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Sequoia Restaurants Patio Contest

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 — 9:15am PDT
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It’s been four years since I wrote my first “Downtown Vancouver Patio Guide” and since then dozens of new eateries, cafes, and lounges have opened up in the open air. When the springtime sun shines and the cherry blossoms pop, patio dining is on everyone’s mind. Relax at lunch, have a romantic dinner, people-watch, or enjoy panoramic vistas.

Sequoia Patio Banner

The Sequoia Company of Restaurants are fortunate to operate some of the very best patios that our fair city has to offer and to celebrate patio season, they are giving a $100 gift certificate to a lucky reader.

All you need to do is let us know which of their patios is your favourite. Leave a comment or publish one of these updates to Twitter (including your favourite patio’s handle).

Teahouse in Stanley Park
Website, my blog post
Located at Ferguson Point along Stanley Park Drive it was recently voted “Most Romantic” restaurant in the Georgia Straight’s readers’ choice awards.

I entered to win $100 for @The_Teahouse from @Miss604 in the #SequoiaPatio contest

Seasons in the Park (at QE Park)
Website, my blog post
Enjoy panoramic views of the city from the top of Queen Elizabeth Park where they host their popular Seasons Winebar series.

I entered to win $100 for @SeasonsinQEPark from @Miss604 in the #SequoiaPatio contest

Cardero’s (Coal Harbour)
Perched right above the water at Coal Harbour they host hockey nights, prime rib night, and fresh oyster specials.

I entered to win $100 for @Carderos_Van from @Miss604 in the #SequoiaPatio contest

The Sandbar (Granville Island)
The Sandbar also picked up a Georgia Straight readers’ choice award for “Best Restaurant to Hang Out on a Rainy Day” but it’s patio along the bustling False Creek waterway is a highlight on Granville Island.

I entered to win $100 for @The_Sandbar from @Miss604 in the #SequoiaPatio contest

I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 12:00pm on April 25th and they will receive $100 to dine at the Sequoia patio of their choice.

Update The winner is Iain – congratulations!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Oooh Tea House by far. Elegant, steeped in history and tucked into one of the world’s most beautiful urban parks.

  2. Alex says:

    I like Cardero’s. Their squid is awesome! Do you only give prizes to people with Twitter accounts? It seems like it… just saying

  3. Rebecca says:

    My entries are all loaded into a spreadsheet, assigned a number, and drawn at random. If I go back and look at the source of entries for each winner I’d say far more (more than half) are from comments. Winners are announced on my site however if I have several who were from Twitter (like 3 of the 6 Video Games Live winners) I’ll pop a note on Twitter.

    I hope that addresses your concern.



  4. NN says:

    I love the Teahouse patio for brunch!

  5. Sanaz says:

    I like Cardero’s so casual yet elegant if you need to impress someone!

  6. Emma says:

    I’ve never been to Sandbar, but I love the location!

  7. Ashley says:

    The Sandbar is the one I heart the most. Perfect location!

  8. LisaB says:

    Cardero’s is the only one I’ve been to and it was lovely. I’ve heard people say wonderful things about Seasons too, it’s on my list of places to try.

  9. Erin says:

    The Teahouse is my favourite. I wanted to have my reception there, but my guest list was too big 🙂

  10. jeff says:

    My favorite is the Teahouse, but Sandbar is a close 2nd.

  11. Tyler says:

    I haven’t been to any of them, but I would love to try out Cardero’s! Nothing like a on-the-water patio!

  12. Tawcan says:

    The only place I’ve been is the Sandbar but would love to try out Cardero’s.

  13. Dee says:

    Teahouse is definitely my favourite place – had my wedding reception last August there, the service is impeccable and the food is delish!

  14. Chantel I. says:

    I love, love, love the Sandbar. The first time I had swordfish was on their patio. Delicious!

  15. John Mah says:

    Loved sandbar !

  16. Javier says:

    Carderos is a favorite of mine!

  17. Beni says:

    LOVE Seasons in the Park!

  18. Anthony says:

    It’s Sandbar for me. You can’t load up afterwards at the market at the other locatons.

