combine textures and flavours into the most interesting and unique packages on your plate.

Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C. Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C.

Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C. Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C.

This spectacular meal is enjoyed outdoors and tickets are $160 all-inclusive (4-course menu, wine, tax, gratuity). Return executive transportation from Whistler Village is available for $35 per person, including tax.

If you would like to attend and to experience stunning scenery and farm-fresh ingredients, here’s how you can enter to win two tickets from me (valued at $320) for the either August 27th or September 11th (winner’s choice). Each evening will have a different featured winery for pairings.

  • Leave a comment on this post or name your favourite local ingredient (for cooking or baking) (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • I entered to win tickets to the #AraxiLongtable series from @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 9:00am Wednesady, August 17, 2011. Must be 19 years of age or older to enter and win. Please enjoy responsibly and plan a safe ride home. Return executive transportation from Whistler Village is available for $35 per person, including tax.

    Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, B.C.

    All photos in this post were taken for by John Bollwitt. You can view more photos from our evening at North Arm Farm in his Flickr set.

    Update The winner is Helen!

    Disclosure: As with all of my contests and posts, I was not paid to write this or offer this giveaway. However, our experience was compliments of Araxi.


    1. Meghan says:

      Favourite local ingredient would have to be spot prawns. Fresh-grilled, with just about anything on top!

    2. Chris says:

      Local swiss chard is the best!

    3. Meghan says:

      Favourite local ingredient would have to be spot prawns (grilled, with just about anything on top!) when it’s the season, but Rossdown Farms chicken and Sloping Hill meats aren’t far behind!

    4. Karina says:

      Oh wow, I love that Araxi sources all their food locally, I would very much like to go to this.

    5. Erin says:

      I love cooking with Richmond berries!

    6. Jeremy says:

      We just picked zucchini from our garden, so delicious!

    7. Maryanne says:

      Wow! The scenery looks amazing and and the meal looks delicious! I would love to go!

    8. RAchel says:

      Would love to experience this with my husband

    9. Ruth Hartnup says:

      I have never seen blackberries as big and juicy as the local BC blackberries. They’re almost wasted in a pie or crumble. Almost…

    10. Beautiful setting, beautiful food!

    11. Jen says:

      I love local strawberries, one of my favourite ingredients to use in summer salads and desserts ๐Ÿ™‚ This event would be spectacular!

    12. Shawn says:

      My favorite local ingredient is kale that has been coming in from Aldergrove that is being sold at Whole Foods. So fresh and tender and has been delicious in my smoothie.

    13. Summer says:

      Blackberries!!! and spot prawns. and mussels.

    14. Cameron says:

      What an amazing way to enjoy a meal.
      My favourite local ingredient has to be a freshly caught Salmon.

    15. Sanaz says:

      My favourite local ingredient is Salmon

    16. Andrew says:

      I’d love to go this dinner. My favorite BC local ingredient is spot-prawns.

    17. Lauren says:

      I love fresh blackberries from the Sunshine Coast! They’re amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

    18. Stephanie says:

      Local organic strawberries are my favourite! I love Araxi so much!

    19. Vivian says:

      Sablefish! mmmm.. sooo good ๐Ÿ™‚

    20. Stv says:

      My favourite local ingredient is whatever the fresh catch is down at the granville island docks. yum fresh fish.

    21. Raspberries and Blackberries from my garden!

    22. Jill says:

      I love Pemberton. It’s my relaxing getaway from the city. My favorite local ingredient is sockeye salmon! If you are there again, stay at the Pemberton Valley B and B/winery. It has a view of Mount Currie that you could stare at for hours. I would love to go back for this long table!

    23. Brenda says:

      My favourite local ingredient changes depending on season. Spring is spot prawns, summer is strawberries, fall is apples and winter is potatoes.

    24. Cliff says:

      Local mushrooms are great, especially morels and chanterelles.

    25. SW says:

      Local seafood is just fantastic, but my favourite is sockeye salmon!

    26. A.J. says:

      When spot prawns are in season, they are the best local/sustainable ingredient! Love them!

    27. EC says:

      spot prawn season is my FAVORITE. juicy, fresh and succulent.

    28. Jade says:

      blueberries–in salads, in pies, as jam

    29. KWL says:

      Heirloom tomatoes. On toasted sourdough with mayo and a touch of salt.

    30. tralala19 says:

      Does wine count as an ingredient?! For summer, I love love love fresh blueberries – shake ’em or bake ’em ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for this opportunity– Araxi is positively my fave restaurant — I’ve had heaven in a meal there many times before and the long table experience just seems lovely.

