Vancouver Canucks October 25th Who Else?

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There’s a cryptic video on the Canucks website right now that asks several (rhetorical) questions and leads us all to believe the organisation is cooking something up for this Saturday’s game versus the Oilers.

Who else suffered rejection for an NHL franchise, but never quit?
Who else turned a symbol of surrender into a passionate tradition copied all across sports?
Who else survived the insults of the Flying “V”, the Plate of Spaghetti and the Skate going down?
October 25th, 2008 General Motors Place

Mike (Yankee Canuck) posted the questions asked in the video and what he thinks are possible answers:

1. It’s a variation of the movie Se7en customized for the Canucks, including a whole new crop of seven deadly sins: Jarome Iginla, Joe Sakic, Rob Niedermayer, Mark Messier, Dan Cloutier, the entire San Jose Shark roster throughout history and Pamela Anderson deep tonguing Fin.

2. The Oilers will figure out a way to throw out seven more bloggers from their section of the press box.

3. On a day where all 30 teams play, they’ll be saluting the Vancouver fan base specifically and giving away free money, free puppies or possibly your own Tim Horton’s store. And ‘ll be watching from afar getting drunk (ok, fine, tha’s a given no matter what they do).

Here are my observations so far:

2. They’re more than likely towel power.
3. Jersey insults hmm… are they saying they might unveil the rumoured third jersey that night?

The number “7” that flashes at the end is curious, it’s in a uniform-type font which suggests they could be honoring players (like Cliff Ronning who wore #7).

Whatever it is, it’s building some hype and whatever gets home town crowds and fans excited about hockey is fine with me (although, I just wish they had an embed option on the video so I could paste it here). What do you think is going to happen on Saturday at GM Place?

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  1. JVThursday, October 23rd, 2008 — 12:57pm PDT

    The buzz on the Canucks forums is that they’ll do something like raise a “7th man” banner or flag to signify the fans being part of the team – like what the Seattle Seahawks do.

    Or maybe they’ll introduce a “Ring of Honour” with 7 initial inductees?

    The mysterious ad also ran in the Vancouver Sun today.

  2. Ian BellThursday, October 23rd, 2008 — 5:50pm PDT

    My math may be wonky, but if (and I believe this is true) they are in fact unveiling the new jersey, this year’s will be the 7th generation of jerseys since the original blue with stick and rink.

    PS, RB: your eyes follow me on my motorcycle from the sides of buses, no matter where I am. It’s creeping me out.

  3. Miss604Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 — 5:55pm PDT

    @ Ian – I see all… 😉

  4. UrbandwellerThursday, October 23rd, 2008 — 6:36pm PDT

    I am totally lost as to what it could be. Perhaps they’ll they’ll unveil the 3rd jersey early? However I don’t think this is the 7th generation of the jerseys, but I lost count a long time ago 🙂

  5. Derek B.Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 — 7:15pm PDT

    There is some hype of Mr. Mats … signing with the Canucks (unlikely). Becasue Sundin’s number 13, is taken by Mike Brown, they say number seven is the new Sundin number. I personally think if Sundin signed with the Canucks all the teams tha also wanted Mats would’ve leaked this info. Hmmm, definetly watching the game to solve the little riddle, I like the way they drop the anxiety on you without a clue of what it may be.

  6. Miss604Friday, October 24th, 2008 — 7:58am PDT

    @ JV, I was just woken up by the radio and before I hit snooze I heard the morning crew saying that the “fans being the 7th man” thing is probably their best bet.

  7. Mother Pucker HockeyFriday, October 24th, 2008 — 8:28am PDT

    Can’t wait for this one. That Cliff Ronning thing might just come true… thats the only sense I can make of it. The other being the new 3rd jerseys as well. What better opportunity to have both those events than on national TV on a night when all 30 teams play?

  8. KarlFriday, October 24th, 2008 — 10:06am PDT

    “Who else turned a symbol of [surrender] (you typo’d there) into a passionate tradition copied all across sports?” to me screams of Roger Nielson raising a white ‘surrender flag’ and starting the Towel Power craze that almost every pro sport team does now…. it doesn’t really connect to the other points tho…

  9. ChrisSaturday, October 25th, 2008 — 9:29am PDT

    See! I’m not crazy (if anyone thought so from my previous comments)!

    If I were to guess, I would think it has to do with fan appreciation as Roger wasn’t around long enough and much of that was too early for Cliff. But I’ve never been very good at such mind bogglers in the past, so why start now?

  10. Miss604Saturday, October 25th, 2008 — 4:51pm PDT

    John Bollwitt confirmed this afternoon: “Confirmed. 7 meant the 7th man at GM Place. Everyone gets little flags to wave on the seats with the number 7 on it.”

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