  19. Meghan W says:

    Cardero’s is my pick.

  20. Alicia says:

    Love Seasons in the park! My dad, and lots of his family members, worked there in the 80’s and he served the Queen, he was a waiter at the restaurant, when she visited Vancouver! Very cool. Best view!

  21. Rachel says:

    I love Seasons in the Park!

  22. Rowena says:

    The Sandbar patio is definitely my favorite! Nothing better than enjoying the sunset overlooking the bay!

  23. Barbara Gaspari says:

    Carderos rocks!

  24. Greg says:

    Definately Cardero’s with Stanley Park and great people watching.

  25. Natalie says:

    I love them all! I can’t decide! I love how Sequoia offers such a variance in their restaurants: Seasons = Upscale, Cardero’s = Casual, Sandbar = Very Vancouver!

    I will chose The Sandbar because of their risotto which is the definition of delicious.

    Thanks for the opportunity Rebecca!

  26. rino says:

    I like Cardero’s.

  27. tania says:

    Cardero’s is my favourite.

  28. chris says:

    Sandbar! It has it’s own bar, glass enclosure and blankets on all the chairs. It’s the most cosy patio in the city.

  29. Angela says:

    I like the Teahouse! It is cosy and romantic.

  30. Robin says:

    Love the Teahouse!

  31. Jane says:

    I think Teahouse is the best of all. Season in the Park’s patio is good too, but I like Teahouse better.

  32. Cassandra says:

    We love the Sandbar, part of a great day on Granville Island.

  33. Bons says:

    The Teahouse is my favorite. I can take a stroll in Stanley Park afterwards and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  34. Christina says:

    Ummm? The Sandbar~ duh!
    Amazing patio, atmosphere & food!
    <3 the Dungeness Crab Cakes with smoked red pepper coulis, lemon aïoli... & why not get the Dragon Boat Platter as well!? Filled with fried oysters, spring rolls, potstickers, yummy wok squid, delicious ribs. Perfect for "sharesies" with friends!

    Yes. The Sandbar is my choice for best patio.
    You really can't beat the location. Who doesn't love Granville Island!?

  35. I love patio at the Sandbar, great view and the food is great!

  36. Jen says:

    I love the Teahouse. You can make an afternoon out of it and walk all around the park. And, of course, the food is fantastic.

  37. Christine says:

    Love Carderos!

  38. Jen says:

    The Teahouse!! So gorgeous! Amazing view. Excellent service!

  39. Kathy says:

    I love eating at the Teahouse in the sunshine! Their ingredients are so fresh because they grow a lot of herbs and vegetables on site. Sitting on the patio, surrounded by fragrant herbs, breathing in the fresh air while looking across the sparkling water is one of my favorite summer things to do!

  40. Lesley says:

    Would love to go to Carderos, but I’ve never actually been to any of them so any would be a treat for me!

  41. laura says:

    sandbar! it’s so much fun to watch all the boats go by…

  42. Rosalind Enktaiya says:

    I love them all, especially the teahouse.

  43. Alana says:

    I entered to win $100 for @Carderos_Van from @Miss604 in the #SequoiaPatio contest

  44. Laureen says:

    I love the Sandbar patio – it’s a great way to start off the day on Granville Island!

  45. Ben says:

    Has to be the sandbar. I like the teahouse and sadly I haven’t actually been to Cardero’s (shame) but some of my best memories are hanging out on a hot summer day with friends taking in the view there.

  46. Julia says:

    The Sandbar is my favourite! I can’t wait for warmer evenings to go check it out again!

  47. Jarryd says:

    Seasons In The Park has the best view.

  48. Michelle Williamson says:

    I’d have to say Sandbar

  49. Chris says:

    I love watching the false creek ferries go by while sipping a mojito at Sandbar.

  50. phy says:

    The Teahouse is my favorite. View of the water is gorgeous!

  51. Tristen says:

    Sandbar, for sure. Love everything on Granville Island!

  52. Tracey Flattes says:

    Carderos….the best place to people watch!

  53. Eran Roubini says:

    My favorite is the Teahouse my wife and I had one of are first dates there over 20 years ago and I still remember the desert we had. A small pastry shaped like a swan filled with vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate.

