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Wordle is Neat

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 — 10:17pm PDT
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While recording an episode of The Crazy Canucks Podcast tonight, my co-host Alanah mentioned she did a Wordle of a Patrick Roy conference call. As this was the first time I had heard of Wordle I looked into it and even made my own based on my current feed.

My Wordle for Today

You can input a block of text, a url or an RSS feed and it will create a tag cloud for the most prominent words used in that story, chunk of text, post or site. I think it’s pretty neat – even moreso that the largest/most used word in the Roy story was “mean”.


  1. Loxy says:

    I can’t stop wordling!!

  2. […] morning I saw a post from my friend Miss604, about Wordle.  Wordle will analyze your blog feed and create a word cloud of its […]

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