    31. tracy says:

      the delicious green beans from my own garden!

    32. Johanie says:

      My favourite ingredient is a splash of BC wine! I love putting a little bit of white or red wine in my dishes as a final touch. A glass in hand is also a must when cooking. One of my new favourite is Road 13 Old Vines Chenin Blanc. Mmmm!

    33. My FAVOURITE local ingredient is blueberries; I’ve been putting them on everything!

    34. moira says:

      Any of the amazing, local meats available at Big Lou’s butcher shop in railtown

    35. Kevin says:

      Anything in my backyard garden. ๐Ÿ™‚

    36. Stephanie M. says:

      love the freshly grown BC berries from….my rooftop garden! ๐Ÿ™‚

    37. Tiffany says:

      Your photos are amazing. The colours of everything is so vivid.

    38. Tavia says:

      Yes please! Would love to attend this! Mmmmm…local spot prawns….

    39. Kate says:

      That looks so so so fun (and tasty!) I love popping by the Vancouver Farmers’ Markets on Wednesday at Main St Station. Right now, I get pounds of blueberries to freeze!

    40. Steven Barringham says:

      Local blueberries. Had a wonderful dinner at Araxi’s 2 weeks ago. Attending a longtable dinner would be a fantastic way to end the summer.

    41. Wy says:

      I love blueberries!!! I’m happy they’re finally in season ๐Ÿ™‚

    42. Ian Y says:

      I love baking with gooseberries!

    43. Grace M says:

      cooking with local raspberries while making sweet or savory dishes! Mmmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

    44. elsa says:

      spectacular pictures! my favorite local ingredient: corn!

    45. Janna says:

      Wild Coho salmon are probably the most beautiful of BC’s local, fresh ingredients. To be honest I hated salmon until I moved to BC and learned just how beautiful it can be, especially raw!

    46. Christine says:

      Looks like fun, yes please!

    47. Mark says:

      those pics make me hungry…

    48. Michelle W. says:

      This looks like an amazing event!

      My favourite local ingredient has to be the lettuce grown in my own garden!

    49. wono99 says:

      looks delicious, would love to go.

    50. Alicia says:

      I think local rhubarb is delicious!! Love to bake with it

    51. Adam says:

      I love blueberries they are so good

    52. Sunshine G says:

      Definitely BC salmon!

    53. Pearl says:

      Love sockeye salmon and beets!

    54. Lou says:

      Mmm local squash is so good! I would absolutely love to attend!!

    55. Jamie says:

      The salmon looks amazing, if I don’t get to go I’ll have to make some myself.

    56. andrew says:

      Gotta agree again with the salmon..

    57. Coral says:

      Backyard BC Blueberries!

    58. Yutaka says:

      looks awesome

    59. Alakitten says:


    60. Paul Buikema says:

      Sounds like a great evening!

    61. Michael Kwan says:

      Pork from Pemberton farms!

    62. Christina says:

      Would love, love, LOVE to experience the Araxi Longtable! It looks amazing.

    63. Diane says:

      I love our local berries, especially the blueberries.

    64. WendyP says:

      Little Qualicum Cheeseworks – YUM

    65. Tracy says:

      Local mushrooms…with garlic!!

    66. Caroline says:

      I love our salmon! And Cherry Wood Hot Smoked Barclay Sound Sockeye Salmon sounds awwwwwesome!

    67. Asha says:

      These photos are stunning. Would love to take part in this

    68. Raia says:

      Fruit!! What a great idea, I love Araxi.

    69. Rebecca says:

      local strawberries and corn

    70. Jessica says:

      Local blueberries right now are spectacular!

    71. Noella King says:


      Beautiful photos.

    72. Phoenix says:

      This looks amazing! My favourite local ingredients are Oakanagan peaches!

    73. Gladys says:

      My secret baking ingredient? Toffee bits. Makes everything better!

    74. Gladys says:

      Shoot. Wrote w/o reading the instructions properly. Let’s try this again.

      My favourite LOCAL ingredient is delicious and juicy blueberries and strawberries. Especially when I can pick them straight from my friends’ backyards!

    75. Tracy says:

      I love sablefish ๐Ÿ˜€

    76. I <3 Sockeye Salmon ๐Ÿ˜€

    77. Nicole says:

      Favourite local ingredient is any type of berry. I am addicted to fruit and love using berries wherever I can.

