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A few weeks ago we were sent a Jawbone Bluetooth headset from to try out and review. Since John just got a new Blackberry from work and he’s on the go all day I had him try it out, and we used it several times during phone calls.

Jawbone - For Product Review

My first impressions were that it certainly doesn’t look as obnoxious as the first generation of Bluetooth headsets. The Jawbone is really small and unless you do a double-take it may be mistaken for an earring or ear piece – not a mini mobile phone strapped to your head.

The sound quality is really great, in fact I could barely tell the difference between talking to John on his handset or when he was using the Jawbone. Having something hands-free is also very handy for driving as fumbling with a cell phone (since we can never miss that call) is dangerous on the road.

“It may be a bit tricky to figure out how it works at first but it’s very stealthy. There are no physical buttons – the whole thing is a button,” John noted. “The LED looks cool and the charger is pretty sweet since it’s magnetic (MagSafe)”.

“It doesn’t feel like it’s going to stay on my head – it’s loose fitting which is very good but can also be bad depending on the person you are,” commented John although I know he’s pretty fickle when it comes to earbuds and headphones as well. “It doesn’t feel like it’s stapled to your head and it doesn’t feel like your suffocating,” adding that it was a nice balance.

He said he did worry that the audio was not loud enough, which again can be a good thing or a bad thing (you don’t want to blow your ear out) and the sound quality was great on audio calls.

Overall the Jawbone was sleek, crisp and not a distraction. You can check out for more information and countless product offerings. They also have a blog about the mobile phone industry.

Disclosure: I was not paid to write this review or endorse this product.

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  1. Taris JanitensThursday, December 18th, 2008 — 8:41pm PST

    Nice! Never knew you did reviews!!! Thanks for the heads up on the neat product!!

  2. Michael HutchisonWednesday, May 27th, 2009 — 4:34pm PDT

    What was it like dealing with good prices? fast service? I might order some stuff from them.

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