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Mojave on Tour

Saturday, July 11th, 2009 — 8:00am PDT
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Several months ago I was able to profile Mojave for one of my weekly E!Online articles and since that time they have been crazy-busy recording an album and touring around to promote Crow’s Funeral.

Mojave - Crow's Funeral CD Mojave - Crow's Funeral CD

Mojave‘s music is podsafe (meaning you can play them on a podcast) and if you’re in to blip (the music file sharing service that works with Twitter) you’ll notice their tunes on there as well.

They’ve been using Twitter, a blog, Flickr, and various social media tools to market the album so you can experience them practically anywhere (there’s no excuse not to).

Mojave will be in Kelowna today, Saturday July 11th, and in Vancouver July 26th at the Railway Club. In August they will take off across Canada for a round-trip tour to Ontario and back to BC. I highly encourage you to check them out online and in person.

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