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CEFA's Clothes for Kids Drive

Comments 3 by Rebecca Bollwitt

On now until January 15th, CEFA (Core Education & Fine Arts) schools will be accepting clothing to be donated to the YWCA’s Crabtree Corner as a part of the CEFA Clothes for Kids Drive. Crabtree Corner is a transition house in the Downtown East Side that specializes in helping single mothers in transition and their […]

Canyon Lights with Capilano Suspension Bridge

Comments 58 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Photo credit: KristaEleman on Flickr Capilano Suspension Bridge’s annual Canyon Lights event beings December 4th and will run 5:00pm to 9:00pm every day (except Christmas Day) until January 2, 2010. This unique chance to see the Bridge, Canyon, and Treetop adventure illuminated at night by 250,000 LED holiday lights is a treat. There will also […]

Rogers Santa Claus Parade Vancouver 2009

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

It’s only been six years running but the Rogers Santa Claus Parade has certainly made its mark as a holiday tradition in Vancouver. Photo credit: Tyler Ingram on Flickr On Sunday December 6th starting at 1:00pm you can line up anywhere along the designated parade route (see map below) to catch a glimpse of community […]

Postcards from Punta Cana

Comments 4 by Rebecca Bollwitt

The sea was turbulent and cranky as though it was annoyed at the sunrise for waking it too early on a weekend morning. Enjoying the start of our third full day in Punta Cana, I did a photowalk while John went for a run on the beach. The beachfront is bustling in the morning with […]

I'm on Vacation

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Currently sitting among a sticky at 28 degrees Celsius, listening to the wind make xylophone-like sounds as it rushes through the drying palm branches, I am on vacation. Unfortunately though, my husband is not. He’s working about 4 hours each morning helping the TEAM 1040’s morning show with Barry MacDonald and Scott Rintoul broadcast on […]