Archives Photos of the Day: Barbershops

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When looking for a theme for this week’s collection of Archives Photos, the keyword “Barbershops” caught my eye on the search page. With a wrap on this year’s Movember many grizzly-faced men have been shaving up a storm either at home or with the help of a grooming professional, so the theme seems rather fitting.

Year: 1909
In this photo: Louvre Hotel barbershop at the 300 block of Carrall Street
VPL Accession Number: 1262
Photographer / Studio: Leonard Frank Collection

Year: 1910
In this photo: Clarke Street in Port Moody with a barbershop on the right
VPL Accession Number: 7025
Photographer / Studio: Leonard Frank Collection

Year: 1934
In this photo: Barbershop next to the Capitol Theatre on Granville
VPL Accession Number: 23587
Photographer / Studio: Dominion Photo Co.

Year: 1946
In this photo: Interior of Soon Town Barbershop at 420 Columbia in Vancouver
VPL Accession Number: 26945
Photographer / Studio: Dominion Photo Co.

Year: 1950s
In this photo: Woman holding a sign in front of a barbershop at 2427 East Hastings
VPL Accession Number: 41564
Photographer / Studio: Province Newspaper

Year: 1960s
In this photo: Barbershop interior with men getting hair cuts
VPL Accession Number: 41421
Photographer / Studio: Province Newspaper

Should you have a theme you would like to see me feature using historic photographs, please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments.

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  1. raincoasterWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:52pm PST

    Harold Lloyd played Vancouver? How awesome would that have been to see? He’s one of the large contingent of Charming Dead Men I have a crush on.

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