Royal Breakfast Sleepover at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

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The world will be watching April 29, 2011 as Prince William takes Kate Middleton as his bride in the “Royal Wedding of [this] Century”. From souvenir stickers, tea cups, and postcards to virtual guest books, the excitement that was felt around the globe as Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981 has been rekindled.

Being a dutiful member of the British Commonwealth, most Canadians are excited to witness these regal nuptials and locally, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver has taken charge of celebrating in style – even if festivities do kick off at 3:00am Pacific Time.

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Photo credit: RobertoMckenzie on Flickr

On the morning of April 29th, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver will be airing full wedding coverage and Breakfast Television will be broadcasting live from the “Royal Breakfast” event from 5:30am until 9:00am.

900 West Lounge will be serving up a three-tiered breakfast platters (complete with the hotel’s famous scones) for $29 per person, including coffee or tea. Please note that breakfast reservations are required and can be made by calling (604) 662-1900. The Royal Breakfast is a part of Fairmont Hotels’ “Royal Month” campaign throughout April.

Image courtesy of Fairmont Hotels

The hotel has kindly offered up a special contest package so that one of my readers can enjoy this occasion in style. The “Royal Breakfast Sleepover” contest package includes an overnight stay at the legendary Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (Thursday, April 28, 2011) and the Royal Breakfast in the morning of the 29th. The winner and their guest can make their way down to 900 West Lounge to see the live television coverage (starting at 3:00am, if they’re so inclined) and watch BT do their broadcast at 5:30am.

Here’s how you can enter to win:

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  • I entered to win a Royal Breakfast Sleepover from @FairmontVan & @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at 11:00am next Tuesday, April 26, 2011. The prize is valid April 28th – April 29th and for the Royal Breakfast. It cannot be redeemed for a stay on different dates at the hotel.

    Update The winner is @kristenbull (Twitter entry) – congratulations!

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    1. Ashley KThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:40am PDT

      Oh wow this seems like so much fun! I’d love to win and watch the wedding at 3am with tea and crumpets! Do I have to wear a ‘fascinator’?? Hehehe

    2. JennaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:40am PDT

      I would love to celebrate the Royal wedding in Royal Style at the stunning Fairmont Hotel Vancouver!

    3. AlexThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:40am PDT

      Princess Diana

    4. LindaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:41am PDT

      princess diana by far 🙂

    5. Michelle KimThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:41am PDT

      I like Harry! Love those mischievous redheads!

    6. CarolynThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:42am PDT

      William has always been my favourite! Can’t wait to watch the wedding. I feel old.

    7. Amy Van DalenThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:43am PDT

      Even though she is no longer with us, the Queen Mother was always my favorite. She was a strong woman who not only was the perfect consort to her husband, but became the symbol of the Royal family even after her husband passed away at such an early age.

    8. LeeThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:43am PDT

      This is an incredible contest. I would love to experience watching the Royal Wedding at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Princess Diana was my favourite royal.

    9. ErinThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:45am PDT

      Awesome! My favorite is Queen Elizabeth!

    10. PhyThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:46am PDT

      Without a doubt, Princess Diana.

    11. RocheleThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:48am PDT

      This sounds like so much fun!

    12. Angie DunniganThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:50am PDT

      Prince William and Prince Harry are tied for favourites. I was going to marry William and my best friend was going to marry Harry. She still has time I suppose 😀

    13. MichelleThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:51am PDT

      I will go back in history a bit: Lady Jane Grey, the 9 days queen.

    14. A.J.Thursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:52am PDT

      How could anyone forget Princess Diana? With her humanitarian efforts and reserved and stately manner it’s no wonder Prince Charles decided to marry outside royal blood! Princess Diana without hesitation!

    15. MaryThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:52am PDT

      I love prince Harry 🙂

    16. Lindsay GoertzenThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:53am PDT

      I’ve always loved Princess Di! She had a huge heart, great style and raised 2 wonderful boys. Lovely Contest – will you join me for tea Miss604?

    17. tracyThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:54am PDT

      the late Princess Diana =)

    18. JaclynThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:55am PDT

      The Countess of Wessex! For all of her charity work and outreach for children with disabilities.