    78. Johanna says:

      The thought of this dinner makes my mouth water.

    79. Lindsay says:

      I love local fruits and veggies so much that I get local organics delivered to me from (totally recommend!!)

      In my last delivery I ordered a cream cheese from pane e formaggio which is to die for…mmmm!

    80. Lawrence says:

      Local fresh berries are incredible

    81. Tracy says:

      Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef!

    82. vicky says:

      Working at Rain Grill last summer I was fortunate to serve so many local organic dishes, one of my favorites was the array of fresh tomatoes served with balsamic, fresh basil and fresh organic boccacini yum..miss it.

    83. Carol says:

      So hard to choose, but it would have to be heirloom tomatoes. Yummy!

    84. Joanna says:

      My favourite local (really local) ingredients are the tomatoes from my summer garden! Yum!

    85. Julia Falci says:

      Wow! This looks delicious!
      I love Fraser Valley berries ๐Ÿ™‚

    86. Maryanne says:


    87. Laura says:

      Tomatoes for sure! Absolutely delicious.

    88. Anita B says:

      Wow… How to choose just one wonderful local ingredient. I am going with sweet, crunchy, healthy HAZELNUTS. So great chopped and sprinkled on Goat’s Pride yogurt mixed with juicy local berries (of which I am freezing masses for wintertime smoothies!)

    89. Rhian says:

      Me please!

    90. Vanessa says:

      Oh man, what a great prize. I am very envious of those people in the pictures. My favourite ingredient to cook with at this time of year are the Blueberries.

    91. Lauren says:

      Anita’s Organic Flour. It’s local and organic and it makes great pie crusts and breads.

    92. Maktaaq says:

      The batch of blueberries I got from Delta! I have a great recipe for blueberry rice pudding. ๐Ÿ™‚

    93. Lisa says:

      Toss up between local berries (on anything!) and local vino (with anything!)

    94. Robyn says:

      This looks super delicious! I’ve been enjoying way too many local blueberries that I’m surprised I haven’t turned into Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    95. Lindsay Rowan says:


    96. Maria says:

      Amazing! That table is almost as long as some of my family dinners. I would love to be a guest, rather than a hostess at this longtable.

    97. Marline says:

      Looks like an amazing experience! One favourite ingredient of mine? Mushrooms!

    98. Cristina says:

      Qualicum Bay Scallops!

    99. Dave K. says:

      Blackberries. Now if only their season could be extended.

    100. Natalie says:

      I love the Okanagan cherries!

    101. Tamara says:

      Oh I’d love to treat my friend to such an amazing food event. When I moved to BC she introduced me to the dining scence and the flavours based on local ocean wise seafood. So my first thought is the local seafood. It’s her birthday and this would be a night where I could give her something back. She deserves it.

    102. Laura says:

      Salmon!!! Oh this would be too good!

    103. Brenda says:

      Cherries from the Okanagan!

    104. Albert C says:

      BC Spotted Prawns!

    105. Sherry says:

      Has to be the spot prawns though scallops from the island are a close second.

    106. Frances says:

      okanagan cherries

    107. Ric says:


    108. tracy says:

      o gosh too many to name! i’ll go with blueberries ๐Ÿ™‚

    109. Jodi says:

      Spot prawns!

    110. Helen says:

      Salmon! Yummy and fresh.

    111. Ray says:

      spot prawns are the bomb!

    112. Katie says:

      I would have to say anything from my 1st ever vegetable patch this year tastes great!

    113. Hayley says:

      mmm has to be salmon

    114. heather B says:

      I love cooking with spot prawns! I hope I win!

    115. Christine says:

      Mmmmm…. My Favs? Spot prawns or blueberries!

    116. Cayenne says:

      In southern california my favorite local ingredient for both baking and cooking has got to be FIGS!

    117. Aileen R says:

      I love the local feta on everything from pizza to salads.

    118. Craig says:

      I would love to go to this! My fav local ingredient is Morels!

    119. Shannon says:

      win win win

    120. Bree says:

      It’s gotta be the mighty Pemberton Potatoe!!!!

    121. Elain Evans says:

      My favouite local ingredient to cook with right now are huckleberries, my daughter and I have made some amazing pies with them.

    122. Emily says:

      My favourite local ingredient is blueberries!

    123. Nat says:


    124. Christine says:

      Spot prawns!

    125. Fila says:


    126. Janette says:

      Having lived in Australia and South East Asia, nothing, i repeat NOTHING compares to BC Salmon!

