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I only have one more trip to the polls this fall. Federal election done (won by Hedy Fry in Vancouver Centre), BC by-election done (won by Spencer Herbert in Vancouver-Burrard), and now I just have to catch up on my civic politics for the Vancouver Vote on November 15th.

I’d like to conduct some interviews, like I did for the by-election, and find out more about the candidates. So far I’ve been invited to Vision Vancouver events (and checked out their swanky new website with interactive map) and I’ve been sent campaign videos from COPE, which are amusing.

This is not an endorsement for COPE, I’m simply sharing

If you would like to learn more about the upcoming civic elections in Vancouver or your area (since the entire region will be voting for their municipal government) let me know what you’d like to me to cover. To start, here are some basics:

Candidates for Mayor of Vancouver
Britten, Patrick C. – Nude Garden Party
Buday, Golok Z.
Caissy, Menard D.
Emery, Marc
Hansen, Mike
Hatoum, Joe (Maple Ridge)
Jimenez, Angel L.
Kaplan, Leon
Krawczyk, Betty – Work Less Party
Kuah, Jeff (Burnaby)
Ladner, Peter – NPA
Maxwell N Bur, R.H.
Ritchie, Bill
Robertson, Gregor – Vision Vancouver
Yee, Scott

You can also view biographies along with candidates for councillor, candidates for park commissioner, and candidates for school trustee over on the Vancouver Votes website.

Also, if you have enjoyed my election coverage so far (covering many levels of government) please consider visiting the VoterMedia website, where you can check out other great election blogs.

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  1. Tris HusseyFriday, October 31st, 2008 — 11:26am PDT

    Do we dare ask about the “Nude Garden Party”?

    I’m glad I only have one more ballot to cast. Voting in 4 elections in two countries is a lot of work. On the plus side I get to complain about politics all I want! :D.

  2. Miss604Friday, October 31st, 2008 — 11:33am PDT

    Tris – John said the Nude Garden Party actually had some proposals for making more of Vancouver’s beaches “clothing optional” hmmm… I’ll have to look into it some more 😛

  3. WillFriday, October 31st, 2008 — 11:37am PDT

    That’s an awesome video for Cadman. Wish more candidates had a sense of humour and an ability to get *some* of their message out.

  4. GölökSaturday, November 1st, 2008 — 7:36am PDT

    Well Britten, all be a civil fellow to talk to in between Cecil acts (a place I boycot until they stop the ID and Metal Check now) but he wants the state to pay for his cult’s compound based a world fair gag where an architech wanted to cover NY City with a dome. At least it’s funny to me.
    It’s hard being the ethnic that doesn’t look it, even the Brasilian with a German name (Kaplan) has that going for hi….maybe not come to think of it that might scare someone.
    The election is being Animal Farmed for a renewal of big brother by many of the debates on tax payer paid properties and the press (including tax paid CBC at the Oct 8th debate) big brother. The invite us more at the end hoping we are too tired of it to go on. Also the block vote hunt for minorities to build a railroad to a new Anglo centric state.

    My skin is light compared to my mother spano-flem relatives, but I am not a western european and am the only person in the world with that name. They are saying he’s young and unexperienced and has a funny name, I joke a bit but really Obama couldn’t pronounce it with help. My umlaud is more Germanic as an oe even know some western euros use it, maybe because of the Austro-Hungarian fiasco.

    Mission has a non-anglo Mayor, not just superficial looks, but a name that qualifies.
    Cross burning Fry?

    I am an angry ethnic voter, tready of trianon is an example of the hatred for my people by the western alliance. Gladly handing us over to Stalin.

    I hate this, we do not wine most of the time, but this is too much. Richmond and Vancouver South, yeah they were running with commieish parties.
    I am independent as a Magyar, with that libertarian zeal to tell the authorities to fuck themselves; I understand the temptation of anarchy, but have a sense of realism about human nature and their tendency to tribalism and how they’d kill and enslave unless tribalism is controlled. Government with peaceful assembly and all that jazz.
    Screw SUCCESS and their anglo masters. Screw Britania.
    Blah blah.
    Authoritarian anglos, why to wash the Irish and the Scotch out?
    Sick of the mick? They might of said about Sullivan, ‘at least Ireland is still in the west of Europe and the Islands.’
    Conscientious matter, voting, and self education, endless web searches. Web site checks, face book pages, all that tell you more about your options than anyone in the press. Bloody sad, what tools of the establishment.
    Homelessness is an issue? Maybe not allowing voters to be voting with informed consent? The city, the government does a better job with their site and hand out, the private sector should be ashamed, wearing the Fascist Coalition of Vision Coalition-NPA (minus Anita Romaniuk who opposed the Election Bylaw).

    No Olympics! No Eco(nomic) Density! Open Nominations for Choice! No Censorship!
    I announced my campaign in Nov. 15th 2007.

    Pardon if I am verbose and neurotic, I am pissed and still fight severe learning disabilities I fight to minor. Yes I was a special needs baby. God do I hate the word special. Does it mean queer, retard, learning disabled, brainiac? It’s like “Gifted.”

    We need a jayded well humored Mayor who can mediate all parties not be of one of them. I love this city, but I run still doubting even the best of them other than me and I am not thinking highly of myself especially but no Robertson/Lader are not second.
    SZabadság! (Liberty!),

    Gölök Z Buday
    “The strongest passions and most dangerous weaknesses of the human breast;
    ambition, avarice, vanity, the honorable or venal love of fame,
    are all in conspiracy against the desire and duty of peace.”
    — James Madison
    (1751-1836), Father of the Constitution for the USA, 4th US President

  5. GölökSaturday, November 1st, 2008 — 7:38am PDT

    Oh that video is boring, although I do have some odd ties of my own design I should thank him, this has something to do with his boring ties as avant garde isn’t it?

  6. The real storyTuesday, November 4th, 2008 — 10:29pm PST

    This site highlighting the low points – and all true – of Peter Ladner and the NPA’s record is a simple overview of 3 years of inaction –

    I’m never been an ndp guy but there’s no way anyone who cares about the city can vote in Peter Ladner after his time on council

  7. Lamar LovanTuesday, March 2nd, 2010 — 11:31pm PST

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