    19. Rebecca BollwittThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:55am PDT

      @Lindsay – I’ll be there in the morning too, maybe not right at 3am 😉

    20. Lindsay GoertzenThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:55am PDT

      I have always loved Princess Di! She had a big heart, great style and raised 2 wonderful boys. Lovely Contest Miss 604 – will you join me for tea?

    21. KathrynThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:00am PDT

      My favorite royal is the Queen – as a mother, I can relate to her exasperation with her children! My daughter is desperate to watch the royal wedding, this would be an amazing treat for her!

    22. vanessa paineThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:02am PDT

      This is so exciting hope I winn I loved princess diana too

    23. Serena DeboltThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:02am PDT

      I have to admit that I love the spunkiness of Sarah Ferguson. She was definately the bain of the queen for sure and still is. lol

    24. dearheartThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:05am PDT

      I *love* this contest! My favourite is Wills…which is why I’d like to be at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver to see this little piece of romance and history.

    25. BethanyThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:06am PDT

      My favorite Royal will always be Princess Diana – style, grace, compassion and courage. A woman to be inspired by ~

    26. BethanyThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:06am PDT

      My favorite Royal will always be Princess Diana – style, grace, compassion and courage. A woman to be inspired by ~

    27. kylie CThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:08am PDT

      Princess Diana for sure!

    28. ChristineThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:08am PDT

      Harry! he’s a cutie 🙂

    29. EileenThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:11am PDT

      How fun would this be? I’m a Princess Di girl. Unless I’m watching The Tudors in which case Henry looks pretty dreamy

    30. ashleeThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:15am PDT

      Awesome prize! I’m a big fan of Prince William 🙂

    31. JulieThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:15am PDT

      I grew up in a house that had a Charles and Di commemorative plate, and “The Diana Look: The Princess Diana’s Fashion book” among other things – so I’m going with the lovely Princess Diana.

    32. maryThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:18am PDT

      princess diana for me

    33. RafaelaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:24am PDT

      Princess Diana!! She was lovely and beautiful.

    34. Amy W.Thursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:29am PDT

      prince harry

    35. AmandaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:30am PDT

      Prince William has been my favourite since I first laid eyes on him in my teeny-bopper magazines. 🙂

    36. jeanThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:38am PDT


    37. SarahThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:39am PDT

      Princess Di!

    38. MuckymooThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:40am PDT

      My favorite royal is Queen Elizabeth II. What a fun prize and an amazing memory to look back on in future years. I still remember watching Princess Diana get married and thought it was magical.

    39. EllieThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:42am PDT

      My favourite royal is Princess Grace. She’s absolutely stunning. I would have loved to have watched her wedding to Prince Rainer of Monaco…ahhh the fantasy of marrying a prince. I’m so excited to watch the upcoming royal wedding.

    40. RobinThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:45am PDT

      Prince Harry!

    41. DilaraThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:48am PDT

      Princess Diana has always been my favorite!

    42. BrendaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:50am PDT

      The Queen Mother

    43. CliffThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:51am PDT

      Princess Diana

    44. Jen HThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:51am PDT

      Prince Harry! I saw a TV segment where was volunteering in Lesotho and thought he was very down-to-earth, compassionate and genuine.

    45. BrookeThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:51am PDT

      Defintely William!

    46. BrookeThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:51am PDT

      Defintely William!

    47. Sharonne KatzThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:52am PDT

      favorite royal – Fergie.

    48. TrishThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 11:59am PDT

      The peoples princess “Princess Diana”

    49. KristinThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 12:16pm PDT

      Queen Victoria, her life fascinates me.

    50. Kristi FergusonThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 12:19pm PDT

      Princess Diana was such a gem. What a fun contest!

    51. marisa. pThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 12:22pm PDT

      My favorite royal was King Edward VIII. He abdicated the throne for love.
      How romantic is that?

    52. HannibalThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 12:35pm PDT

      Princess Diana

    53. CherylThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 12:36pm PDT

      Prince Andrew. He was the William of his generation.

    54. David D.Thursday, April 21st, 2011 — 12:58pm PDT

      Diana! 🙂

    55. Michael KwanThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 12:59pm PDT

      My vote goes to Fergie.