    127. stephanie says:

      I love Blueberries. My best girlfriend is a complete foodie and runs her own small catering company. I would love to give her these tickets as a birthday present. It would be so special for her. Thanks

    128. Sammi says:

      Wow… this looks like an incredible experience!!! Fave local ingredient is a tie between Salmon and Blueberries… especially this time of year!

    129. Marissa says:

      oh how i would love to attend.
      Right now my favourite local produce is blueberries. Blueberry salsa has been a staple in my house!

    130. Mark says:

      I always enjoy fresh Halibut from the waters off our coast.

    131. Richard Loat says:

      Not a huge fish fan, but agree that Sable fish is amazing.

    132. Caty says:

      Mmm. This is drool-worthy. Favorite local ingredient has to be beets… roasted, pickled, slaw, any way at all!

    133. Karen Z says:

      By far, favourite local ingredient of the moment is Swiss Chard. I go through a bunch every second night, thus many trips to the farmer’s market.

    134. Caitlin says:

      Fresh raspberries in the summer and then the homemade jam all year round.. delicious!

    135. myra says:

      organic beets straight from my mom’s community garden plot at Crescent Beach..i love beets!

    136. North Arm farms is one of my favorite places! I have drooled over the pictures and descriptions of the long table meals there for the past 2 years. I am headed up there this weekend to pick strawberries. I would have to say my hands down favorite BC fresh ingredients are Golden Beets & Fingerling Potatoes (a close second), both are amazing in a fresh Nicoise salad.

    137. Parker says:

      The berries are a must-have from my Farmers Market adventures, and I’m loving the locally raised pork available too!

    138. Crystal says:

      My favorite local ingredient would have to be blueberries!

    139. Virginia says:

      Favourite has got to be SALMON!

    140. tina says:

      it would be rainbow trout. yum!

    141. Angie says:

      Blueberries! Can’t get enough of them ๐Ÿ™‚

    142. Carmen says:

      A-MAZE-ING experience, please pick me!!

    143. Tawcan says:

      Definitely have to be raspberries. So delicious! Pick me Miss 604! ๐Ÿ˜€

    144. candice says:

      My favourite local ingredient is the most humble & perfect ~ fig …its a taste of heaven

    145. kevin says:

      it’s simply SORREL – My mom makes the best “spring sorrel soup”

    146. Jeff Salzsauler says:

      Biodynamic apples. Totally worth the hype, thinly sliced over puff pastry with a light glaze of maple syrup. Or freshly foraged boletus mushrooms, with thyme and thingly sliced garlic, a touch of chicken stock and some good olive oil, over Mikuni’s aged arborio risotto.

    147. Matthew Dayco says:

      This would be amazing. Looks delicious.

    148. Henry says:

      Favourite local ingredient would be Sockeye Salmon. Can be sushimi or grilled.

    149. Donna L says:

      my fave local ingredient is raspberries and blackberries! Going to pick them myself makes it even more rewarding. So delish in smoothies and pies/tarts!

    150. Katie says:

      How can you beat fresh raspberries … would be amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

    151. tania says:

      Strawberries are my fav local ingredient, what a beautiful setting!

    152. rino says:

      Salmon is my fav local!

    153. belinda says:

      Wow the food looks amazing.

    154. Nora says:

      This looks like a beautiful event and I’d love to attend!

    155. Jennifer says:

      Blackberries ๐Ÿ˜‰

    156. CF says:

      Blackberries! Though they are a little late this year. Nom nom nom.

    157. Misty says:

      spot prawns!

    158. Susan says:


    159. lor says:

      mmm – blackberries

    160. Grace says:

      Yummy! My local favourite is sweet chilliwack corn!

    161. Mae says:

      Favourite local ingredients are BC blueberries and sweet Chilliwack corn. Mmmmmm.

    162. Rikushix says:

      Locally caught BC sockeye. Bliss. But nothing wrong with some sweet BC blueberries – used to work on a blueberry farm for several summers and I never got tired of them!

    163. Lorelei says:

      This looks like a spectacular experience. It would be amazing to attend!

    164. Natalie says:

      I love local blueberries! I just bought a 10lb box (which I didn’t realize is so huge) and have made probably eight different things with them both savory and sweet! Yum!

    165. Josh says:

      These days, the strawberries and mint have been beautiful and bountiful.

    166. Josh says:

      BC strawberries and mint!

