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Monday, August 30th, 2010 — 10:35am PDT
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Being born and raised in Surrey we rarely came to downtown Vancouver to experience local attractions. Our usual escape route was out through the Valley and along the highways and biways of our grand Province. However, when our family did make trips to the big city (or I had a field trip with school) there were a few staples.

Walking Tour of Gastown & Chinatown Lions Gate Bridge Photowalk Burrard Bridge Vancouver Aquarium Walking Tour of Gastown Opening Day of the New Seabus Sinclair Centre -- the old post office building & the Winch Building

We went to the zoo at Stanley Park, the Vancouver Aquarium, Science World and the Museum of Anthropology. Up until two years ago I had never been to places like the Capilano Suspension Bridge, up the Grouse Mountain tram, or to the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

It’s a given that Vancouverites have a different view of their city than visitors but I often wondered how Vancouver looks through the fresh eyes of the tourist. The Vancouver Trolley Company has offered up two hop-on / hop-off passes so that one of my readers can experience Vancouver as a tourist in their hometown.

Here’s what they suggest for your “Tourist in Your Hometown” route:

  • Start your day at Canada Place
  • Exchange passes with a Ticket Agent (in yellow) for tickets and coupon book for discounts at attractions and restaurants along the way
  • Hop-on the a Red Loop trolley (see map above) to Stanley Park
    The first Red Loop trolley from Canada Place is at 9:00am, then they run approximately every 20 minutes
  • Hop-off at the Rose Garden and explore the Klahowya Village, then hop back on to go around the Park.
  • After Stanley Park hop-off the trolley at Red Loop #11 (Aquatic Centre) and use the False Creek Ferries coupon to Granville Island
  • After exploring Granville Island walk out to the entrance (West 2nd) and hop-on the Blue Loop trolley (at Island Market, next to Starbucks). On the Blue Loop you’ll see Yaletown, Chinatown, and Gastown. You can then come full circle and finish the day at Canada Place
  • Of course you don’t have to take the suggested route but it gives you some idea of what a day on the trolley line could be like. Tours also include audio commentary about the city, its attractions, buildings, and history. It was through a trolley tour with his parents in 2006 that John learned things like the amount of rent Starbucks at Thurlow & Robson is charged and the top-secret location of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s condo in Coal Harbour.

    Here’s how to enter to win a day pass for you and a friend (valued at $76).

  • Leave a comment on this post listing your favourite Vancouver attraction (1 entry)
  • Share on Facebook and comment to confirm here (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • RT to enter to win a pair of day passes for @VanTrolley from @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries Friday September 10th.

    Update The winner is Linda. Thanks to everyone for your input! Looks like there’s a heck of a lot to love about Vancouver and I’m glad locals get out and explore some of our best features.

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    1. Mary says:

      my fav is the aquarium

    2. jax says:

      my family was a lot like yours growing up when it came to road trips etc. and I still haven’t been to Capilano or Grouse Tram either. Finally went to Dr. Sun Yet this summer because your blog pointed me towards the Chinatown Festival,so thanks!

      My favorite attraction as a tourist here would be Granville Island. It has so much to see and do with a wide variety of activities,not to mention a short hop across the water on a tiny boat to Sunset Beach.

      Done the Hop On with my grandparents before,it’s a fun way to see your own city.

    3. Dorcas says:

      there are so many to choose from. But definitely a staple to visit is Granville Island. It has something for everyone. It has natural and man made beauty. Most recently they opened up this amazing new store that sells these beautiful handmade brooms. The Kids Market is something for kids and adults alike and it’s just a minute walk away from the delicious fish and chips, “Go Fish”. But the food in the marketplace is just equally good too. =)

    4. Lauren says:

      Granville Island when I’m hungry – otherwise Stanley Park, rain or shine. Great giveaway, Rebecca – it’s always looked like a fun thing to do!

    5. Tyler says:

      Favourite tourist place? I’d have to say Stanley Park.

      I’ve always wanted to do the Tourist thing here in Vancouver. I see the various tour companies busing people around Vancouver, it be interesting just to sit in and see what they talk about.

    6. Jessica says:

      I’m new to the city this year, so haven’t got a chance to see a lot, but so far, I’d have to say that Granville Island. Great way to spend a afternoon!

    7. Nicole says:

      It may be typical, but my fave is also Stanley Park – I’ve been so many times and I still get lost!

    8. Kay says:

      As a kid, I loved the Vancouver Aquarium and probably went there at least once a year.

    9. Joyce says:

      It’s a blessing to live in Vancouver as it has so many attractions for international AND domestic visitors. My favourite attractions include Science World, the Aquarium and Capilano Suspension Bridge. They’re fun attractions for not only kids but also those who are kids at heart 😉

    10. lindawwww says:

      My favourite place is Stanley Park. So much to see there. So much to do.

    11. Emma says:

      Stanley Park! For sure.

    12. Diane says:

      We’ve always talked about doing this and it would be great to win tickets.

    13. Katie says:

      Granville Island. I love going to the market and getting fresh produce/seafood for dinner.

    14. Tricia says:

      sounds fun! yeah, you’re right — most of us vacation elsewhere and really never spend enough time exploring our own hometown!

    15. Tricia says:

      oops, favourite is probably granville island!

    16. Karl says:

      Aquarium and I never get bored of running around the seawall in S. Park

    17. Shawn R. says:

      I love all of Vancouver. Nothing sticks out as number one. I think all of Vancouver is number one to see. So many great events and things to see and do. Keep it up Vancouver.

    18. Marina says:

      Lovely idea! I’ve also shared on FB.

