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The Submarines, More than iPhone Tunes

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 — 7:07pm PDT
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Back in March I received a review copy of The Submarine‘s album Honeysuckle Weeks. I really enjoyed it and became a big fan although I was unable to attend their concert (though I was given some tickets to give away on my blog).

The Submarines, which remind me of another man/woman band pairing, Mates of State (whom John and I got to see at The Plaza Club in 2006), are John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard.

They recently hit it big (with Apple fanboys and girls at least) with their song You Me and the Bourgeoisie being featured and sampled in some of the latest iPhone commercials. They’ve also got a few of their tunes on prime time television shows such as Gossip Girl.

The Subs, who are on the Vancouver-based label Nettwerk, are also giving back, having recently launched a partnership with Toms Shoes (the online shoe company I wrote about in my Hanson interview that donates pairs of shoes to children in need across the globe).

They are also taking part in Just Like Heaven, a Cure tribute album that will be released in January 2009, by covering Boys Don’t Cry.

You can purchase The Submarines‘ music online and on iTunes. I don’t see any current tour plans to return to these parts although you can keep up to date on their globetrotting through their blog.


  1. Dan Udey says:

    When I was working at Nettwerk I wound up with a copy of this song. Was very disappointed when I was told there weren’t any more songs mastered yet and so I couldn’t sample any more of their awesome tunes.

  2. says:

    The Submarines, More than iPhone Tunes » Vancouver Blog Miss 604 by Rebecca Bollwitt…

    Miss 604 reviews the new Submarine’s album – Honeysuckle Weeks on her blog….

  3. Brittany says:


    Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for posting TOMS Shoes on your blog and for sharing TOMS Shoes with your readers. I’d love to send you a little gift to show our appreciation. Will you email me your mailing address? You can help us reach our goal of 30k in 30 days!

    Take care,

  4. Kali says:

    The Submarines write beautiful songs with heart. I’ve been a fan since their first album. I’m happy for their success. I’m sure iTunes pays well. 🙂 I also love their Cure cover. I purchased that tribute and it’s wonderful. Keep writing Blake and John. The world needs more bands like you. xxoo

  5. Rob J says:

    Love ’em. Very 60s sounding to my ears (Brian Wilson’s fingerprints are on it, for sure) – a bit mid-90s Brit-pop too. Sometimes I think that Canadian music is the best kept secret in the world, a world where Alanis Morrisette remains to be inescapble.

    How do you get free records sent to you, then M.604? Cool ,free records is my idea of music blog geek nirvana…


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