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Red Cross Red Carpet Soiree 2011

Friday, April 29th, 2011 — 10:17am PDT
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The Canadian Red Cross is hosting its 4th annual Red Carpet Soiree at Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar May 12, 2011.

Red Carpet Soiree

This is one of my favourite annual events in Vancouver, and I have attended since 2009 with my good friend Keira-Anne. Aside from the dozens of coveted silent auction items, the deliciously addictive canapes, and the warm and jovial atmosphere, you will be supporting a fantastic cause when you attend.

Tickets are still available online until May 10th and can be purchased at the door May 12th, that is unless it completely sells out (which is very possible). Last year they had 300 guests and raised over $15,000 for the Canadian Red Cross’ Lower Mainland Region Disaster Management Program. Funds raised are staying local again this year with the 2011 event supporting Lower Mainland Region Humanitarian Support and Engagement Programs. If you are unable to attend, please consider making a donation.

I have two pairs of tickets to give away to a reader and their guest (value $250). If you would like to feel like a star at the Red Carpet Soirée, here’s how you can enter to win your way in:

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  • I entered to win a pair of tickets to @RedCarpetSoiree supporting @RedCrossCanada from @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 12:00pm next Friday, May 6th. Must be 19 years of age or older as there will be wine served throughout the night.

    Update The winner is Mae (@sliveroflight) congratulations!

    Current contests on


    1. Emily says:

      Red Cross is such a great organization! I’d love to attend this event.

    2. Cliff says:

      I’d love to visit Blue Water and support a great cause at the same time.

    3. Brenda says:

      Sounds like a great event.

    4. Jessica t says:

      This would be so fun to win tix to!

    5. Jessica t says:


    6. Lesley says:

      Would love to go to the soiree!

    7. Phy says:

      Sounds like it’s going to be an amazing event!

    8. alicia says:

      I would love to go!!

    9. adam says:

      my gf would love this

    10. Izabela says:

      Sounds amazing

    11. Shannon says:

      Ouhhhh la la πŸ˜›

    12. Joanne says:

      Would love to attend this soiree!

    13. Rebecca Bouchard says:

      Such a great event and even better cause!

    14. Jolene says:

      Wow, looks awesome, I’d love to attend!

    15. lori says:

      Looks like a great night πŸ™‚

    16. Mae says:

      Red Cross is a very worthy organization.

    17. Sanaz says:

      This a great event for a great cause, hope I get to attend!

    18. Gazza says:

      Sounds like a great event to attend!

    19. Sherry says:

      I have heard this is always a wonderful event for a great organization. I have never attended but hopefully will win this contest and be able to go this year.

    20. Krista Edwardson says:

      As we watch the CBC we see that the Red Cross does amazing work around the world. This benefit will help BC build its resources, to support our people when disaster strikes. What a fabulous event for a very worthy organization.

    21. Nancy says:

      This event looks awesome, I would love to be a part of it!

    22. Teresa says:


    23. Bonnie says:

      Sounds like a great event in support of a worthy organization.

    24. Elie says:

      i would like to go!

    25. Akemi says:

      Such a great organization! I would love to attend

    26. Jeff says:

      I’ve been a long time supporter and donater of humanitarian causes. I’d love to attend.

    27. Erica says:

      Awesome! I would love to attend.

    28. Bonnie says:

      Sounds like a fantastic event and for such a worthwhile organization!

    29. Tooth Fairy says:

      Yes, believe me this Tooth Fairy would like to attend this fantastic Red Cross event!

    30. Kira says:

      What a great event!

    31. Susie says:

      Great event, great cause!

    32. Cassandra says:

      Looks like a fun night out for a very worthy cause!

    33. Rebecca says:

      Would love to attend this!

    34. Harjit says:

      Ooo canapes sound fancy πŸ™‚ I’ve never had one and would love to try one while supporting a great cause.

    35. Kevin says:

      Mmmm canapes.

    36. Amy W. says:

      Sounds like fun!

    37. Ennie says:


    38. Fraser says:

      Sounds like a fun night! Would love to go.

    39. Jen says:

      Sounds like an amazing night and such a good cause πŸ™‚

    40. JA says:

      I’d love to attend!

