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Target Stores Come to BC

Friday, May 27th, 2011 — 9:59am PDT
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Back in January big box retailer Target bought out Zellers stores in Canada for $1.8 billion. Formerly a Hudson’s Bay Company property, select Zellers stores across the country will begin a changeover to become Target stores by 2013.

Target Springfield, VA
Photo credit: j.reed on Flickr

Announced yesterday, Zellers locations making the switch to Target in BC are:
Abbotsford Power Centre, Abbotsford
Metropolis at Metrotown, Burnaby
Discovery Harbour Shopping Centre, Campbell River
Cottonwood Mall, Chilliwack
Coquitlam Centre, Coquitlam
Driftwood Mall, Courtenay
Tamarack Mall, Cranbrook
Scottsdale Mall, Delta
Willowbrook Shopping Centre, Langley
Haney Place Mall, Maple Ridge
Nanaimo North Town Centre, Nanaimo
Pine Centre, Prince George
Oakridge Shopping Centre, Vancouver
Village Green Mall, Vernon
Tillicum Mall, Victoria

To many, Target has a better image than other big box or discount stores. It has been a destination for well-priced clothing, swimwear, toys, grocery items, and more for years. Even when I moved to Boston in 2002 I took full advantage of their particle-board bedroom sets and ‘bed in a bag’ bargains to furnish my room. They have brand-name items but, as you may usually find across the border, at better price points than you can find in Canada (even with a poor exchange rate at times). Zellers on the other hand, has also always been a Canadian staple. Gardening supplies, toys, shampoo, stuff for the kids, and everything in between that you could stuff into a shopping cart.

Some of the Target brands that you can pick up in Bellis Fair may not be available in Canada though, due to different suppliers and regulations. I know that Keira won’t be able to pick up her Jif peanut butter and I won’t be able to get Dunkin Donuts coffee beans for my mom. You also won’t see boxes of wine in the grocery aisle. With all of this, are Canadians going to miss Zellers? After all, it has been American-owned since 2008.
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Update May 25, 2012 The official list of BC stores has been confirmed:

Abbotsford – Abbotsford Power Centre
Burnaby – Metropolis at Metrotown
Campbell River – Discovery Harbour Shopping Centre
Chilliwack – Cottonwood Mall
Coquitlam – Coquitlam Centre
Courtenay –Driftwood Mall
Cranbrook – Tamarack Mall
Delta – Scottsdale Mall
Kamloops – Sahili Centre Mall
Kelowna – Orchard Park Plaza
Langley – Willowbrook Shopping Centre
Maple Ridge – Haney Place Mall
Nanaimo – Nanaimo North Town Centre
Prince George – Pine Centre
Surrey – Surrey Place/Central City
Vernon – Village Green Mall
Victoria – Hillside Shopping Centre
Victoria – Tillicum Centre

Source: News1130 & Target.

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  1. Tyler Ingram says:

    Zellers has definitely fallen in image over the years. The one in Maple Ridge is always dirty, messy and cluttered. I’m glad that Target is stepping in, wonder how that particular mall (Haney Place) will do with a Target instead of a Zellers. They were supposed to get a LARGE sum of money to upgrade the mall too. Perhaps with the Target, they will be able to renovate it?

  2. Alan Hawker says:

    Zellers at Scottsdale Mall has been pretty bad for ages, so anything that can improve the store and make it more presentable and enticing must be a good thing. It is probably sad to see Zeller’s going, although I haven’t much sentimentality for it as I have only been in Canada for about 18 months.

  3. Dave Roy says:

    This may show how long it’s been since I’ve been by there, but did the Zellers at Brentwood Mall in Burnaby close some time ago? Since I don’t see it on the list above, I assume it did.

  4. Sharon says:

    The Zellers in my city is awful. I don’t know how it’s managed to stay open this long. I’m loyal to some Canadian companies, but Zellers has always struck me as being rather dumpy. I go into the States fairly regularly and Target is always on my “must visit” list whenever I’m there, but I’m very excited to have it nearby.

  5. Candice says:

    I’m torn. My mom has been with company for 20 years this Spring. They have no idea if they will have jobs, if they have to re-apply. Nobody knows anything… so in the long run, how many are out of jobs? My mom is one of the most valuable employees at her store, but chances are they will get rid of the full timers, and keep the part timers. Mom is another 15yrs away from retirement, what is she supposed to do? I love Target, I love Zellers, but I can’t help but not look forward to this until I know my mom will have a job still once Target takes over.

