The Blue Dragon at SFU Contemporary Arts Woodwards

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Last April it was announced that the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad‘s crown jewel performance would be Robert Lapage’s The Blue Dragon. Premiering at SFU Contemporary Arts at Woodward’s the visually stunning play will run until February 27th.

John and I had the chance to see it on opening weekend and it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. I’m not sure what I was expecting going into the show however it blew me away with modern themes, humour, and dazzling visual effects. If you saw the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony on TV and were mesmerized by the floor to ceiling projections, imagine the same technology but in a small, intimate theatre setting.

Both John and I really enjoyed the performance although if you have young ones this may not be suitable as it has mature language and subject matter.

Should you have the chance to check it out before its run ends, I highly recommend doing so. Tickets start at $30 and are available online.

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  1. NoraFriday, February 19th, 2010 — 6:02pm PST

    Given that this is a sequel, is it recommended that one has seen previous parts to enjoy this portion?

  2. Miss604Friday, February 19th, 2010 — 6:03pm PST

    I haven’t seen the first and I could follow along – I didn’t feel as though I was missing part of the story.

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