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I have just checked into the Northern Voice conference at the Life Sciences Centre at UBC. Each year this blogging conference (probably the largest of its kind in Canada) features workshops and sessions about personal blogging and social media topics.

Northern Voice 2010 Northern Voice 2010

Photo credit: Tinfoiling on Flickr

I have been attending for the last four years and each time I cover the event in a different way. I probably won’t be liveblogging all of the sessions I attend however here are a few that I am looking forward to today:

  • Keynote Bryan Alexander
  • Online Publishing & The Law with Dan Burnett
  • Copyright & Online Expression with Martha Rans & Hart Snider
  • OMGWTF The World of Chatroulette with Dean Hudson
  • … and many more (I’ll update the list for Saturday too)
  • Northern Voice 2010

    I’ll be updating this post throughout the day and will pull in the Twitter feed from the conference using the tag #nv10.

    Update Northern Voice is known for its conference t-shirts that read, “Bloggable”. Today we have the youngest attendee ever (and probably the cutest) sporting his own conference tee.


    Update After a welcome from Darren Barefoot and sponsor shout outs from Julie Szabo we’re onto the keynote by Bryan Alexander.

    The keynote is engaging and captivating so I won’t be liveblogging it (I’d like to pay closer attention). However, every talk today is being recorded on video and will be available for viewing later on. I’ll post links here when available.

    Bryan Alexander @ NV10 Spot the chicken at Norhern Voice

    Sans PowerPoint slides for his talk, Bryan immediately points out the giant chicken in the audience (yes, there’s a giant chicken mascot sitting here). He references a tweet posted a little while ago: @BryanAlexander I’m going to argue for the importance of mystery in digital storytelling and social networking, in a few minutes #nv10.

    Bryan is quoting a few social media fear-mongering articles including one from Slate that says when you’re online, “You’re neglecting the people around you, sometimes at the risk of killing them…” This garners chuckles from around the room. Do you blame the post office for a bad letter? Do you blame the phone company for a distressing call? How distracted are we by social media – and is this a a bad thing? How important is design?… On Twitter people are using words such as “spellbound” and “wizardry” to describe Bryan and his talk – it was amazing.

    Northern Voice 2010 Keynote Bryan Alexander & Me

    Update I’m hanging out in the atrium at Northern Voice uploading photos and catching up with friends (which is also a great part of NV).

    Bev & Kris

    Update I’ve finally made it to a few sessions at Northern Voice including the one about Copyright featuring Martha Rans & Hart Snider. Cut and Paste is an online movie remix project by Hart Snider, here’s a clip of his:

    Demo Reel 2010 from HartSnider on Vimeo.

    The essence of the work reminds me of RIP: A Remix Manifesto by Brett Gaylor.

    While this is going on I hear Dave Olson is joining co-presenter Monica Hamburg by video in a moment for their talk about Finding Your Voice online.

    Update Rachel Smith took some visual notes of the talks she attended, here’s her graphic for the keynote:

    Photo credit: Rachel Smith on Flickr

    Update Here are some links featuring thoughts on Day One.

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    1. ApollineRFriday, May 7th, 2010 — 7:21pm PDT

      Today was very enlightening for me and it was nice to meet you in real life 🙂

    2. Bryan AlexanderSaturday, May 8th, 2010 — 9:44am PDT

      Many thanks for the extremely sweet words! It was very good to meet you.

    3. Monica (aka monnibo)Monday, May 10th, 2010 — 7:37pm PDT

      Thanks for the movie pass. Here are my “recaps”:

    4. OfficeChickenWednesday, May 12th, 2010 — 11:17am PDT

      Thank you for the link love Rebecca – my only regret from the conference (other than learning that I’m being shipped off to Africa) was that we were unable to connect for a photo sesh!

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