Naslund to the New York Rangers

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New York took the Stanley Cup from under our noses in 1994, our beloved Captain Canuck went to the Islanders in 1998 and as of this afternoon the Rangers have scooped up our free agent captain, Markus Naslund.

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Markus Naslund signed a two-year deal with the New York Rangers today—New York being pretty much as far as one can get from Vancouver without actually swimming in the sea or hanging out in Miami. And I don’t blame him one bit. [CanucksAndBeyond]

We sort of knew something like this would happen, as Alanah goes on to point out in her post “Keep Vigneault = Lose Naslund”. We knew his playing style didn’t match Viggy’s plan and that he just wasn’t having those great seasons like when we saw him shine in the early 2000’s or as a part of the West Coast Express. When he’s on top of his game, Naslund is tough to beat when it comes to pure finesse and scoring ability although what’s to come of the captain-less Canucks now?

From Waiting for Stanley, the Canucks have so far:

… signed Nolan Baumgartner to a contract
… re-signed RFA Alexandre Bolduc
… signed Curtis Sanford
… the Blues matched the Canucks’ offer on David Backes
… signed forward Ryan Johnson
… (in the draft) selected Cody Hodgson
… drafted Prab Rai
… claim Kyle Wellwood off waivers

There is some moving and shaking going on at GM Place during this off season, I haven’t even touched on the fact that PPV coverage alumnus Ryan Walter will be behind the bench on the coaching staff as well. But I think what many people want to know is if the Sundin rumour mill will keep spinning and come September, who will be wearing the “C” for our Vancouver boys.

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  1. Ian BellThursday, July 3rd, 2008 — 5:49pm PDT

    Uh, OK Linden was traded to the New York Islanders. Same state, different city. From Wikipedia:

    “Linden was traded to the New York Islanders on February 6, 1998 for Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan McCabe, and the Islanders’ third round choice (used to select Jarkko Ruutu)”

    Since you praise the West Coast Express, and as sad as it was to see Linden go, he was pretty much the only tradeable player in those days that anyone would want… and the value received was immediately obvious. I’m a big Linden fan but MAN that was a great trade.

    My bet is that if the team can’t successfully recruit a veteran star captain, they’ll tape the C onto Kesler and see what he does with it. The Canucks seem to have an inordinate amount of faith in him, not that I agree.

    This $10M/yr. offer to Sundin, who wasn’t even planning on playing in 2008-2009, is really ridiculous.

  2. BethThursday, July 3rd, 2008 — 6:12pm PDT

    I think the key phrase here is “When he’s on top of his game”… it seems like it’s been so long since he’s been there, I almost forget what it’s like. It will definitely be interesting to see who ends up with the “C”…

  3. RossThursday, July 3rd, 2008 — 6:18pm PDT

    We (I know, dreaded Leafs fan) gave you Wellwood. And unless Sundin is completely insane, he’ll be a Canuck next season. At least I can kind of cheer for Vancouver under those circumstances.

  4. GZ ExpatThursday, July 3rd, 2008 — 7:38pm PDT

    …who will be wearing the “C” for our Vancouver boys.

    My guess…Willie Mitchell or Roberto Luongo. There isn’t going to be much left after those two…

    I haven’t felt this sick since the Portland Trailblazers systematically dismantled their championship team in 1978.

    OK…I’m THAT old…

  5. Andy PThursday, July 3rd, 2008 — 8:00pm PDT

    Shame to see him go, but it’s time for fresh blood I think.

    I’d give Mitchell or Ohlund the ‘C’ and Kesler and/or Bieksa an ‘A’.

  6. Miss604Thursday, July 3rd, 2008 — 8:04pm PDT

    Yeah John’s bet is on Willie too, I wouldn’t mind that at all actually.

  7. DarrenFriday, July 4th, 2008 — 12:01am PDT

    A few thoughts:

    * GZ Expat: goalies can’t be captains–there’s a rule against it.

    * Yes, that Linden trade was terrific.

    * The Sundin offer is ridiculous. I hope he declines, so that the team can just suck it up and embrace a rebuilding year.

    * I think they’ll give the C to Kessler, because Mitchell is a very tradeable commodity (unless he has a no-trade clause?). I’ll be shocked if Willie Mitchell is playing for the Canucks in April, 2009.

    The team is going to suck hard this year. I say if they’re going to fail, fail big. Finishing 20th is like kissing your sister. Finishing 30th, though, that’s some sweet drafting action.

  8. DarrenBarefoot.comFriday, July 4th, 2008 — 9:04am PDT

    Jag Älskar Dig, Markus…

    I didn’t hear until late last night (ferry trip plus Mark Knopfler concert kept me away from sports news), but yesterday longtime Canuck Markus Naslund signed a two-year deal with the New York Rangers for what works out to $4 million a year:

  9. LawrenceFriday, July 18th, 2008 — 11:37am PDT

    Sundin is not going to Vancouver… he wants to win a Cup, not get bounced out of the p[ayoffs in the first round.

    I love Linden too, but the 1998 trade was a no-win for either team. Van got a one-trick pony who is a goon (Bertuzzi), Ruutu (overrated) and McCabe (horrible d-man).

    Too bad Linden retired though. He was a true leader 🙁

  10. LindenThursday, August 20th, 2009 — 1:23am PDT

    Funny all these haters after how well we did without Naslund. He sucks!

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