  54. Ron says:

    Sandbar! Grab some fresh fruits and seafood at the market before heading home.

  55. Anne says:

    love Cardero’s!

  56. Nick says:

    Cardero’s mainly because it’s the only one I been to … maybe if I win I can check out a few of the others.

  57. Tracy says:

    I like teahouse!

  58. Vivian says:

    The Sandbar, hands down! Gorgeous location in Granville Island.

  59. Mary says:

    definitely sandbar. great view from the patio.

  60. Melanie says:

    It’s hard to choose, but I’d say the Teahouse is great for celebrations – we had one on their patio after my mother got her Canadian citizenship a few years ago, after almost 50 years as a landed immigrant…

  61. jeanie says:

    i love love cardero’s!! i always have such a fun time every time i’ve gone there! =D

  62. A.J. says:

    I love the Tea House! It would be so great to treat and de-stress my girlfriend with a nice meal there! Fantastic contest!

  63. The Teahouse for sure:)

  64. Lawrence says:

    The Teahouse has an amazing patio with great food and views

  65. Deirdre says:

    the Teahouse!

  66. Darcy says:

    The Teahouse!
    So glad they changed the Teahouse back to it’s original name!

  67. Teahouse when it’s sunny out, Sandbar when you want something in a nice relaxing area

  68. Hayley says:

    I haven’t had a chance to go to any of these places yet.

  69. Dilara says:

    I love the patio at The Sandbar!

  70. Jennifer M. says:

    My favorite has to be Seasons in the Park. I didn’t grow up in Vancouver, but my family made annual trips to visit our extended family here. Every time we came we would visit Queen Elizabeth Park, so it’s very nostalgic for me. My husband and I took our wedding photos in the park. I have never eaten at Seasons in the Park, but I would absolutely love to.

  71. Brenda says:


  72. Lesley says:

    Cardero’s on a sunny day is paradise!

  73. Love the patio at the Sandbar! Recently had a reunion of work buddies there and would love to celebrate inlaw’s 65 birthday there

  74. Amandine says:

    Have been to all of them apart from Sandbar – but planning on going there this summer when I next visit Vancouver 😀 Cardero’s setting is gorgeous but the food did not impress as much as the Teahouse or Seasons. For me it would be lunch at Seasons for the view and he shade of the tress, and dinner at the Teahouse to enjoy the sunset. Perfect!

  75. Dennis L. says:


  76. Donna L says:

    I haven’t tried any of them, but I can imagine how beautiful Carderos would be on a summer evening. Drinks and the sunset, with dessert!

  77. Michael Kwan says:

    I love Seasons, but not for its patio. For that, I think I’d prefer Cardero’s or Sandbar… probably Sandbar, since I dislike downtown traffic/parking. 😉

  78. Renfrew says:

    Cardero’s for sure.

  79. Cliff says:

    Seasons in the Park

  80. Brenda says:

    I have fond memories of Queen E park growing up. It would be nice to visit the park and then have dinner in Seasons.

  81. Julia says:

    Love The Sandbar for its food + drink, cozy blankets, and, of course, the roaring fireplace on the patio itself!

  82. Jen says:

    My favourite is the SandBar…I love their view from the patio and the blankets they supply for if you get chilly!

  83. Jeremy says:

    I love the Sandbar 🙂

  84. valerie says:

    Teahouse Patio hands down!!!! 🙂

  85. Lindsay says:


  86. Janna says:

    Cardero’s is such a fab patio in the summertime! Right on the water, lots of people watching to do along the seawall, delicious food, great drinks…what more could you want?

  87. Rachel says:

    Sandbar patio is unique and my favourite. I love afternoon drinks and tapas there!

  88. Nicole says:

    I would loooove to win a gift card to Cardero’s because of it’s beautiful location and delicious food! Plus.. I have been craving lobster <3

  89. Nikki says:

    Granville Island is fantastic! Sandbar would be a great place to go for dinner and drinks 🙂

  90. Eileen says:

    Oooh difficult. Teahouse might be my favorite, but all are awesome

  91. So says:

    Seasons in the park is my favourite patio.

