Vancouver Fringe Festival 2010: Johnny Tomorrow and the Way of the Planetarium

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 — 9:00am PDT
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Today’s ticket giveaway for the Vancouver International Fringe Festival is for Johnny Tomorrow and the Way of the Planetarium by Michael Unger.

Johnny Tomorrow takes you on a journey to the stars inside the star theatre, and back in time over the 40 year history of the H.R. Macmillan Planetarium. He’s searching for answers to the ultimate astronomy question: Are we alone? And if so, why are we here? And why are there so many lasers?”

This one-man show is presented at the HR Macmillan Space Centre September 9th until the 19th.

To enter to win, please leave a comment that includes anything space-related. You can include a memory from the Planetarium or mention the meteor shower that we experienced this summer.

The winner will receive a pair of tickets to opening night, September 9th. Since we’re short on time, this will be a one-day contest and I will do the draw at 5:00pm today.

The Vancouver International Fringe Festival launches this week with over 600 performances from 83 shows at over two dozen venues around the city. From September 9th until the 19th Fringe will host shows from pop-up “Bring Your Own Venues” outdoors around Vancouver to seven main stages.

Update “G” is the winner, have a great time at the show!

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  1. chico sousa says:

    When I first moved to Vancouver I lived just around the corner from the Planetarium. Now we have a 3 year old son who I’m sure would love to go see the stars & the moon!

  2. matthew m says:

    My first memory of the Planetarium was when I visited from out of town and my older cousins took me there.

  3. Shawn says:

    Love to win. I been loving the night sky looking at the stars for years. Love to check out this show.

  4. G says:

    SETI has been my favourite pasttime for years. Would be interesting to watch a show on it.

  5. incredimike says:

    Astronauts cannot burp in space. Also, Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

  6. Hey, Michael Unger here writer/performer of Johnny Tomorrow and the Way of the Planetarium. This show is defintely for people that may have visited the planetarium as a kid and I do talk about Frank Drake and SETI. With that in mind I should point out that this is not necessarily a kids show, like others that the Space Centre puts on. Not that it would be bad for young ones, and they are definitely welcome, but I put the age range at about 14+. Hope to see you all there in the theatre of time and space!

  7. Sanaz says:

    I’ve never believed the alien theories, but maybe this show will change my perspective on our friends living in other planets!

  8. Anne says:

    I took my parenst to the star show when they were visiting in Vancouver. I turned to say something to my Dad, and he was fast asleep. Chuckling, I turned to tell my Mom and she was asleep too! They missed half of the show. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Phil says:

    I remember watching the stars to Radiohead music @ HR Macmillian!!!

  10. G says:

    I won! Thank you Miss 604 ๐Ÿ™‚

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