  6. Sherri says:

    Hoping that the addition of Target will help revitalize downtown Maple Ridge.

  7. Sherri says:

    Hoping that the addition of Target will help revitalize downtown Maple Ridge.

  8. Sky says:

    I used to shop at Zellers for basics and bargains but in the past several years, I much prefer Walmart. Target has such a massive selection and will offer everything I used to get at Zellers and so much more. So many Vancouverites go accross the border adn shop at the target at Bellisfair. Now we can keep that $$$ in Canada. I say…bring it!

  9. fotoeins says:

    When I moved to Minneapolis in 2003, only then did I fully realize the importance of Target to the midwest. Having just moved from Germany, I experienced my first case of “reverse culture shock”, paralyzed by all that choice in the aisles, and standing numbly in the downtown Minneapolis Target at Nicollet and 9th.

  10. Giggles says:

    Personally I love to shop Canadian when ever possible, unfortunately Zellers has not run well for many years, shortages of stock, items in disarray, lack of customer service, and poor quality items. So I welcome Target to take their place.

  11. Lori says:

    Unfortunately, Zellers is cheapo crapola. Target is innovative and fun – can’t wait for them to open!!

  12. Fryonic says:

    In the past year Target has made substantial donations to anti-LGBT politicians. Google for more information.

  13. Gleydson says:

    Maybe now Zeller’s will be taken care of properly… Do not miss it and probably won’t.

  14. gdanjou says:

    love the idea that zellers is been taken over that arm of the HBC ,has been going down in staff autitude . and the type of sales they have ,its almost like they don’t what to sell you the merhandize they stock,with the 10per cent off sales from time to time ,the cutting back on the on the seniors menue,rasing the prices and getting less,over all just terrible customer service, GEE I hope these staff member’s are not rehired,,there are some good sales staff but only a few ,target or any other canadian company, just give us decent service,

  15. Marc says:

    Just heard that target is moving to the old HMV on robson!? Does anyone know if this is true?

  16. gerard d'anjou says:

    I have lived in vancouver all my life,what this has any thing about zellers ,I have no idea,lol,looks like the zellers at the brentwood store will stay open until the end of the year ,and no ,target will not be moving in,,pitty..I like the mall ,going there since they opened in the early 60’s and now with new owners a far east concern owning the mall ,it looks like the tenant now have their leasees ending.,it that one E or two][will not be renewed,the owner want ‘new blood ,as it were,,

  17. Vanessa says:

    Hum so Brentwood’s not switching over?

  18. Alan Hawkrt says:

    I have know knowledge of target but the Zellers in Scottsdale is so unloved by its staff. The place is a tip. I hope target turn it around ad make it a nice place to shop as at the moment it is filthy.

  19. Sandra says:

    Hands down, Target is a great improvement over Zellers. Zellers has always been cluttered and poorly serviced. I’ve always associated Zellers with cheap, not value. So glad a well-run company like Target is coming in… better quality, service and value.

  20. Melanie says:

    For some people the change will be painful like when they change Woolco’s for Walmart. But i think it’s gonna be better. Almost Zellers are dirt, old and the prices are not so much good. I just hope put the feet in a Target when i’m gonna back in Quebec this summer and see by myself that change.

  21. veesfan1 says:

    zellers was dumpy but not all stores but most were definitely gonna be different with zellers gone but target is going to be good

  22. mraven says:

    Yay! they are coming to my town. Zeller’s was awful, Target appears to be creative and fun!

  23. mickey schwanke says:

    well i can t wait for target to come to cranbrook we need a store here for allfamily shopping now i dont have to go to kalispell thanks target happy shopping all

  24. Bill Gates says:

    I won’t miss the Zellers stores, as they have deteriorated over the years. The staff (in Richmond) was unfriendly, not very knowledgeable.

    Hopefully, Target will be better, with better merchandise.

  25. Y adams says:

    Anyone know a firm date as to when target opens in Kelowna bc. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  26. Boo says:

    The new Campbell River Target: WAY to many staff standing around looking bored because there are so few customers, which made sense when one bossy boss got in my face for taking pictures of vacuum cleaners so i could easily look up different brands online to research which is best.

    We turned around and went to the Walmart up the road. They were happy for me to take pics for research purposes.

    Target missed the mark. And Walmart sold me a vacuum cleaner.

    Not likely to return to Target.

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