Vancouver Girl's Guide to the iPhone, Part 6: iPhone Video Recorder

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I think I’m a bad iPhone owner. I haven’t upgraded, I don’t have a data plan (meaning, it’s a jailbroken, first gen), but truth is – it’s working just the way I need it to. I decided to try out a video recording app since my Flip Camera seems to think it’s full even though there are no files on it (but that’s a whole other blog post).

I took this quick video at the beach yesterday as I evaluated the “iPhone Video Recorder” app.

iPhone Video Recording. Warning: John is topless.

Watching Phaedra spin

Getting the video off my iPhone wasn’t seamless, but it was easy. I usually open up Image Capture to scoop photos and video onto my computer since that way you can pick the photos you want to import, as opposed to iPhoto which just imports all. However, I couldn’t find these video files (saved at mp4’s). I then went go to the app and choose “share”, then I could choose to send the video to myself by email (or upload to YouTube).

Of course this was before I discovered that the folks who made the app, DreamCatcher, released a “to Mac” file transfer utility. The video app was launched in the spring and since then have done several updates, including the ability to make your own signature (registered users only). They have also made a sound recorder.

The app is good, the quality is as-expected, and as John said while watching the video record and encode; “Sometimes you really underestimate the computing power of the iPhone.”

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  1. buzzMonday, September 8th, 2008 — 10:21am PDT

    iPhone 3G or jail broken iPhone 1.0?

  2. John BiehlerMonday, September 8th, 2008 — 10:46am PDT

    You should check out Qik too…but you may have to upgrade to 2.02 to play. See a couple of vids I streamed live from MobileCamp on the weekend (using a 1st gen iPhone + wifi).

    I agree with John too…it’s easy to underestimate the computing power of the iPhone until you see apps like these in action.

    It’s SO easy to upgrade now too…just upgrade via iTunes to 2.02 then run QuickPWN and it will do all the work to give you back a working phone. Then all your stuff will even be restored so you won’t lose anything…plus you’ll gain the App Store access.

    But you should do this today as the new firmware will most likely drop tomorrow and the waiting game with start all over again for the dev team to get their tools working on 2.1 (probably a couple of days to a week).

  3. PhaedraMonday, September 8th, 2008 — 6:58pm PDT

    How did the video you took at my place of me dj’ing turn out? Can you post it on Flickr if it worked?

  4. Miss604Monday, September 8th, 2008 — 7:16pm PDT

    @ Buzz – You can’t get the 3G without a data plan 😉
    @ John – I was counting on you for some insights, thanks!
    @ Phaedra – Just updated to include your vid too (it’s on Flickr too)

  5. » Qik for the iPhoneMonday, September 8th, 2008 — 8:20pm PDT

    […] also isn’t the only way to record video on your iPhone either but it’s the only one I’ve tried that does live […]

  6. WillMonday, September 8th, 2008 — 9:08pm PDT

    Really? Somebody needed to write a program to get that? Now you know why Apple (ie Steve Jobs) didn’t make video easy to access. Windows Mobile (I have WM5 on my less than stellar Treo 700wx) did video right out of the box at about the same quality. You and I both know Mr. Jobs will enable Video when it is nothing short of at least Flip 640×480 quality… or maybe 720p. Now that would be another r/evolution (take your pick).

  7. Kevin HaggertyTuesday, September 9th, 2008 — 6:34am PDT

    It’s really too bad that Apple hasn’t allowed any video apps to be created (or created one themselves) – this is indeed pretty awesome.

    One thing to note though – you mentioned above that iPhoto wont allow you to import just one or two photos? That’s strange. What version of iPhoto are you using? I have to ability to select which photos I want and then just click on ‘Import Selected’ instead of ‘Import All’. I’m using the latest version of iPhoto.

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