  92. Jodi says:

    Sandbar patio!

  93. BJ says:

    The Sandbar!

  94. Alakitten says:

    Seasons for Sure!! 🙂

  95. Kevin says:

    Cardero’s all the way!

  96. Teresa says:


  97. Nicole says:

    I would have to say carderos!

  98. Marissa says:

    I love the views from the patio at The Sandbar.

  99. GINA says:

    I love the Sandbar inside and out. Awesome Patio

  100. Renn says:

    I like Seasons in the Park!

  101. Carol says:

    So many great restaurants. I think my favourite would have to be the Tea House, if only because of the location.

  102. Mae says:

    Wow, hard to choose. Teahouse has fantastic freshly-baked croissants and beautiful view of the water. Cardero’s has the best wok squid and stunning views of the northshore. Season’s is in the serene park setting and has amazing views of downtown Vancouver. I can’t comment on Sandbar as I haven’t been there.

    I think I might have to give Cardero’s the edge.

  103. Tamara says:

    Cardero’s! But it’s the only one I’ve been to since I moved here a few months ago 🙂

  104. Susie says:

    For sure the Teahouse, as I’d make it a romantic date night with my lovely boyfriend.

  105. Gwen says:

    I love Seasons. The food is great and the view fantastic.

  106. Oana says:

    Cardero’s, hands down 🙂

  107. Jas says:


  108. Richard says:


  109. Don says:

    Carderos has such a great location. Definitely my favourite

  110. Brenda says:

    I’ve never been to Seasons in the Park but I can just imagine the great view it has while you’re dining!

  111. Katie says:

    Seasons in the Park!!

  112. Glenda says:

    Seasons in the Park would be nice.

  113. Jennifer says:

    All are beautiful spots for dining especially Teahouse in Stanley Park

  114. Sara says:

    Love the Teahouse patio!

  115. Daniel says:

    cardero’s is a longtime fav of ours… on the water, delicious food (love their steak and salmon).. *drool*

  116. ping says:

    I;ve got a less than 1% chance to win. What the heck, I hope I get to go to the Sandbar!

  117. C Wilson says:

    Cardero’s is my fave for sure

  118. missmarz says:

    Cardero’s for their great food, ambience & beautiful views!

  119. Dianne Chow says:

    Cardero’s since I am a seafood lover and they have the best brownie dessert!

  120. Julie says:

    The Teahouse!!!

  121. Andrina says:

    Yummy…this would great for when my mother is visiting from Europe.

  122. Vanessa says:

    The Sandbar, never been but would love to go.

  123. Stephanie says:

    Hmm, I’d have to say Cardero’s.

  124. Liam says:

    The Sandbar~!!

  125. Janice says:

    The Sandbar….Nice view…..:)

  126. Charlene says:

    The Teahouse! Cute, cozy, and great food!

  127. Areta says:

    The Sandbar is lovely!

  128. Jim says:

    The Teahouse is the best.

  129. Sandra says:

    The Teahouse.

  130. Mike says:

    I love sitting outside at patios like the best: The Tea House in Satnley Park,

  131. Adam says:

    Granville Island’s Sandbar is pretty cool looking and I’d like to give it a try.

  132. Lyn says:

    Don’t you just love Stanley Park! It’s the TeaHouse for me.

  133. Belinda says:

    Hands down Teahouse in Stanley Park
    Lovely location, food and patio.

  134. Paul says:

    I love the Sandbar… Great food, drinks and a fun environment

  135. Stephanie says:

    I really love the Teahouse in Stanley Park. Very romantic spot

  136. Hannah Lee says:


  137. jean says:

    cardero’s for me!

  138. Ev says:

    the teahouse

  139. Marina says:

    I love Season’s…but have been wanting to get to the Teahouse for some time!

  140. Lori says:

    Carderos on a nice sunny day.

  141. Dan says:

    love to go to the Sandbar

  142. Summer says:

    Yes please to any of the above!

  143. Jenn says:

    Sandbar!!! Few patios manage to maximize themselves year round like Sandbar does. Perfect place for a summer evening. Can’t wait for summer nights!