    19. Marina says:

      Favourite attraction…that’s tough, there’s so much to do and see in Vancouver! For us, though, it is probably walking the seawall.

    20. LB says:

      I’m with Marina – my fave attraction is the seawall… any part of it!

    21. Ed says:

      The seawall has to be my favourite. Great scenery and good exercise. That’s what Vancouver is all about.

    22. Jenn says:

      The Vancouver Aquarium is my favorite!

    23. Michelle says:

      Stanley Park is my favorite place in vancouver. It would be wonderful to see vancouver through the eyes of a tourist, and enjoy the trolley we have had here all along!

    24. Michael Kwan says:

      I think my favorite Vancouver attraction is just taking visitors up and down Robson, Denman, and some other downtown streets. So much great food. Yaletown is pretty fantastic for that too.

    25. mike says:

      favorite attraction in Vancouver would have to be harbour center

    26. Linda says:

      Granville Island is our all time favourite. We love our day trips to the city and have actually done our own version of “tourists in our own city”. My mom will be visiting us soon and this would be great to do with her. Thank you!

    27. Maria says:

      My favourite Vancouver attraction is Stanley Park. I love the way it changes with the seasons.

    28. Christine says:

      My family and I love going to Stanley park. I love that every season there is something to do there 🙂

    29. Chris says:

      For me it must be Gastown. The old architecture is just fantastic.

    30. Tracey Flattes says:

      The family loves Vancouver Aquarium…

    31. Anna says:

      My favorite attraction will be Granville Island because it brings me back childhood memories.

    32. Ceci says:

      Granville Island would be my favorite!!

    33. Tracy says:

      Granville Island because it has so many different kinds of stores and great food too.

    34. Mona says:

      I like grouse grind/mountain

    35. Robin says:

      Not being original, but Granville Island is my favourite, although I also dearly love the Museum of Anthropology, Nitobe Garden at UBC, the main library downtown and countless other fun places.

    36. Kevin says:

      I need to do the Grouse grind again – it’s definitely my fav!

    37. Sandra Ho says:

      My favourite attraction is prospect point at stanley park or capilano suspension bridge! Got to love Vancouver. 🙂

    38. slif says:

      Granville Island. A lot of people underestimate the amount of things you can do there – I could literally spend hours there and not see the same view! All without an entrance fee!

    39. Hetesh says:

      my fav is the lynn valley suspension bridge.

    40. Granville Island is definitely my favourite, I could spend the whole day there. There are so many nice little shops, the public market is awesome, you can do yoga, relax on a bench in Ron Basford Park, have a perfect salmon burger with a glass of Pinot Grigio at the Sandbar…

    41. Karen says:

      So many favorite places, but my favorite attraction has to be the Vancouver Aquarium.

    42. Teresa K says:


    43. Kathy says:

      Oh my, where to start?

      Hmm…Well,on a beautiful day like today,there is no beating having a walk along the seawall in Stanley Park and eating fish and chips with sand in them

    44. ming says:

      favorite attraction? Granville Island…

    45. Helen says:

      I love the Vancouver Art Gallery! Generally good exhibitions, great gift shop and a cafe that has really good food, beer & wine at very reasonable prices! Plus it has a clean bathroom if you know where to find it!!

    46. Jeanie says:

      Stanley Park seawall

    47. Richard says:

      Granville Island

    48. kelsey says:

      stanley park- so pretty

    49. will says:

      vancouver art gallery

    50. PING says:

      I take my son to Main & Hastings.

      I also take my tourist friends to Main & Hastings. The poorest postal code in Canada.

    51. Jen says:

      We go to the Aquarium a lot with the kids…it’s great to have an annual pass so we can just drop in for an hour or two without stressing about “getting our money’s worth”. That leaves lots of time for a walk on the seawall or a picnic in the park.

    52. Jen says:

      Shared on Facebook (didn’t use the share button though)…

    53. Karen says:

      My favourite attraction would definitely have to be Granville Island – I love all of the neat artisans, the fresh food, the bakery and theatre sports!

    54. Karen says:

      Shared on FB 🙂

    55. Rachel says:

      Granville Island – love the crafts and food!

    56. Dave says:

      Still kind of new here, but so far Granville Island is my hands-down favourite. Nothing better than people-watching with a book, bread and cheese, then walking home with some fresh market produce.

      Lynn Valley bridge is a close second (so far), though.

    57. Areta says:

      Gastown is my favorite Vancouver attraction.

    58. mike says:

      i just used the share button and shared this contest on facebook

    59. taraden says:

      my favorite vancouver attraction is either Stanley Park or Grouse Mountain. I have always thought the Trolley Tour looked fun!

    60. Amanda says:

      My favourite place is Granville Island! Love it there!

    61. hansolocujo says:

      My favorite attraction is Stanley Park and the Aquarium.

    62. Bernadette Estrada says:

      my fave has got to be the suspension bridge in north vancouver. Also Stanley park is my fave as well

    63. Jason Klatt says:

      My favorite is definately Grouse mountain. I always take relatives up there when they are visiting from out of town. Best way to see the whole city!

    64. Veronica says:

      My favourite attraction is Capilano Bridge. We went during the summer with my family and it was a memorable day out for all of us.

    65. Stephanie says:

      My fav attraction is the Vancouver Art Gallery. They have had some incredible exhibits.

    66. Hayley says:

      My favourite place to go is definitely Stanley Park <3

    67. Krista says:

      I love Vancouver Aquarium – that is one place I would love to have a annual pass to. But for areas in the city, Granville Island is a great place to bring out of town guests.

    68. Marlene says:

      So many attractions in Vancouver, all near the top of my list Granville Is., Stanley Park, Aquarium, Sceince World, Police Museum

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