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On a sunny day, walking down Robson Street, you can probably spot the VW Beetle that is painted blue and covered in everything from sea shells to jewels, even sporting a fully working fountain on the hood. It has been known to sport a “Go Canucks” now and then, and it always certainly draws a crowd.

John Berringer passed along the link for this gem – going for only $600. When the ad was posted it was painted white with striping and accents the colour of the Vancouver Canucks jersey (blue and green). On the roof it has “Linden 16” and there’s a 17 painted on the driver side door.

Just a few days ago a car of similar make and model was spotted and captured by Yumi (friend of The Crazy Canucks Flickr group). It seems like the car has been repainted to suit the late 1990’s Canucks colours and only has one number on it this time, 16.

Last season Zipcar did a promotion with the Canucks, painting some of their fleet in white, blue and green to benefit the Canucks for Kids fund (by Zipcar donating $0.25 every time someone books one of the Canucks cars).

There were also dozens of Canucks cars and trucks on the road last season during the Ultimate Canucks Fan search.

At a time when Canucks fan confidence is up and down like Hellevator, it’s fun to see people going all out like this. However, I think the furthest I’d probably go with my vehicle (if I had one) would be to outfit in a car flag or two… although that might change if I had a spare $600 lying around.

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  1. John BerringerTuesday, November 11th, 2008 — 5:23pm PST

    Nice one!

    I wonder if he sold it yet?


  2. BradWednesday, November 12th, 2008 — 1:52pm PST

    I saw this exact car just yesterday at the McDonalds’ parking lot down by the Scott Rd. SkyTrain station. It now has 2 numbers on it again.. I believe it was 17 and now 23 as well. It still had the for sale sign on it too… so I take it hasn’t been sold yet!

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