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BCAA Booster Guy or Gal Vote Now & Be Entered to Win Canucks Tickets

Thursday, November 4th, 2010 — 9:37am PDT
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BCAA BoosterI have been helping to promote the search for the BCAA Booster Guy or Gal over the last few weeks and the campaign is now heading into its second stage.

Entries have been narrowed down and 6 finalists have been selected. However, before the judging panel (including myself) chooses the winner, we need to know who the fans like. You can view all finalists and vote by going to the BCAA Facebook fan page and ‘liking’ your favourite entry.

The winner will get to go to every Canuck’s home game to captain the BCAA Booster Zone from a prime lower bowl seat.

To get the momentum going, I have another pair of Canucks tickets to give away for this Saturday’s game when Bertuzzi and the Red Wings are in town.

Here’s how you can win these tickets:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me who (and why) you voted for — all 6 finalists are listed on the Facebook page under the “Videos” tab — (1 entry)
  • Vote (‘Like’) your favourite BCAA Booster Guy or Gal candidate video & tweet text below (2 entries)
  • I’m entered to win tix to Sat’s #Canucks game from @miss604 by RT’ing this & liking my fave @bcaabooster fan vid

    I will draw one winner from all entries on Friday November 5th at 4:00pm. The winner will be notified by email (or Twitter direct message). Fan voting will end November 14th, 2010.

    Update The winner of the Canucks vs Red Wings tickets is Andrew – congratulations!

    Current contests on


    1. Marina says:

      Mike – great enthusiasm and love the creative video!

    2. Sue says:

      I voted for Thomas as soon as I saw his posting! He has a great smile & seems like a fun guy. I would call him infectious, in an appealing way I hope he wins!

    3. Thomas Daniels gets my vote- He’s got some moves!

    4. Gillian says:

      I voted for Ben, it was a tough choice though as I thought all the contestants did a great job! I liked Bens enthusiasm and energy.

    5. Lyn says:

      My vote is for Mike’s cool video.

    6. Vanessa says:

      Thomas Daniels for most enthusiastic!

    7. Jeremy says:

      Mike Schurko – Clearly put a lot of work into the video!

    8. Don says:

      I voted for Mike because his video was fun and he has a ton of enthusiasm!

    9. john says:

      Amie, she’ll easily get the crowd into it

    10. Art says:

      I voted for Amie because she’s cute!

    11. Richard W says:

      Mike…..great video!!!

    12. Christine says:

      Thomas has my vote!! He engages the audience with fun, clever, no-shame scenario-specific moves that a crowd would have no doubt in copying (i.e. The “score” dance). Heck! I’d join him in getting the crowd going, should he pull bur buttern churn move!

    13. Jeremy says:

      I liked Mike’s video he looks like he put alot of effort in and did a great job

    14. Becky says:

      I liked Mike Schurko because he seemed pretty funny and definitely put a lot of work into the video. Go Mike!

    15. Robert says:

      I voted for Thomas Daniels, he has the spirit and the moves to pump up the crowd!

    16. Nadine says:

      Wow, it’s tough to choose. I vote Nicole and Ava because of their awesome dance moves.

    17. Jen says:

      I voted on Facebook for Mike! I thought his enthusiasm was great πŸ™‚

    18. Jeremy says:

      My vote goes to Mike. I enjoyed watching his video and I think he would be great at all the games!

    19. Megan says:

      I voted for Thomas! He’s definitely the best of the bunch. A smile you can’t help but smile back at, he’s got the dance-moves to get the crowd going, good cheering technique, and he just seems like a fun, happy guy!!!!! πŸ™‚

    20. Shivani says:

      I voted for Mike because his video was super fun and creative, he got lots of other people involved and it looks like he put a lot of effort into it!

    21. Sherri Robson says:

      My vote is for Ben – simply because his video made me laugh! Love the hair

    22. Greg says:

      My vote goes to mike!

    23. Serena says:

      I voted for Thomas because he is da Bomb!

    24. Chris says:

      THOMAS! Anybody who does the sprinkler dance as a celebration gets my vote every time.

    25. Alv says:

      Ben gets my vote.

    26. Rob Smith says:

      Definitely Jag Gill! That guy is die hard, for sure he should take this.

    27. Sheryl says:

      I vote for Mike! His video was awesome and I think he’d be great at the games!

    28. bekki says:

      I voted for Ben

    29. Larissa says:

      Jag, definitely. He struck me as the most sincere, and that room needs to be rewarded πŸ™‚

    30. Ryan B. says:

      I voted for Thomas Daniels because of his enthusiasm and great dance moves. He would totally get the crowd going.

