New Canucks FanZone Celebrates Bloggers, Podcasters

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 — 7:10am PDT
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A while ago I mentioned a photoshoot that us Crazy Canucks had at GM Place along with Richard Loat, well the pics are now up on the official Canucks website in the FanZone section.

The Crazy Canucks on

You can listen to our first podcast of our third season, which was recorded and published Monday night with everyone on the line (JJ, Alanah, Dave, John and me).

Also, please browse the other bloggers and podcasters listed on the website as they all offer incredibly witty, smart, and insightful commentary throughout the NHL season.

Current contests on


  1. I must commend you on your support for my beloved Canucks and John’s Tee is sick! I’ll for sure check out these Canuck centric blogs. Thanks for pointing them out.

  2. […] Canuck, Miss 604 has a beefy post up with the deets – New Canucks FanZone Celebrates Bloggers, Podcasters so i’ll just slap up some self-referential screenshots of myself and old-timey dave’s […]

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