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Bridge to a Cool Planet

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 — 8:40am PDT
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This Saturday is International Day of Climate Action and will see events and symposiums taking place across the globe. In Vancouver, we’ll have Bridge to a Cool Planet kicking off with a banner draping on the Cambie Street Bridge at noon.

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This December, world leaders are meeting in Copenhagen to agree on a treaty to stop global warming. The Canadian Government must be a strong leader at these talks. Here is an easy way to tell them that you want action:

Come to the Bridge! On October 24 we need to send a powerful message to Ottawa. Public pressure — large numbers of people in the streets, calling for action — is the most important way we can influence our government right now. We need to talk to each other about the kind of world we want. Let’s start working together to build a better future! The climate talks in Copenhagen this December are crucial.

The Cambie Bridge will actually be closed to traffic and open to the public at 11:00am and all are encouraged to come out and drape a banner along the side with their climate action calls. You can also dress up as your favourite endangered species or come as you are to this event that will then take over False Creek. A parade will march from the bridge down Pacific Boulevard, and then over to Science World where there will be a stage and exhibition booths. Booths will also be setup along Quebec Street and on the Cambie Bridge.

Science World will then be the main hub of activity after the banner drapings and there will be a Kid Zone complete with arts & crafts, performers, and story-telling from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. Other bands will perform on the stage including Mojave at 4:15pm.

The idea is to make a statement, make a stand, and support climate action initiatives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and the world on this day. You can read all about the key issues on the Bridge to a Cool Planet site and find out how to get more involved. You may also follow @B2CP on Twitter.

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  1. paul says:

    we’re looking forward to playing the event! so stoked to be part of a positive event that will hopefully bring about change and ACTION.

  2. Darren says:

    Thanks for covering this event! The organizers behind it are psyched (and praying for good weather, no doubt).

  3. Lisa Mighton says:

    Great to see this on your blog!

    Also to watch for or participate in – tomorrow’s lead-up events:
    – A press conference at City Hall will be unprecedented: Vancouver’s multicultural leaders together tell Canada ‘we want more climate action’
    -‘The Sean Penn of Asian cinema’ at the Bollywood Hall in Surrey speaking about the impacts of climate change in India & holding a public discussion
    – Events with Oxfam ambassador Christina Ora (age 17, touring Canada for the Climate Justice Tour)
    – Media at school groups throughout Vancouver — kids are painting the 100m banner to be revealed Saturday on the Cambie St Bridge – kids sending a climate action message to Canada

  4. Victor says:

    DDA will be there too! I blogged briefly about it a couple days ago also.

  5. Kristi Fuoco says:

    I hope to make it! Sounds like a great event!

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