    167. kelly says:

      Obviously unoriginal but I’m loving blueberries right now!

    168. Sarah says:

      Definitely salmon. When I organized a long table dinner focused on local ingredients it was the focus.

    169. Melissa S. Scott says:

      Salmon – I’ve enjoyed it on every Birthday since I was a little girl; and I’ve kept my Grandmother’s Salmon Loaf recipe alive for decades. ๐Ÿ™‚

    170. Ashleigh says:

      Salmon and local blueberries. TD4.

    171. Ali says:

      I Love Heirloom tomatoes!!

    172. Elaine says:

      Definitely all the BC berries. This would be a memorable dinner.

    173. Shiraz shahid says:

      I love cooking BC Salmon

    174. Paula says:

      Okanagan peaches for a summer french toast breakfast.

    175. Chris Walts says:

      My favourite local ingredient is berries, any berry will do!

    176. annemarie slater says:

      I would lovvve to attend local blueberries and spot prawns fav.

    177. Kim Pike says:

      Local berries for breakfast – or any type of seafood from our local BC waters!!!

    178. pete says:

      Lovely setting. Any mosquitos?

    179. Plo says:

      Salmon and prawns

    180. rose says:


    181. Aria says:

      Figs from my garden in Vancouver.

    182. A H says:


    183. alo says:

      pole beans from home garden

    184. Cassandra says:

      Love blueberries!

    185. Christa says:

      Crinkly kale is my fav right now. So perfect for making healthy kale chips at home. Yum, yum

    186. Mariella says:

      This place looks amazing!

    187. Tammy says:

      wow, what an amazing experience this would be. I just moved from Toronto to Vancouver and can think of no other way to experience “farm to table” food then this. I’m pretty new to this world of whole foods and desperatly wanting to learn more about the benefits of what we eat. I would LOVE to go to this dinner ๐Ÿ™‚

    188. Nothing beats local potatoes for me! So much yum!

    189. cheryl says:

      I would love to win this for my parents 32 wedding anniversary. My favourite ingredient is butter

    190. Serena Debolt says:

      I can’t get enough of the Chilliwack corn – its so sweet and I haven’t been able to find any other corn that tastes so good.

    191. Deidre says:

      Love those fresh local berries and corn when its in season! Wow…what a great prize!

    192. Vince says:

      Love a fresh local chicken and veggies on the BBQ!

    193. Eunhee says:

      Local berries and fresh produce.

    194. fresh local blueberries for muffins on a sunny sunday morning!

    195. Tom says:


    196. Janet says:

      Morels – sauteed with a little sherry and fresh thyme on toasted brioche. Sublime!

    197. BJ says:

      Blueberries, hands down!

    198. Amy says:

      Sweet peas. I love fresh peas in the pod. Just shell it and pop it like M&Ms

    199. Jane says:

      i like to use bc wines for cooking. often i use white wine, sometimes also red wine.

    200. Lynn Montes says:

      sooooooooooooo hard to think of just one!! Dungeness crab, salt spring island lamb, spotted prawns, chilliwack corn, langley raspberries, lulu island blueberries, pemberton potatoes ohhhhhhh mmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! What a great event this is!

    201. jean says:

      thai basil from my garden!

    202. Nick says:

      Me and my cousin would love to go.

    203. Wendy says:

      potatoes, berries and chilliwack corn!!!

    204. jeff says:

      Local swiss chard. my wife uses it in her philipino soups…so good.

    205. Jenn says:

      Burstingly ripe blueberries

    206. Jack says:

      My fav local ingredient would probably be salmon smoked or seared ๐Ÿ™‚

    207. Chris says:

      Favorite local ingredient is definitely BC Spot Prawns!! Amazing with pretty much any local produce you can imagine.

    208. Kristyn says:

      My favorite local ingredient Qualicum cheese, in my mind you can’t be a fabulous cheese plate!

    209. Michelle says:

      Local BC blackberries, straight off the bush!

    210. Gerald says:

      Local blueberries can’t be beat – they are good with cereal, yogurt, in muffins, in a green salad, in a sauce over various meats, and on top of ice cream.
      I also like spot prawns. Must try blueberries with spot prawns some time.

    211. Heidi says:


    212. Kathy says:

      BC Salmon! We are so spoiled because our seafood is so fresh!

    213. Andrew says:


    214. My faivorite local cooking ingredient are red peppers from pembertonia. Those red peppers graced my table this evening as quinoa stuffed peppers, delish!

