Breakfast at FirstWatch in Westport, Kansas City

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It’s been a tough week for our bellies here in Kansas City, surrounded by delicious food yet at the same time lacking some serious vegetable and fruit nutrients. Since we’re also on a sort of vacation, our late-rising tendencies in the morning have left us with few options for breakfast (say, at 11:00am). All changed this morning when we met John’s parents over at the FirstWatch in Westport – an up and coming heritage district in town complete with multiple coffee shops and sushi bars (which make me somewhat homesick already).

Being a fan of greasy spoon diner breakfast but also healthy food, we had the best of both worlds with this experience and were surrounded by a comfortable, non-pretentious, family dining atmosphere. When you sit down at your table you’re given a coffee carafe and a jug of water with a slice of lemon that remain yours to keep until you leave. The whole coffee pot on the table concept is something I’m truly enjoying as I believe back home you can only find this at the IHOP.

FirstWatch’s menu is purely for lunch and breakfast dinning and contains several trademarked items like the “crepeEgg” which I ordered. A light fluffy crepe filled with egg, smoked turkey, mushrooms, fresh spinach, onions and Monterey Jack cheese all topped (not drenched) with diced tomatoes, hollandaise and dill. The meal also came with their trademarked potatoes and an English muffin. They also do not use trans-fats and have carb-free or gluten-free options. The abundance of veggie omelets and options was also refreshing and for the four of us to eat the bill came to less than $40.

Unless John’s mom is up for making us some chorizo and eggs in the morning, we’ll probably head back there again tomorrow. Great breakfast, never ending coffee – and I’ll also forgive the fact that they have auto-play music on their website because they also offer free wifi.

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  1. BradleyTuesday, August 12th, 2008 — 10:25pm PDT

    i believe the pantry gives you the whole pot at the table too

    ive always loved that concept haha

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