  144. lindawwww says:

    My favourite patio is the Teahouse In Stanley Park.

  145. Nicole says:

    Cardero’s for sure, perfect location for a walk along the seawall after a nice meal

  146. Jaclyn says:

    The Sandbar. Why? It combines the best of all worlds. Patio. Sunshine. Ocean. Fab food. Great drink menu. And its all topped off with being able to soak in the Granville Island feel.

  147. Jaclyn says:

    The Sandbar. Why? It combines the best of all worlds. Patio. Sunshine. Ocean. Fab food. Great drink menu. And its all topped off with being able to soak in the Granville Island feel.

  148. Jenna says:

    Sandbar always leads to an epic night! Its been too long and I really deserve an amazing night out 🙂

  149. Sherie says:

    Cardero for sure. Great atmosphere, food is fantastic, view spectacular!

  150. Rachel says:

    My favorite patio is the Sandbar patio. Lovely atmosphere, beautiful scenery and tucked away overlooking the water in Granville Island.

  151. Heather says:

    I love the Sandbar patio all year long!

  152. Veronica says:

    Seasons in the Park is one of my favorites restaurants in Vancouver. It has an astonishing view of Vancouver and amazing food!

  153. Stephen Rees says:

    Seasons in the Park without a doubt. Best view.

  154. Lawrence Lua says:

    My favourite is Sandbar, as that’s the only one I’ve been to, but I’d love to try the others.

  155. Brooke says:

    The sandbar is my fav patio. Amazing view!

  156. Teresa says:

    I vote for Cardero’s

  157. Bonnie says:

    Cardero’s — yum!

  158. Debby says:

    I love the view from the Sandbar, and given the amount of rain we’ve been having for the past couple days (raining right now!), I agree that it’s a wonderful place to hang out during those wet, gloomy days 🙂

  159. Liam says:

    Tea House!!!!

  160. Kristine says:

    They are all great restaurants but my favourite is the Tea House! 🙂

  161. Amman Hirji says:

    World class dining while enjoying the view of a World class city! Seasons…

  162. Christine N. says:

    Seasons in the park is beautiful!

  163. maria says:

    They are all so good but Sandbar if i have to choose!

  164. R Book says:

    Cardero’s is one of our favourite places to go when my wife and I go to Vancouver. The staff are so friendly, the atmosphere and the view is wonderful and the food and wine selection have our names all over it.

  165. Bonnie says:

    The Teahouse patio looks gorgeous, so I will pick it as my favourite.

  166. Ursula says:

    The Teahouse!

  167. Sharon says:

    Sandbar has the best views!

  168. Harjit says:

    I haven’t been to any of the listed restaurants and would love to go, winning a g/c to one of them would be amazing!

  169. Lori says:

    All fabulous, but I’d have to go with the Teahouse.

  170. Gazza says:

    The Tea House is amazing.

  171. maktaaq says:

    Hmm, tough one, either Seasons in the Park, or the Teahouse. I find Queen Elizabeth Park relaxing to walk through.

  172. Brooke says:

    Love Carderos! View of Stanley Park and the water, does it get better?

  173. Nicole Elise says:

    The Teahouse in Stanley Park is my fave – and I haven’t been there in so long. Need to go soon.

  174. Maryanne says:

    Seasons in the Park!

  175. Jenny says:

    The teahouse…had a very romantic anniversary dinner there a few years back….this year is our 30th and would love to win a gift certificate for any of these fine patios to celebrate at.

  176. Andrew C. says:

    Tea’s in da House!

  177. Rose K. says:

    The Teahouse is definitely my favourite. Got engaged on the Seawall 21 years ago and went to the Teahouse afterwards. Great memories!!

  178. Tooth Fairy says:

    ♥ I love Seasons in the Park, it holds sweet memories of several Dental Office special staff luncheon celebrations! ☺ I also remember many special childhood moments spent at Q E park!

  179. Julie Nicholls says:

    Sandbar for sure.

  180. Sharon says:


  181. Heather B says:

    I love season’s in the park! Such beautiful views 🙂

  182. Justine says:

    Tough choice! They all have beautiful views but if I had to pick one I’d say The Teahouse.