    215. aylo says:

      Zucchini from my garden.

    216. ying says:

      Scarlet runner beans. Delicious!

    217. Dilara says:

      Spot prawns!

    218. Debra says:

      I love local raspberries!

    219. Julia says:

      Fresh, local cucumbers are the best – especially long english cucucmbers!

    220. Andrew C. says:

      Love local blueberries!

    221. Sunhee says:

      Nothing beats BC blueberries!

    222. Ronald says:

      White chocolate

    223. Carly says:

      My favourite local ingredient is fresh greens picked fresh from my garden plot – so delish!

    224. AC says:

      Sockeye salmon is the best.

    225. Jackie says:

      We have an amazing selection of local fresh ingredients for cooking, I don’t think I can pick a favourite. I do however love our blueberries and salmon. You can’t beat our local salmon!

    226. oana says:

      I would LOVE tickets!! My favourite local ingredient is the Urban Grains CSA triticale flour!

    227. jenn says:

      I LOVE berry picking in pemby!

    228. Daphne says:

      Local blueberries are the best.

    229. john says:


    230. vicky says:

      the fresh berries are so so good! A smoothies dream come true – Mmmm

    231. Tara says:

      Berries and prawns!!

    232. Karen says:

      What an amazing event this would be! I love BC’s sweet corn.

    233. Joanne says:

      Fresh dark BC cherries, organic of course… oh my mouth waters at the thought of the many tasty things one could do with a bowl-full!

    234. linda says:

      bc berries, salmon, asparagus, seafood and wine ๐Ÿ˜‰

    235. Jeanine says:

      Local cherry tomatoes…roasted in the oven!

    236. Andrea says:

      This looks amazing!

    237. Caresse says:

      Fresh herbs from my garden would have to be my favourite!

    238. Romanda says:

      Mom’s cucumber fresh from the garden! yummy ๐Ÿ™‚

    239. Amrit says:

      It’s been said before, but I’d have to repeat – spot prawns!! Soo delicious when in season.

    240. Pat Tobin says:

      Would love to go. I like to use wild fennel to make a great braised arctic char. Yummy.

    241. Shae says:

      Love the concept and would love the opportunity to partake!

    242. Kim says:

      Definitely local blueberries!

    243. Mike says:

      Gotta go with the Spot Prawns!

    244. Dano says:

      Although I’m excited to taste the masterfully prepared bounty of local ingredients, my favorite ingredient is my lovely wife sitting beside me. We have traveled the world together hand in hand for nearly 20 years. She found this event and suggested it as a great way to celebrate my 50th birthday. We’re headed there from Springfield, Missouri in September. I hope you will introduce yourself if you attend.

    245. Angela says:


    246. Christine says:

      Blueberries for scones

    247. Liam says:

      Heirloom tomatoes are great and my fave!

    248. Ryan Exley says:

      Chilliwack Peaches and Cream Corn on the Cob. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

    249. Vivian says:

      BC hot house bell peppers all the way!

    250. Sarah Newton says:

      Pemby Potatoes FTW!
      Boiled, baked, mashed, chipped…even distilled into vodka!
      You can’t go wrong with such a versatile little golden nugget!

    251. Nat says:

      Candy cane beets!

    252. Emma says:

      Local blueberries and peaches!

    253. Michelle says:

      This looks AMAZING!!!!! I love local cherries ๐Ÿ™‚

    254. au says:

      peanut or vegetable oil(stir-fry green beans)

    255. Tanya Kozak says:

      Right now it is all about the fresh blueberries! Fave recipe: rinse by the handful and roll into your mouth.

    256. Heather says:

      Too many local favorites to choose from but Little Qualicum Cheeseworks is fantastic! Add some wine from the Okanagan and you’re set!

    257. Andree Janyk says:

      At this time of year I love cooking with blueberries – sauces, salads, deserts, shakes – and so much more.

    258. Lisa says:

      My favourite local ingredients are North Arm beets, patty pans and potatoes, of course!

    259. Kat says:

      Green figs from my back yard!

    260. gail whitworth says:

      Since Pemberton is famous for its potatoes, you have to try them. Combine various coloured nuggets and fingerlings with blueberries, locally grown green beans, kosher salt, olive oil, fresh dill,pressed garlic and you have a potato salad to die for.

    261. Teresa says:


    262. Rina says:

      My favourite local ingredient is hazelnuts, they are significantly different when one grows them than when bought at the supermarket, oh, ya!

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