Feel Good Friday Funny: GraphJam

Friday, December 19th, 2008 — 9:11am PDT
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A few months ago I shared Demetri Martin and his large pad that contained data and “findings”. However it was only recently that I cam across the same type of humour (mixed with a little LOL Cat flare) over on GraphJam.

Explore the archives a little for a chuckle, I’ll be offline for most of the day doing some sixty4media work and hopefully getting over to Covenant House to drop off some donation items. Happy Friday everyone!

Current contests on Miss604.com


  1. Those are some clever ones hehehe – you should find the one that is “Percentage of Pie Graph that looks like Pacman, vs Percentage that does not”

    That one gets me every time!!

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  3. […] Friday evening I was online at 10pm (yeah, cuz I’m cool… what of it?) and came across Miss 604’s Graph Jam post. So funny. It made my evening… it could have been that I took too much cold medication, but […]

  4. If people would only look at life in a more positive manner, what a wonderful life they would find.

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