    31. Clay says:

      Had to go with mike…creative AND seems the most natural booster type fan!

    32. Kathy says:

      Mike Schurko’s video is well-edited and he should win. I like his video the most. BCAA should invite the other ones to help out as well from time to time.

    33. Shannon says:

      I voted for Thomas. Boy’s got rad moves!

    34. Melissa says:

      I voted for Thomas. He seems like he could be the life of any party so let’s see what he can do for the arena!

    35. Ken Gardner says:

      My vote goes to Mike. Very entertaining!

    36. Megan Wray says:

      Thomas all the way! He won me over with his butter churn!

    37. Herve says:

      My vote goes to Mike. Looks like he could really liven up Rogers Arena.

    38. LB says:

      My vote is to Mike also – though I hope he would team up with the girl in the video to be a superfan duo because she rocked too.

    39. Tessa says:

      I voted for Amie. Only female and I like her spunk!

    40. Andrew says:

      I voted for Thomas. Man that guy just doesn’t run out of energy!

    41. Ivy says:

      Voted for Amie! She’s adorable.

    42. Andrew says:

      Sorry I left a wrong website! its supposed to be (not

    43. Valerie says:

      Mike…lots of effort put into the video and I think he would be lots of fun to have at the games!

    44. roger says:

      I vote for Mike, very enthusiastic energy.

    45. Bettina says:

      Mike! Cool vid + other Canucks Fans

    46. maria says:

      I voted for Amie. She looks like she has a lot of team spirit!

    47. Tomarra says:

      I voted for Mike Schurko. He put a lot of work into his video and it shows… Super-fan!

    48. Ken says:

      I voted for Mike. Anyone who can put the time and effort into making a song and video for their team is the biggest fan in my opinion. Good luck to all the contestants though!

    49. Jim says:

      My vote is for Mike, great video!

    50. Shaylene says:

      I voted for Mike! His video showed a lot of enthusiasm and effort!

    51. Danika says:

      Mike – looks like he put a lot of effort into his video.

    52. CJ Stebbing says:

      ok…there was no contest here. The clear winner by far is mike.

      the reason why is because that is one catchy song. I don’t think i’ll be able to get it out of my head. plus he did good work with the video component.

      good job mike. I hope you win.

    53. Alice says:

      I voted for Mike as he spent a lot of time filming and editing. As well he got other people involved in his video as well. Awesome way to share the Canucks fever!

    54. will says:

      I voted for Mike. He put so much effort into it and was really original. Others, while cute, just lacked the passion of going the full time required. Mike clearly lives and breathes the Canucks. Like their game last night vs Colorado, Mike simply wants it more.

    55. Greg says:

      Jag – love the light fixture scoreboard!

    56. Maryanne says:

      I voted for Mike. He seemed to put a lot of effort into the video.

    57. Sarah says:

      Mike: He put a lot of hardwork into his video, and it shows!

    58. Leah says:

      Jag for sure! I know a lot of Canucks fans, but I don’t know many whose bedrooms look like that!

    59. Christopher Co says:

      I voted for Mike. He deserves to win. He put the most effort into the entry by far. But BCAA – Because Canucks Are Awesome. Thats just brilliant. XD

    60. Brent Bowker says:

      I voted for Mike, I love a good music video!

    61. Kevin says:

      I also have to pick Mike… for his awesome video, and intensity! He’s the guy I’d be wanting to sit next to when the Canucks score and destroy the Wings on Saturday!

    62. Ian says:

      I voted for Mike because he wrote his own song and took time in making that video!!!

    63. Grace Mok says:

      I voted for Mike as I thought he was the most passionate!

    64. Steven says:

      I as well voted for Mike! That kid showed the passion! A true Canucks fan!

    65. ashlee says:

      mike…love the jumper cables πŸ™‚

    66. Jacob says:

      I voted for Amie because I had to fight the urge to sing along with her while at work.

    67. heather says:

      I vote for Thomas! He is so enthusastic!

    68. Rose says:

      I voted for Jag… he is clearly a HUGE fan… not to mention spending a ton of money on all those souveniers probably paid for someone’s sallary!

    69. Megan says:

      I voted for Mike! He wrote a song and shot a video for it! If that isn’t fan dedication then I don’t know what is! πŸ™‚

    70. Stephanie C says:

      Thomas hands down! He just seems like a fun loving spirit, cracks me up every time I watch it.

    71. Aaron says:

      Its gotta be Mike!
      I voted for him I don’t know how you beat that song!

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