    56. Meghan WThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 1:11pm PDT

      Princess Diana 🙂

    57. MelissaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 1:32pm PDT

      I watched the wedding of Diana and Charles when I was a teenager, with my Aunt. It would be fun to take my teenage daughter to the Fairmont and watch The Royal Wedding of William and Kate with her. Diana is my favorite Royal.

    58. IainThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 1:35pm PDT

      My wife and I stayed here before we had kids. It’s time to return.

    59. NickThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 1:41pm PDT

      She’s no longer around, but I really liked the Queen Mum.

    60. Zia WaraichThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 2:25pm PDT

      Great to see Commonwealth ties being respected & celebrated at Fairmont Hotel in this fashion. Prince William is my favourite royal for standing a true gentleman & mounting his claim for heir over his father.

    61. tinaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 2:30pm PDT

      princess diana was one of the kindest royals in the world. she had lots of elegance. because of that, she is still my favorite royal.

    62. DavinaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 3:06pm PDT

      Diana! She’s a classic.

    63. CherylThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 3:14pm PDT

      What a great contest! Favourite royal by far is Princess Diana.

    64. JuliaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 3:27pm PDT

      the Queen. It is her birthday today, by the way!
      It will be so great to win! And I will be there at 3am, no question about that!

    65. KristenThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 3:41pm PDT

      Going to watch at 3am anyways – would be awesome to do it in such style!
      Fave royal Prince Harry!

    66. LindsayThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 4:06pm PDT

      The Queen herself- love the hats and the corgis.

    67. EmmaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 4:07pm PDT

      Princess Di for sure!

    68. SitaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 4:09pm PDT

      I had the biggest crush on Prince William!

    69. JoeyThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 4:20pm PDT

      Prince Harry! Redheads 🙂

    70. GladysThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 4:22pm PDT

      Definitely Prince William!

    71. JohnThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 4:32pm PDT

      Princess Diana !

    72. RajuSThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 4:36pm PDT

      Queen Mum!

    73. LanaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 4:39pm PDT

      Prince Harry, he adds some spice to the family and royal watchers.

    74. JeffThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 5:07pm PDT

      I’m sure Princess Diana has been mentioned here more times than anyone.

    75. Dianne ChowThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 5:09pm PDT

      Can there be any doubt, it has been the person who has the same name as me – Princess Diana

    76. JenThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 5:14pm PDT

      Princess Diana will always be my favourite! She helped so many people 🙂

    77. JeremyThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 5:14pm PDT

      Princess Diana

    78. JeremyThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 5:15pm PDT

      For sure, Princess Diana!

    79. JojoThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 5:22pm PDT

      Princess Diana

    80. GarrettThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 5:25pm PDT

      Prince Harry

    81. NatalieThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 5:31pm PDT

      prince harry !!

    82. LindsayThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 5:42pm PDT


    83. LesleyThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 5:58pm PDT

      Queen Elizabeth the first! Or the entire Tudor family & mistresses & wives.

    84. VivienThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 6:01pm PDT

      King Henry IV!

    85. VivienThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 6:01pm PDT

      King Henry IV!

    86. Michelle WilliamsonThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 6:24pm PDT

      Prince Harry! Definitely!

    87. TeresaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 6:28pm PDT

      Prince William

    88. ShylaThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 6:36pm PDT

      Princess Diana

    89. SaraThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 7:15pm PDT


    90. JasThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 7:30pm PDT

      The Queen Mother

    91. Laura SkosnikThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 8:03pm PDT

      Queen Mom

    92. auThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 8:18pm PDT

      Queen Elizabeth II

    93. JeanieThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 8:59pm PDT

      This is cool! Prince William 😀

    94. EnnieThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 9:13pm PDT

      Princess Diana

    95. RobThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 9:33pm PDT

      Prince Harry, honourary Calgarian.

    96. RumenThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 9:46pm PDT

      The beautiful Princess Diana <3

    97. KatieThursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10:48pm PDT

      Princess Dianna

    98. BrendaFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 12:20am PDT

      The Queen.. always so composed!