  183. vincent says:

    Cardero’s (Coal Harbour) is good XD i like it lots last time i went

  184. Charlotte C says:

    I love the Teahouse, because it reminds me of my mom’s wedding, but the Sandbar is so much fun!

  185. Jamie says:

    Seasons in the Park, definitely!

  186. Rob says:

    Only been to Cardero’s on the list, but it was faaaantastic

  187. Judy Ho says:

    The teahouse is a beautiful location along with the tea service that they provide. It was memorable.

  188. Amy W. says:


  189. au says:

    Seasons in the Park. .i like the mountain views. . . @Rebecca – i can attest to your statement. .@Alex – i won for myself together with my guest(my daughter) @Fairmont Waterfront for EarthHour 2011 contest. .we enjoyed our dinner. .i was chosen right on this posting. .winning is by “luck”. .sooner than u know, u might be the winner by this time. .peace to u, thnx!

  190. Ian says:

    Teahouse in Stanley Park for sure!

  191. Grace says:

    Carderos for me

  192. Gerald says:

    Season in the Park in the springtime! What could be a better way to celebrate my partner’s birthday on April 28th!

  193. Sherry says:

    They are all great but I would pick the Teahouse. You have the best contests!

  194. E. Tang says:

    Great views and people watching at Sandbar!

  195. Katherine says:

    Can I pick two? Sandbar and Cardero’s

  196. stacey dempsey says:

    the Teahouse in Stanley Park has always been a favorite since i was little havent been for a long time , would sure love to go again

  197. Ami says:

    I haven’t tried any of them, but would love to try seasons!

  198. Wynn says:

    I love the Teahouse patio – nothing nicer on a sunny day.

  199. Stacey says:


  200. Shannon says:

    The teahouse has beautiful views! and they do a nice mothers day brunch.

  201. Ennie says:

    Cardero’s (Coal Harbour)

  202. Sandra says:

    Cardero’s is awesome!

  203. zee says:

    Cardero’s is always fun on a nice sunny day….away from the world, yet right at home front.

  204. Meghan says:

    Ooh Cardero’s is lovely!

  205. Erin says:

    Cardero’s is my favourite

  206. Iain says:

    A table for two at the Teahouse, please.

  207. Arieanna says:

    I love love love the Sandbar, but would love to try Teahouse!!

  208. Sherri says:

    The Sandbar after some shopping at Granville Island. Great seafood

  209. corey says:

    i love the tea house!! my mother had here wedding reception there…so pretty!

  210. Alyson says:

    Love the patio at Cardero’s. Such a great view.

  211. Lyndsey says:

    Cardero’s! Oysters, hockey, what’s not to love?

  212. Ryan says:

    Seasons has the best patio and delicious stuffed mushroom caps.

  213. silvia says:

    The Teahouse in Stanley Park is my favourite, it’s so pretty and romantic there.

  214. jenina says:

    definitrly Sadnbar-rain or shine, morning, noon or night. a great place to have a bite and a drink and enjoy good company

  215. Katrina says:

    Cardero’s for sure! Great for every occasion. Casual at the bar, romantic evening in the dining room, drinks on the patio.

  216. AC says:

    i love granville island, so i`d have to say sandbar!

  217. Jen H says:

    The Sandbar patio at night in the winter is really cozy! For summer, I pick Cardero’s…

  218. Erica says:

    The Teahouse in Stanley Park is my fave!

  219. Manuel says:

    I have always wanted to try out Seasons in the Park

  220. Tracy says:

    Never been to any of those but would love to try out Seasons in the Park!

  221. Jase says:

    The Sandbar!

  222. Rebecca says:

    I love The Teahouse – a lot of fond memories!

  223. Soph says:

    Teahouse would be soo much fun to try

  224. Tom says:

    The Sandbar

  225. Roberta says:

    Gosh, this is a hard choice but I have to say I think Sandbar is one of the best places to just be chill and enjoy the view

  226. Linda says:

    I’m sad to say for someone who loves to sit on the patio on good day – I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of the wonderful places above. Now there will be a perfect excuse.

