Feel Good Friday Funny: GraphJam

Friday, December 19th, 2008 — 9:11am PST
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A few months ago I shared Demetri Martin and his large pad that contained data and “findings”. However it was only recently that I cam across the same type of humour (mixed with a little LOL Cat flare) over on GraphJam.

Explore the archives a little for a chuckle, I’ll be offline for most of the day doing some sixty4media work and hopefully getting over to Covenant House to drop off some donation items. Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Those are some clever ones hehehe – you should find the one that is “Percentage of Pie Graph that looks like Pacman, vs Percentage that does not”

    That one gets me every time!!

  2. Jenny says:


  3. […] Feel Good Friday Funny: GraphJam » Vancouver Blog Miss 604 by … […]

  4. […] Friday evening I was online at 10pm (yeah, cuz I’m cool… what of it?) and came across Miss 604’s Graph Jam post. So funny. It made my evening… it could have been that I took too much cold medication, but […]

  5. If people would only look at life in a more positive manner, what a wonderful life they would find.

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