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The following is a guest post contributed by Tania from The Quack Attack.

When Miss 604 (one of this city’s best sources for all things Vancouver) put out the call for contributions to her Blogathan 2009 cause, I leapt at the opportunity to contribute what little I could. August 8th marks my one-year anniversary living in Vancouver. To commemorate the occasion, I could not think of a better place to do it than on the Web site (, which has been a helpful part in my deciding to come here.

I was born and raised in the Nation’s Capital – Ottawa, ON. I had never lived anywhere else, nor had I hardly left the city. In Spring 2008 I found myself feeling listless and in need of something new to experience. Through the intersecting of several chance variables, I found myself taking a vacation to Vancouver. In the back of my mind, I had known all along that visit wasn’t just a vacation … it was a test to see if I could consider calling the city ‘home’. After 10 glorious days, I returned to Ottawa … physically. Though, mentally, I never left.

Looking back at how easily things fell into place, it seems almost as if it was fate. On 08-08-08, my dog and I boarded a direct flight from Ottawa to Vancouver. One way. Saying ‘goodbye’ to my life as I had known it back home wasn’t so hard, as I knew I was saying ‘hello’ to a whole new world on the West Coast.

Blogs and blogging played an irreplaceable role in my decision to move here and positive experience after having done so. Before my initial visit, I began frequenting local blogs – including These blogs helped me gain an understanding of what Vancouverites were like and also what to look for when visiting their city. I was well versed in Vancouver before even setting foot on or off a plane thanks to you friendly neighborhood bloggers. Also, through blogging I managed to make some acquaintances with Vancouverites virtually. It was almost as if I had already constructed a social network ahead of myself that was simply waiting for my arrival. Upon moving, I met all of these acquaintances – and more! – in person and have since formed some of the strongest friendships I have ever had the privilege of holding.

This past year has been a lot of one-step-backward, two-steps-forward – but overall, I think I am trending upwards and onwards. It’s impossible to encapsulate in a single blog post all the things that I have come to love about my adopted home – so many treasured memories, already! If I had to choose ONE thing, I think the single theme of ‘change’ would be it. Moving here was definitely the biggest change I’ve experienced in my lifetime – a change that I decided to take, instead of having forced upon me … which is kind of empowering. But Vancouver itself is all about change. The skyline of the city is never the same from one month to the next with the constant construction (get used to that – it doesn’t seem to go away). It’s almost impossible to find yourself bored here because there is always something new to experience (endless attractions and new activities/shops to explore). Even the population is constantly changing, as there is a constant influx of newcomers moving here (like yours truly).

Embracing change is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself as an individual … and is something this city seems to have taken to heart. One thing I won’t change is my decision to call Vancouver home. Thank YOU for embracing ME, Vancouver! 🙂

Consider helping to make social change by donating to causes championed by any of the kind bloggers taking part in today’s Blogathon. Cheers!

About Tania: Congratulations Tania on your one-year West Coast anniversary. You can read more on her blog, The Quack Attack or follow her on Twitter @TheQuack.

Post #28 of #49 – Over the next 24 hours I will be raising funds for the Union Gospel Mission during Blogathon 2009 by writing a blog post every 30 minutes. Please consider donating to my cause to keep my going until 6am PT July 26th.

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