  227. Sita says:

    Definitely the Sandbar!

  228. EKG says:

    Sandbar. Hands down.

  229. Jackie Sampson says:

    I haven’t been to any of these places..but I have been to Granville Island…so I think I would love to try out the Sandbar 🙂

    Tweeted too 😉!/carsmummy/status/60126833936568321

  230. Heidi says:


  231. tiffany says:

    sandbar! nothing beats both their patio and granville island views

  232. Emily H says:


  233. Michelle D says:

    I love nothing better than a glass of white wine and a delish ceasar salad with my love at Carderos!

  234. Andrew says:


  235. nocal says:

    Cardero’s (Coal Harbour)

  236. Grace says:

    i love Sandbar!

  237. Andrea says:

    Love the view and patio at Teahouse!

  238. Maya says:

    The Sandbar is great! Beautiful location.

  239. mike says:


  240. Stephen says:

    I love Cardero’s and Sandbar!

  241. liz says:

    I love the patio at Seasons In The Park.

  242. Brad says:

    The Sand Bar – bar none.

  243. Jeanie says:


  244. Phoenix says:

    The Teahouse in Stanley Park, @The_Teahouse is a restaurant I have been meaning to try! Would love the opportunity. I have been to Sandbar and Season in the Park and they are both great, can’t wait to try Teahouse

  245. Liana says:

    love the sandbar!

  246. Helaine says:

    LOVE the Teahouse! Just wish it were easier to transit to.

  247. Linda says:

    Season’s is definitely my fave! love the restaurant and the amazing view!

  248. Ellie says:

    The patio at the Teahouse at Stanley Park is my favourite.

    I love the view overlooking the beautiful ocean. There is nothing quite like it in the summer. I’m a regular at the Teahouse. John Ferrie is my favourite waiter 🙂

  249. Miguel says:

    I love the Teahouse at Stanley Park.

  250. Maggie says:

    Definitely Sandbar…mmm mussels!

  251. Jeremy says:

    Seasons is my fav.

  252. Abigail says:

    wow, tough one!! I’ve only been to Cardaros in the daytime on the patio and it is wonderful. Sandbar in the evening on the patio is something else though! beautiful

  253. DeannaG says:


  254. jeni says:

    Sandbar was cool – great fish n chips, but Seasons looks great although I haven’t been there yet 🙂

  255. Jennifer says:


  256. Jennifer Levesque says:

    Sounds Delish!

  257. Katie says:

    I love Seasons – gorgeous views of the city and love the flowers in the summer in the park!

  258. Derek says:

    Teahouse in Stanley Park

  259. Olivia says:

    Sitting at Sandbar and eating oysters!

  260. Caroline says:

    The sandbar on Granville Island is my favourite

  261. Colette says:

    The Teahouse to impress out-of-town friends & family. Perfect location!

  262. Elie says:

    cardero’s! =D

  263. Sarah says:

    Sandbar is the winner for me! I must admit they are all pretty good though 😉

  264. I’d take the aquabus over to Sandbar any day!

  265. Shelley says:

    I haven’t been to any of them, but have seen a few. The TeaHouse for sure!

  266. Air says:

    Cardero’s squid and cocktails rock by far!

  267. dyena says:

    Would love to try the Teahouse!

  268. Denise says:

    I would say Cardero’s!

  269. Ine says:

    Would definitely go for Seasons In The Park!

  270. AJ says:

    The Teahouse in Stanley Park! I’ve never been there but I’ve been to Cardero’s and Sandbar – both delicious and in exquisite locations.

  271. Leslie says:

    Seasons in the Park!

  272. Mav says:

    The Sandbar

  273. Y. Lum says:

    Love the teahouse!!! 🙂

  274. S. Kang says:

    Seasons in qe!! Def. My favorite!!

  275. Andrea says:

    I’d love to try th teahouse!

  276. eileen says:

    i would love to win the $100 teahouse in stanley park! i heard their high tea is good 🙂

  277. Chris says:

    It has to be the Sandbar. It is simply the best.

  278. cole says:

    The Sandbar!!!!!!!

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