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A Year in 5 Minutes

Friday, October 2nd, 2009 — 11:03am PDT
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Author Chuck Davis, who runs the ultimate Vancouver history website, has been publishing an online series called “A Year in 5 Minutes“.

The “New” Orpheum on Granville Street – Photographer: Jack Lindsay – ITEM #: CVA 1184-2290

Hosted over at re:place Magazine, Chuck has been highlighting one year every week starting with the incorporation of our fair town in 1886. He’s just past the 50-year mark and I thought it was worth taking a look at some of his posts to learn a bit more about how our city has taken shape.

In the series:

  • The First Decade: Public transit, Stanley Park and water.
  • The Second Decade: Public library, Interurban and gold!
  • The Third Decade: The PNE, a building boom and war.
  • The Fourth Decade: Fire, floods and Spanish Flu.
  • The Fifth Decade: Burrard Bridge, Vancouver Airport and the Great Depression.
  • Each “Year in 5 Minutes” post packs 365 days of history in one single blog page and features photos from the City of Vancouver Archives. The series is now up to 1937 and will keep going every week (posted every Monday) until we reach present-day Vancouver. It’s definitely worth checking out especially if you love local history like I do.

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