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Vancouverites Represent at Gnomedex

Friday, August 22nd, 2008 — 11:06am PDT
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I know that Derek and Airdrie, DaveO, Kris, Tris, and Tanya are down at Gnomedex in Seattle this weekend but in case you are just tuning in, here are some more links and resources if you’d like to follow the mega-conference from your corner of the globe.

Photo credit: Derek Miller on Flickr
  • Sessions are streaming live on Chris Pirillo’s Ustream
  • Flickr photos are being tagged Gnomedex08 and there is a Flickr photo pool
  • There’s a Gnomedex Twitter account and Tweme
  • … and a Facebook group

  • Photo credit: Derek Miller on Flickr

    Gnomedex is an annual technical conference, coordinated by Lockergnome founder Chris Pirillo and his wife Ponzi Pirillo, that began in late 2001, and has so far been held seven times.

    It has been traditionally held in Des Moines, Iowa, Pirillo’s home town, but due to its size, moved to Lake Tahoe in 2004 and then Seattle in 2005, 2006 and 2007, where the Pirillos make their home. [wiki]

    Dave already has a great post up with the same type of link roundup and including notes about Kris’ talk this morning [Raincity]

    If you are also in attendance, please leave a link to your blog or posts in the comment below.

    Current contests on


    1. DaveO says:

      Glad to be on the Vancouver’s diplomatic mission squad to the geekout. I have a Canadian flag flying from the laptop and great to see old friends and new party buddies errr … collaboration colleagues. I’ll try to make some social media to keep you folks back home in on the fun.

    2. […] but have already chatted with David Drucker, Jordan Behan and DaveO – who handed me a super cool Gnomedex post card. Digg it Add to Stumble it add to […]

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