    99. vincentFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 12:41am PDT

      princess diana XD

    100. HayleyFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 12:42am PDT

      Princess Diana will always be my favourite. I remember watching her wedding with my Mum when I was little.

    101. JLFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 1:16am PDT

      Princess Diana!

    102. jeniFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 11:27am PDT

      Kate! she’ll be royal in less than a week and she brings grace & hope to lead the family into the new age!

    103. Emily HFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 11:48am PDT

      Princess Diana

    104. KFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 12:51pm PDT

      Princess Diana

    105. Dennis L.Friday, April 22nd, 2011 — 2:05pm PDT

      My all time personal favorite royal is King Kong, but if the royal has to be human, my pick would Princess Diana.

    106. MaeFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 2:17pm PDT

      Diana. A classy woman who championed for great causes.

    107. Anne MarieFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 4:25pm PDT

      Diana for her work in the community.

    108. SharonFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 5:11pm PDT

      nobody can throw a wedding like the British. Can’t wait.

    109. taniaFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 6:31pm PDT

      Diana is my fav royal.

    110. rinoFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 6:31pm PDT

      Princess Diana

    111. stacey dempseyFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 8:10pm PDT

      I WOULD HAVE TO SAY WILLIAM certainly wouldnt be charles lol

    112. stacey dempseyFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 8:11pm PDT

      i tweeted!/roswello/status/61627796946034688

    113. Jennifer LevesqueFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 9:44pm PDT

      Forever and always will be Diana, however, Prince Harry is a close second.

    114. CaraFriday, April 22nd, 2011 — 11:45pm PDT


    115. EricaSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 12:50am PDT

      My favorite royal is Queen Elizabeth I.

    116. KatieSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 8:41am PDT

      Queen Elizabeth

    117. DerekSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 8:42am PDT

      Queen Victoria

    118. Tooth FairySaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 10:44am PDT

      My favourite royal was Diana Princess of Wales but now it is her first born ” Prince William ” since he really reminds me of her!
      (I am @toothfairycyber )

    119. Tooth FairySaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 10:45am PDT

    120. JaneSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 11:54am PDT

      With “Royal” I assume it’s only from England, so I would say my fave is Queen Elizabeth 1 (for Queen) or Alfred the Great (for King). If it doesnt have to be British Royal, then my favorite is probably King David.

    121. BonnieSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 2:18pm PDT

      It’s got to be William!

    122. CarolineSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 4:08pm PDT

      Princess Diana is still my favourite

    123. KatieSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 5:12pm PDT

      Has to be Harry!

    124. VanessaSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 8:19pm PDT

      Lady Di!

    125. GinaSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 8:25pm PDT

      Crown 😉 and Queen, of course.

    126. Michelle M.Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 9:41pm PDT

      Princess Diana!!!!

    127. Sunshine GSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 9:48pm PDT

      Queen Elizabeth – she’s definitely got the longevity award!

    128. StephanieSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 9:52pm PDT

      Princess Di was the greatest. Thanks

    129. RebeccaSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 10:16pm PDT

      Princess Diana – I idolized her as a child and teenager.

    130. LindaSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 10:45pm PDT

      ok! let’s shake things up a bit – how about ‘Bertie’ (George VI aka Albert Frederick Arthur George).

    131. Dorcas LeeSaturday, April 23rd, 2011 — 11:43pm PDT

      Queen Elizabeth II

    132. GlendaSunday, April 24th, 2011 — 12:13am PDT

      Lady Diana!

    133. KellySunday, April 24th, 2011 — 12:43am PDT

      Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon!!! Queen Elizabeth’s mother


    134. AndreaSunday, April 24th, 2011 — 7:49am PDT

      The future Royal…Kate. Second..the Queen Mother

    135. BriannaSunday, April 24th, 2011 — 8:53am PDT

      Love love love Everything about Diana

    136. MavSunday, April 24th, 2011 — 10:01am PDT


    137. Curtis SladeSunday, April 24th, 2011 — 11:46am PDT

      Prince HARRY 🙂 yum!

