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Illuminate Yaletown 2009

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 — 7:00am PDT
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I know that seeing a post with the word “Yaletown” included in my “Cheap Things to Do” category may seem a bit out of the ordinary to some but next weekend’s Illuminate Yaletown proves that the days of Vancouver’s free family-friendly events for all are not quite a thing of the past.

Photo credit: bigsnit on Flickr

On February 21st from 5:29pm until 9:29pm in Yaletown’s heritage district (Hamilton and Mainland between Davie and Nelson) everyone is welcome to enjoy light installations, music, colour-changing helium orbs, light graffiti, fire breathing and many other dazzling displays.

As the only outdoor event to take place in Vancouver at this time of year, this event will bring light to a gloomy night. Featuring light installations developed by artists and architects, cutting edge music and interactive activities, illuminate yaletown will allow attendees to see Vancouver as it has never been experienced before. [Yaletown]

The city’s first ever light-as-art show will kick off outside the Hamilton Street Grill (1009 Hamilton) last for one night only. As the Canada Line nears completion this is also a good time to check out local restaurants, shops, and businesses, access to which may have been obstructed during the construction period. Organizers also hope this will turn into an annual event.

A VIP reception will be held at the Opus Hotel and there is also a “Fire and Ice” cocktail party ($25) at the Hamilton Street Grill.

You can also submit your photos from the event to the Illuminate Yaletown Flickr group for your chance to win up to $500 in prizes.

Update: Check out reviews of this event at YatterMatters, and Gus Digital.

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  1. John says:

    Seems like a perfect way to end a day after Northern Voice.

  2. Becksirani says:

    Sounds great – an artistic illumination. Glad that the merchants in the area are taking part and celebrating the near completion of the Canada Line.

  3. […] – who also happens to be on my Northern Voice panel has done a great review of the event. The event takes place from 5:29pm to 9:29pm in Yaletown’s heritage district (Hamilton and […]

  4. Hey Rebecca:

    Thanks for using my Yaletown photo – my 12 year son was in a play during the PuSH festival and I spent a lot of time hanging around the Roundhouse in the rain 😉 though you’d never know it was raining from the photo.

    see you at NV09!

    robert ouimet

  5. Ironically using a lot of electricity to light up the town one month before Earth Hour Day.

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