    41. Carmen says:

      Amazing organization, I’ve been donating for years and would love to attend this event!

    42. Cori says:

      Great cause!

    43. Would love to attend this event! Red Cross is great organization with a great cause to support.

    44. eri says:

      I have been working with Japan Love Project supported by BC Japan Earthquake Relief Fund since the big disaster on March 11th. We’ve made our first donation through Canadian Red Cross on April 13th! Would love to give the tickets to a couple of the project members, they’ve worked so hard for a good cause πŸ™‚

    45. Sandra says:

      What a great event! I would love to attend.

    46. Katie says:

      Sounds great!

    47. Marie says:

      I give to the RED CROSS through my phone bill occassionally when disaster hits because I know that one day, I’ll need them too.

    48. Brenda says:

      An organization I donate to often. I would love to attend!

    49. A.J. says:

      What a good cause and fun way to raise funds for it! Tickets to this event would be great!

    50. Surabhi says:

      The Red Cross deserves all the support it can get and this soiree seems like a fabulous way of collecting that. I would love to be a part of it all!

    51. Chloe says:

      Sounds like an awesome, inspiring event. And Blue Water is amazing!

    52. Nate says:

      Great venue and Great cause!

    53. Jill says:

      This is such an amazing event & an even more amazing charity!

    54. natalie says:

      Sounds like a great night for charity !!

    55. Vickie says:

      I’d love to go! Sounds like a great event for such a worthy cause.

    56. Mila says:

      I missed this event last year, but am determined to go this year! I would love to win these tickets, and help support the Red Cross, and eat some amazing food from Blue Water!

    57. Tavia says:

      YUMMMMM…Blue Water!

    58. Lisa Pike says:

      This would be a great event to attend!

    59. maria says:

      I have never been to a soiree. Would love to go!

    60. Mich says:

      I’d love to attend such a great event in support of the Red Cross!

    61. Ally says:

      <3 what a great organization!

    62. jenni says:

      Please please please pick me! πŸ˜› Thank you

    63. Scott says:

      Sounds like a fantastic event. Please count us in.

    64. Jason says:

      Would love to feel like a star while supporting such a great event

    65. brandi says:

      This would be a great cause and a fun night to attend πŸ™‚

    66. // Sarah says:

      Fantastic! I already have a tickets, but would love to win & take my girlfriends. Such a great event!

    67. Angie says:

      I would love to go……

    68. jeanie says:

      sounds like a fun fun time…and it’s for a great cause! =)

    69. Kelli says:

      Through whatever the disaster (Japan earthquake, Hurricane Katrina)I always trust my donations to the Red Cross.

    70. Linda says:

      great event for a great cause!


    71. mjgalvani says:

      Sounds like a pretty amazing event, for an equally great cause!

    72. Liam says:

      What a night that wouldn’t want to miss obviously for a great great cause.

    73. Maggie says:

      The Red Cross is such a great cause, and I love it that this event is creating awareness to the younger generation about the Red Cross of Lower Mainland. I’ve been to this event the last two years, and it would be wonderful to win tickets for this event this year.

    74. tiffany says:

      red cross + soiree = great night for a great cause

    75. Brooke says:

      Sounds like a great night to support a great organization

    76. Kristi says:

      What a great way to spend an evening with a friend or partner!

    77. Tim says:

      Great night I bet!

    78. Helen says:

      No doubt this is going to be a blast.

    79. Devin says:

      Would love to go to this by far!

    80. callistus says:

      I would love to go

    81. Erica says:

      I would love to attend!

    82. Alex says:

      It sounds like fun and it’s a good cause!

    83. Fiona says:

      Sounds like a wonderful evening for a worthy cause.

    84. Michelle says:

      SOunds like a great time and for an amazing cause.

    85. Stephanie says:


    86. Sunny says:

      Red Cross is a great organization

    87. Heidi says:

      Sounds like a great night out.

    88. Michele says:

      Don’t you just love the word “Soirée”? It sounds so fabulous. I also love the quote on the Red Cross site “To be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing.” Thanks Red Cross for all your good work.

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