    138. LoriSunday, April 24th, 2011 — 8:43pm PDT

      Grace Kelly

    139. DanSunday, April 24th, 2011 — 8:44pm PDT

      Prince William

    140. LoriSunday, April 24th, 2011 — 8:45pm PDT


    141. ElieSunday, April 24th, 2011 — 9:58pm PDT

      Prince Harry <3

    142. zeeSunday, April 24th, 2011 — 11:10pm PDT

      def princess of the hearts! Lady Di

    143. kellyMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 4:07am PDT

      Princess Diana

    144. HeatherMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 9:18am PDT

      My favorite royal is Diana!

    145. SusanMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 9:34am PDT

      The Queen Mum was always my favourite!

    146. AJMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 10:11am PDT

      The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland!

    147. Jenn HMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 11:48am PDT

      Princess Di!

    148. LauraMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 12:50pm PDT

      princess Diana captured all our hearts!

    149. KiraMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 1:06pm PDT

      The Queen Mum for sure!
      This is such a fantastic prize… Fingers are crossed!

    150. LisaMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 1:17pm PDT

      Princess Diana!

    151. Mrs. Lorri PrimeMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 1:34pm PDT

      Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Windsor!

    152. SimonMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 1:53pm PDT

      princess diana

    153. kickpleatMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 1:55pm PDT

      The rebel in my votes for Sarah Dutchess of York!

    154. MichaelMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 1:55pm PDT

      My favourite royal is HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

    155. PeterMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:00pm PDT

      Favourite royal – let’s go with The Queen herself. Pretty impressive schedule at her age.

    156. JamesMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:01pm PDT

      Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex for being heir to the throne in some way or another to 17 countries (including the UK). That’s pretty darn Royal.

    157. LyndseyMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:03pm PDT

      Princess Diana. hands down.

    158. KateMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:12pm PDT

      I just finished reading a novel called “Amenable Women” in which Anna of Cleves featured prominently. She was German and briefly married to Henry VIII. I choose her for my favourite royal. I’ll be watching the wedding no matter where I am, but I would love to be at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver! Thanks for the chance.

    159. ElizabethMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:15pm PDT

      The Queen Mom!

    160. ChristieMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:19pm PDT

      In British royalty, I love Beatrice Windsor! She seems very down to earth like the young royals are these days. Internationally I love Queen Rania of Jordan!

    161. KelliMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:29pm PDT

      my favourite Royal is now Harry, and was Princess Di- great contest!

    162. TeresaMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:29pm PDT

      My favourite royal is Boadicea, the Warrior Queen.

    163. KristenMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:32pm PDT

      The Queen for sure. Long term goal: attend the Queen’s Garden Party.

    164. AnneMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:36pm PDT

      Princess Diana

    165. AmritaMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:36pm PDT

      Just like most people, I would say Lady Di. She is truly missed. But I’m loving Kate thus far 🙂

    166. RabbieMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:37pm PDT

      My favourite living royal is Prince Harry! Otherwise George V by far.

    167. IanMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 2:46pm PDT

      Queen Elizabeth gets my vote

    168. BriarMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 3:10pm PDT

      Lady Di – Full of grace and elegance.

    169. BrittaMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 3:15pm PDT

      Hot prince Harry! Seems like he has a sense of humour.

    170. Tracey flattesMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 3:27pm PDT

      It was Diana, but William is a very close second!

    171. Tracey flattesMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 3:28pm PDT

      Diana, but William is a very close second!

    172. Twangy PearlMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 3:52pm PDT

      What fun. Lady Jane Gray is my favourite (loved that movie)!

    173. CathyMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 4:18pm PDT

      My favorite royal is the late Queen Mother, she always reminded me of my Nana 🙂

    174. Monique PapineauMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 4:23pm PDT

      Prince Harry. He’s such a rascal. Lol

    175. FilaMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 4:41pm PDT

      *Queen Elizabeth*

    176. TristenMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 4:54pm PDT

      Queen E II is by far the best. The hats take it!

    177. AdamMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 5:05pm PDT

      My fav is the queen herself.

    178. nailaMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 5:15pm PDT


    179. AnitaMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 5:20pm PDT

      Princess Diana, without a doubt!

    180. AndreaMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 5:23pm PDT

      princess di. I remember waking up to the news and crying like a little baby.

    181. DaveMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 5:33pm PDT

      “Queen Elizabeth”

    182. MichelleMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 6:04pm PDT

      I like the Queen the best. What an amazing life of service.

