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Vancouver Haze, Wildfire Smoke Clouds Over City

Thursday, August 5th, 2010 — 9:34pm PDT
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There are many reasons why a haze or smoggy cloud could hang above Vancouver refusing to budge. The warm summer air, pollution, or lack of a breeze coming off the water. However the source of our hidden sunsets in recent days has been smoke from wildfires that rage on within BC.

This evening Darren Barefoot shared a link to a satellite image on Twitter:

Wildfire haze in BC

Click on the link to view larger versions and trace the smoke along the rivers and canyons back to the source fires.

The air quality warning for Metro Vancouver is in effect until the weekend according to CBC News. More than 400 wildfires continue to burn throughout BC.

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  1. izikavazo says:

    Yeah, it’s extremely smokey up in Squamish too. I’ve never seen it this thick. It’s getting a little depressing.

  2. Lumen Photo says:

    I was on the north side of Bowen Island this weekend and you could smeel it but not see it although the satellite map looks like it was right over top of us – strange!

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