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Friday, October 24th, 2008 — 8:46am PDT
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Taking a break from the municipal and provincial election coverage to engage in some silly entertainment (see last night’s post about sweet, sweet 80s tunes) I’m going to complete my mission after being “tagged” by Tyler Ingram yesterday.

I admit, I have participated and perpetuated many memes before, and for those of you who are not familiar – it’s kind of like those forwarded emails you would get 10 years ago that you’d have to fill out and pass along to your friends for a nice chuckle (which is pretty fitting given the first question on this particular list).

Ten Years Ago5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
– BMX’ing at Surrey and Ladner skate parks
– Going to LAN parties (I kid you not)
– Bragging about my 5 digit ICQ number (that I have since totally forgotten)
– Browsing Audiogalaxy for the latest mp3 FTP sites, and setting up my own
– Graduating, then attending SFU and staying up all night drinking cola, writing my website, and chatting with Anne

5 Things on my to-do list today:
– Write my article for E!Online
– Get interviewed by Tenille about Keira
– Interview Arthur Griffiths about the by-election
– Client meetings
– Attend Interesting Vancouver this evening

5 snacks I like:
– Carrots
– Trail mix
– Popcorn
– Cheese
– Crackers with the aforementioned cheese

5 Things I would do it I was a millionaire:
– Buy houses for the people in my family
– Get us a house with a big yard and a tire swing (and other houses in various cities).
– Travel. First stop, a beach somewhere. Next stop, John’s Grandma’s birthplace in Mexico. Then, the Mediterranean (and our other houses).
– Give back. To so many organizations and even to all those software services we use for free that sometimes pop up a donation button.
– Live a full life with my husband (which I probably won’t need the money to do).

House in Cambridge5 Places I’ve Lived in (for various lengths of time):
– Newton (Surrey, BC)
– Whalley (Surrey, BC)
– Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA)
– Kitsilano (Vancouver, BC)
– Downtown/West End (Vancouver, BC)

5 Jobs I have had:
– Retail Manager (Bentley/Collacutt)
– Online Production Manager (Fair Disclosure Financial Network)
– Newsroom Editor (Newswire Service)
– New Media Specialist (Payment Gateway Provider)
– Senior Partner and COO (sixty4media)

5 People I tag:
Local female blogger theme…
Michelle Evans
Kerry of WetCoastWomen
Dr Beth Snow

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  1. Ashamed it took me all of 30 minutes to find this lovely incoming link; can you tell I’m addicted to my wordpress stats? LAN parties?! I won’t ask what those are. Okay then, stay tuned for a new post…

  2. Tyler Ingram says:

    I remember the days of ICQ my number too had 5 digits but like you I cannot remember it.

  3. Tyler Ingram says:

    LAN parties are when you bring your computer over to a friends house or building and game all day, night, morning. I actually have never been to a LAN hehe

  4. Tawcan says:

    Funny to see how thise MEME thing spread… 95% of the blogs on my blogroll now are doing this. :p

  5. Roshan says:

    Jen had tagged/punched me with the same meme and you can find my answers here:

  6. Judd says:

    If you wanted houses for your family, then I think you might be a little light by just being a millionaire. Unless you moved and became ‘Miss 250’ …then maybe 😉

  7. Tim Ayres says:

    You went to LAN parties, AND had a 5-digit ICQ number? Further proof that you are easily the coolest chick in Vancouver. Where were girls like you when I was in high school – I believe we graduated the same year (SDSS ’98)!

    I did this meme yesterday if anyone cares, see the address above!

  8. Raul says:

    I would have tagged you but I figured you were too busy 🙁 but I’ll tag you next time 😉

  9. Tim Ayres says:

    ^^ Second that from me, you’re definite meme-fodder now!

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  11. […] do before a day when you have a tonne of things to get done right?), I came home to discover that Rebecca had tagged me with this meme.  And I’m like “Score! Me no need think for blog tonight! Blog idea be […]

  12. Ariane says:

    Oh no you didn’t! :-p

  13. Bradley says:

    so im thinking your grad photo was a headshot for an audition for Mannequin 2? ha ha ha

  14. […] all the blog posts I need to write, sitting in my backlog, mocking me… and low and behold, someone else adds another to the list!  But this should make for a nice light break from all my emo posts […]

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