    183. Kim PierrotMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 6:10pm PDT

      My daughter the history buff says Lady Jane Grey is her favourite royal.

    184. eileenMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 6:13pm PDT

      Princess Diana, my dad cried when he found out she passed away

    185. rubaiMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 7:25pm PDT

      Queen Elizabeth

    186. PearleMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 7:43pm PDT

      Queen Elizabeth, indeed! Long live the Queen!

    187. KaiMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 7:43pm PDT

      Princess Diana, from my childhood… will always remember her.

    188. TessaMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 8:47pm PDT

      Princess Diana

    189. Kate T.Monday, April 25th, 2011 — 8:51pm PDT

      Princess Diana, definitely.

    190. CatherineMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 9:57pm PDT

      I like Prince Charles- despite the controversy surrounding his divorce from Diana and subsequent remarriage, his charity work is admirable. I think he has also raised two wonderful sons and he seems quite down to earth.

    191. JeffreyMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 10:12pm PDT

      FairmontVan rocks heard good times there lol

    192. coleMonday, April 25th, 2011 — 11:00pm PDT

      would love to win, thanks, great site, great giveaways, you rock!

    193. sherry olsonTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 1:19am PDT

      I would love to watch the Royal wedding at the Fairmont Vancouver and enjoy tea and crumpets for breakfast. My favourite royal would have to be The Queen.

    194. YasminTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 3:37am PDT

      Lady Di

    195. BarbaraTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 8:44am PDT

      My favorite royal is William. How exciting it would be to watch his wedding at the Fairmont Hotel.

    196. LisaTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:09am PDT

      Queen Elizabeth

    197. tracyTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:11am PDT

      Queen Victoria 🙂

    198. shellyTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:12am PDT

      prince william ! can’t wait for the wedding

    199. cherylTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:33am PDT

      Princess Diana, hands down….she will be watching I am sure

    200. TomTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:37am PDT

      Princess Diana

    201. RachelTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:41am PDT

      Definitely Harry – such a cutie!

    202. VeronicaTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:49am PDT

      Princess Diana.

    203. julesTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:51am PDT

      Prince William by far! I saw him at the Pan Pacific when I was 16 and gave him flowers…those 16-year-old crushes die hard. Though ginger Harry is certainly looking nice these days. 😉

    204. CarynTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:54am PDT

      My favorite royal is Queen Elizabeth II. She has grace and has seen the British Empire through almost as much as her namesake, the first Queen Elizabeth.

    205. Brendan GrantTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:54am PDT

      I’m in! Has to be Diana.

    206. CzarinaTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:55am PDT

      Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco!

    207. cjTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:55am PDT

      Totally had a crush on Prince William when i was young!! 🙂

    208. DanTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:56am PDT

      Queen Elizabeth, of course.

    209. ChristianTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:58am PDT

      has to be Queen Elizabeth II herself – amazing woman

    210. AliciaTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:58am PDT

      I love William and always have… Though after watching The King’s Speech, I have a lot of respect for King George VI.

    211. ChristianTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:58am PDT

      has to be Queen Elizabeth II herself – amazing woman

    212. RandiTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 10:59am PDT

      Kate Middleton..not yet a royal but she will be wonderful!

    213. Talia BeckettTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 11:20am PDT

      Queen Elizabeth is my favourite, but Kate is my second NEW favourite! I’ve posted on Twitter as well, hope I win! Thanks! 🙂

    214. rosieTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 12:56pm PDT

      Sarah Ferguson – Dunchess of York.
      Our dog growing up shared her birthday & this was her namesake – Fergie for short!

    215. Julie The 3rdTuesday, April 26th, 2011 — 5:02pm PDT

      My favourite is HARRY. From now, he can do whatever he wants, take advantage of the royal glitter and all and nobody will care because the whole world will be staring at William’s wedding for teh next decade!!! (I know about the low level of English here… Sorry!)

    216. Freddie De LeonWednesday, April 27th, 2011 — 3:06am PDT

      I shook Queen Elizabeth’s hand on her visit at UBC. What a gracious lady! But Lady Di was by far the coolest.

    217. MaryWednesday, April 27th, 2011 — 3:11pm PDT

      would love to be there!

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